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3 Strategies To Help You Get What You Want…Faster

There are three powerful strategies to help you get what you want…faster.  They will sll help speed up the manifestation process of your biggest dreams.

Add just one into your daily routine + you will feel a shift.  Make all three a daily practice + you just might need to set new goals by June.

  1. Visualizing what you want + feeling yourself living it.
  2. Letting go of what no longer serves you. (people, thoughts, beliefs)
  3. Taking bold action.

If you’re feeling a slow start to the new year, odds are you might need to add one (or all three) of the above strategies to your daily habits.

If you feel stuck in any way, it’s a signal to alter your brain’s focus from the thoughts you are thinking and the beliefs you are holding to be true to something more empowering.

Simply taking time daily to let go of thoughts that don’t feel good + no longer serve your vision will help you gain clarity on what bold action to take next.

These three strategies are all intertwined.  When you visualize what you want + find the feeling place of it, it’s easier to let go of negative thoughts + the next logical steps will be more easily revealed to you.

The subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what is real + what is imagined.  The language of your subconscious mind is one of emotion.

That’s why guided meditation + visualization is one of the fastest ways to retrain your brain, because it helps you find the feeling place of what your big dream will feel like, and the subconscious mind begins to act as if it is so.

As actors, we use the power of our imagination + visualizing all the time for a role.  Why not use it to upgrade your career?

When you have a crystal clear vision of your big goal, knowing what it is you need to let go of is the next crucial piece of the puzzle.

The real reason bigger desires often take longer to manifest, is because you have to let go of your smallness to let in something that big.
– Jafree Oswald

Your smallness is always chosen by you + today, you can choose to let it go.

Here’s to allowing in something really big + knowing you deserve it.

Love + Gratitude,


Morning Mindset Meditations:

Here are some mindset mantras to help you get started:

I get to choose today which story I want to believe as true and that which is simply created by my mind.

As I relax into this very moment, I access my pure awareness.

I change the course of my life today by changing the focus of my thoughts.

I take time to align my mind with what I want + the next logical step is always revealed to me.

I lean into what scares me + know that I am safe.

I am ready for huge changes in my life. I am ready to let go of what no longer serves me. 

I act before I feel 100% ready. My inspired action always propels me forward

I am limitless. I am powerful. 

I take time to see + feel myself living my biggest dream.

I don’t have to know HOW I am going to get there.

I take action expecting things go well for me.

If a setback occurs, I don’t give up on myself.   I keep going + allow the lessons to light the way.

I am guided.  I am ready.  I am enjoying the journey + ready for something even bigger to manifest in my life beginning now.

Take the guesswork out of visualization + meditation + use my latest guided meditation + visualization audio: Manifesting My Big Goal (+ The Power Of Letting Go).  It’s FREE in January.  Details here.
What bold action are you going to take this week?  What are you excited to let go of?  Leave a comment below.

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The #LettingGoLIst: What Every Actor Needs To Do To Achieve A Big Goal

Did you watch the Golden Globes?  Jim Carrey’s presenter speech made me laugh, smile + nod my head, yes.

To sum it up, after being introduced as “Two-TIme Golden Globe Winner Jim Carrey,” he amusingly continued to poke fun at defining himself by his achievements.

In his words:
“Yes, I’m two-time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey. 
You know, when I go sleep at night, I’m not just a guy going to sleep.  
I’m “Two-Time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey” going to get some well-needed shut eye.  (audience laughs)
And when I dream, I don’t just dream any old dream.
I dream about being “Three-Time Golden Globe winning actor, Jim Carrey.” 

Because then I would be enough.
It would finally be true…and I could stop this terrible…search
for what I know ultimately won’t fulfill me.

…But these are important, these awards…
from our perspective this (Golden Globes) is huge.”
– Jim Carrey

It was really an amazing reminder of how the ego will always fight to define ourselves by our achievements + that after you win 2 Golden Globes, you’re most likely gonna want to win another one.
Today’s post is intended to serve as a loving reminder that no matter what your big goal is, letting go of needing to prove that you are enough will serve you well in all areas of your life.

In fact, as you make lists of “things you need to do” to accomplish your big goals this year, keep this in mind….


When you set a big goal, you embark on a journey of self-discovery.  You will learn not only who you need to become, but what you need to let go of along the way.

To begin, write down the answers to these 2 questions: (more…)

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Advice For Actors: 39 Tips To Inspire, Uplift + Empower You

As the year comes to a close, I hope you’ll take time to reflect not only on what you’ve done personally + professionally, but what you have learned, who you have become + how you have grown.

ActorInspiration.com has become a sacred space to help inspire, uplift + empower other actors, as well as share the ever-evolving journey of the artist.

I am honored + humbled to be your guide.

When you choose to focus on all you’ve learned this year + how you have grown, then you also honor all the ups + downs, twists + turns that make up your life + acting journey.

Here is a visual review of what we’ve uncovered together about ourselves this past year, and although I may be the writer, I feel a deep connection to you as I write.

In fact, my favorite moment, whether it’s through an email, a tweet, a post or a comment. is when someone tells me, “That was exactly what I needed to hear today.”

We really are all connected.

Here are 39 Actor Tips To Inspire, Uplift + Empower You

May you end the year feeling proud of who you have become, knowing that you are on the right path and that all is really well.
Love + Gratitude,
~Wendy Braun
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Why You Don’t Get What You Want + What To Do About It

Here’s the underlying reason why you don’t get what you want..


It’s the real truth…you don’t get what you want, you get what you expect.

The great thing about knowing this, is that you have the power of your practiced expectation.

You can learn to shift your focus + begin to practice expecting the best life has to offer.  How often do you hear actors (or yourself) say…

I’ll never get a callback.
I always get stuck in traffic.
I’m never going to book this job.

If any of those statements sound familiar, I invite you to remove 2 words from your vocabulary.
1) Always
2) Never

There are moments using these 2 words may make your circumstances feel true, but these statements are merely negative expectation.   The important thing to know is (more…)

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Monaco, Cannes + Prince Albert: My Journey From Dancer To Actress

When I first moved to LA (5 days before the Northridge earthquake of ’94), one of the first jobs I booked was a 3-month dance contract to perform in Monaco at The Monte Carlo Sporting Club.

In sharing my journey, I can’t help but give you some gold nuggets of advice to inspire you along the way.  Enjoy.

Here are 11 Truths I Learned On My Journey From Dancer to Actress:


I had auditioned for this same gig the year prior when I was back in Chicago + I didn’t get it.  One year later, (more…)

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The Mindset You Need To Soar Even Higher

You are closer than you think. What if you allowed this to be your truth today?

Doesn’t that feel exciting?  Let it in.  Doesn’t it feel better than worrying or wondering where your next success is or why it’s not here yet?

What if you allowed this statement to be your truth this week, this month, or even for the rest of the year?

With this as your mantra, how do you think it might change the way you walk into your next audition, callback or meeting?   How might it change the way you treated people throughout your day?

What you want already exists. You are so much closer than you think.  It’s just waiting for you to know it, believe it, expect it + then let it all go.

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Will Smith, The Power of Intention + Me

Will Smith is larger than life.  His presence lights up the room.  I witnessed this first hand when he cast me in his directorial debut on “All Of Us,” a sitcom that he + Jada Pinkett had created together years ago.

Will Smith + Wendy Braun on the set.

He is magnetic, full of life + a positive force of energy.  Working with him was uplifting, inspiring + tons of fun.

The funny thing was, about 6 weeks earlier, I had cut out a picture of him (more…)

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How I Let Go + Let In Success

I auditioned for a fun role on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” a week ago, Thursday, and when I didn’t hear anything by Friday, since these things cast fast, I figured I didn’t get it.
I let it go.  I honestly didn’t really think about it.  I didn’t ruin my weekend lamenting or thinking “where’s mine, woe is me or why didn’t I book that?” (which, of course, we all do from time to time.)  
And I realized…
In fact, I turned my attention to the present moment + found myself feeling good about what was right in front of me.
How exactly did I let go + let in my success? (more…)

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5 Steps To Inviting In More Success

I know two things about you:
1) That you are filled with unlimited possibilities. 
2) That you want every single thing you desire because you think it will feel good once you have it.

Here’s what I also know about your desires:
 “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
― Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)  
So why are so many people not getting what they truly want?  The answer might surprise you:
Yes, the key to tapping into your unlimited self, aligning with the dreams you want + inviting in more success is finding ways of feeling good now.

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