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How To Create Total Fulfillment…Right Now

What would create total fulfillment for you?

You may answer this questions with a long list of things you’d like to accomplish, experiences you’d like to have or the kinds of roles you’d like to play.

But what if there’s a way to create total fulfillment…right now?

There is. (And you might be surprised that it has nothing to do with accomplishing more.)

This week, what would happen if every time you had a free minute instead of reaching for your phone, you paused…and made a more conscious choice.

So instead of scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, (occupying your mind with distraction, comparison or the endless search for how to improve yourself), you simply stopped.

And instead, you took a deep breath + recited this mantra….

Nothing is broken. Nothing is missing. Nothing is lacking.
I am whole + complete exactly as I am right now in this very moment.

That’s it.



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9 Loving Thoughts Every Actor Should Be Thinking Post Emmys

Did you watch the Emmys last night?  Did it inspire you or leave you feeling dejected?  Well, today is a new day + I have 2 important questions for you…

1) Who won Best Supporting Actress In A Drama Series?  Yeah, I just turned it off, and I’d have to Google it to be sure.

2) When’s the last time you thought a loving thought about yourself?

Last time you booked a job?  When you had a great audition?  After positive feedback at a callback?

I’m hoping, it was seconds ago.

If the Emmys had you comparing + despairing, then you can use these 9 thoughts as a beginner’s guide to loving yourself while pursuing your acting career.  (Instead of waiting for the next booking (or an Emmy nomination) to do so.)

When you begin to flow loving thoughts your way every day, often they open up a waterfall of emotions that have been pushed down or locked away.

See what happens when you allow these 9 loving thoughts to touch your heart.

Whichever one resonates with you the most, is probably the one you most needed to hear (or tell yourself).

Repeat them out loud to yourself + see what happens.

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How To Find Your Happy Place…More Often

Waiting for something to happen in your career for you to feel happy?

As an actor, I know it’s easy to make your happiness depend on

  • how often you’re booking a job.
  • how many lines you have once you book the job.
  • how many scenes you have once you book the job.
  • how nice your trailer is once you book the job.
  • if the director was nice to you while you’re shooting the job.
  • if you’ll ever be returning to the job for future episodes or get rehired.
  • if your agent is getting you in for other jobs
  • if you book a series.
  • if you book a series on Netflix.
  • if you book a series on Netflix that gets nominated for an Emmy.
  • if you get nominated for an Emmy.
  • if you win an Emmy.
  • if you’re in a film that goes to Sundance or Cannes.
  • if that film gets nominated for an Academy Award.
  • if you end up nominated for an Academy Award.
  • if you win an Academy Award

and on and on and on….

Well guess what happens when you allow that long list to dictate your happiness?

  1. You give all your power away.
  2. You use external achievements as an excuse to not accept yourself right now.
  3. You live life backwards.
  4. The things on this list seem to elude you.
  5. Happiness never comes.



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Shining In The Spotlight: Shifting From Lack To Feeling Limitless (and getting offers!)

Do you find yourself becoming obsessed with “Why” questions, lately?

Asking yourself….
Why aren’t I getting more opportunities?
Why aren’t I further along in my career?

Well, today, not only do I want you to know that you are not alone in thinking these thoughts, but that there’s actually a way to go from feeling stuck in lack to becoming limitless.


How do I know?  Well, I’ve been there many times myself and the way out is always the same.

And this month, I interviewed Bad Moms actress, Christina DeRosa, on how she was becoming obsessed with these “why” questions and how she transformed her life + her career in just the last 3 months.

I was thrilled to hear that Christina began making radical inner shifts through the help of my Spotlight Club and the new mindset tools I create each month specifically for actors.

“Since joining Spotlight + listening to your monthly audios, things have shifted.
After a really anemic pilot season, I stopped focusing on the lack and limitation of the opportunities I wasn’t receiving and started to take quantum leaps in my producing career.  I am now receiving an Executive Producer credit on a feature film starring Victoria Pratt.  Then, I booked a supporting lead in a movie, straight to offer.  Your Spotlight audios + journal are helping me improve my quality of life and
live out my mission. Thank you!”

– Christina DeRosa
Bad Moms, Blackish, Devious Maids


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5 Steps To Knowing You’re Worth It

My 5-year-old son loves to dance.  And I love to make playlists to inspire his love of music and funky moves.

After listening to Fifth Harmony’s “Baby I’m Worth It” several times, (no, I haven’t shown him the video yet!) he literally said to me one day, “Mommy, if anyone at kindergarten be’s mean to me and says I am not amazing, I’m just gonna tell them, ‘Baby, I’m worth it.‘”

This stopped me in my tracks.

Not only was his misuse of the English language something I’ll miss one day (Yes, “be’s” will become “is”) but I love that at 5-years-old, he knows that if someone says something mean to him, it is simply not true.

It defies law.  It defies what he knows in his soul.

That’s because we are all born knowing
We are valuable.
We are worthy.
We are deserving.

Yes. Let’s remind ourselves again, as adults….anything that goes against that knowing is a lie you were taught.

Isn’t it amazing what lies we pick up on during childhood + believe to be true?


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Upgrading Your Environment (And Deservability)

I love my page-a-day flip calendar by Louise Hay.

I keep it on my desk + am often inspired daily by her wise words.

Here is her beautiful affirmation for today, as you begin your week:

Can you say that to yourself + mean it?  “I now deserve love, romance + joy – and all the good that Life has to offer me.”

Do you feel that way, deep down in your soul? I hope so.

Lately, I’ve been buying myself fresh flowers for my office every week.

It was something I said I would do “one day,” when I was successful. (more…)

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The Strongest Factor That Determines Your Success.

What’s the strongest factor that determines your success?

You might think it’s your talent, your representation or your connections.

Those things may help open doors for you, but what will ultimately lead to lasting success is…
your self-esteem.

What you believe to be true about yourself not only fuels what you do, but how you do it and your expectations  you have about the outcome.


Such a great reminder from John Assaraf:

“The strongest factor for success is self-esteem.
Believing you can do it.
Believing you deserve it.
Believing you will get it. “

Notice how believing you deserve it comes before believing you will get it.

The current reality you are living right now is a direct match to (more…)

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The Real Secret To Booking More Work

Wanna know the real secret to booking more acting work?

After booking 3 jobs (2 with A-List comedy super-stars) in one day last month, I can tell you the real secret to booking more work…

Plan a vacation.  (Or any scheduled time off to just relax)

Let me explain why this works.

Years ago, I used to have a huge case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

I would never leave town and would barely plan a day trip to the beach, in case I had to be ready for a


Sound familiar? Can’t you feel the sense of panic in that statement?  And planning trips in advance? That was out of the question.  My thought was always, “But what if I book a job?

Here’s what I now know to be very true…


Believe me, 20 years actually goes by pretty darn fast!

Eventually I started taking this advice and would allow myself to (more…)

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12 Stories Of Actors Turning Obstacles Into Triumphs

As we step into the second half of the year, I thought it might be a good time to remind you to….


May this insight give you an extra boost of hope, inspiration and confidence to know that you can accomplish whatever it is you set out to do this year.

In fact, today, I’m sharing the personal stories from 12 different actors who overcame all kinds of obstacles including…

  • Believing that I’m no enough
  • Thinking that I’m not worthy
  • Going down a dark rabbit hole when I’m not booking
  • Feeling depressed and frustrated
  • Struggling for months or even years
  • Worried about my age

and transformed them into:

  • Booking 11 jobs in one year
  • Having inner and outer breakthroughs
  • Quitting my day job to act full time
  • Getting offers without an audition
  • Having 7 bookings happen with ease.
  • Feeling more relaxed, confident, braver and freer


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