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How To Handle Disappointment (For Real)

Ever find yourself feeling elated, excited + enthusiastic about life and then the next week find yourself feeling disappointed, sad or just crying in a heap?

This was me for the first 2 weeks of May…riding high and then feeling really low.

The highs are easy, right?

But, when the low point came, I found myself saying things like “You know that feeling bad isn’t helping. You have a great life. Snap out of it. What’s your problem?” 

Then, I finally allowed myself to just not feel good, to lay on the couch with my dog and simply sob for all kinds of reasons and for no reason at all (while telling him he has it all figured out – after all, “dog” is “god” backwards + that’s gotta mean something!)

I allowed myself to embrace the situation as it was, to feel whatever it was I was feeling without telling myself I should feel better or that I should be doing something else (something other than sobbing with my dog while my sweet husband offered his support.)

And ya know what? I highly recommend it.

What I came to discover is that the way “out” of those disappointing, frustrating + sad moments is to go fully through them.

The best way to handle it all is to allow yourself to come unhinged + give yourself permission to not have to “get it together” on demand.

So here’s what I now know.

They key for me was to stop (more…)

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How To Start Feeling Unstoppable

We all know the feeling of being unstoppable? Those days when you get out of bed before your alarm rings, finish an intense workout, have some stranger smile at you in the grocery store and get a call saying you booked the job. Yeah, those are really good kinds of days, right?

But how do you feel unstoppable when you don’t book the job, no one looks your way + you want to pull the covers over and sleep in?

Well, some days, sleeping in might be just the thing you need.

But if, on most days, you’re waiting to book a job to start feeling unstoppable, you’re going to have a lot of not-so-great days.

Here’s my advice:

Here are 3 ways to start feeling unstoppable… (more…)

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The 2 Biggest Factors That Keep You From Your Dreams

The two biggest factors that keep you from your dreams might actually surprise you.

They are…needing + wanting.

The definitions of want + need actually imply a lack of something deemed necessary, and are at the opposite energetic spectrum of feeling fulfilled + satisfied.

So, it might be time to take a closer look at what you are “needing + wanting” and ask yourself “Why does this matter so much to me?”

If you want to get somewhere in your career because you need it to define:

  • your value
  • your worth
  • your importance
  • or that you “really matter…”

Then what you want will continue to elude you.  Why?

This kind of thinking actually puts you in a state of lack – needing some outer circumstance to give you the abundance you seek.

The reality is that it actually works the other way around.

Best selling author Abraham-Hicks states it so simply + yet profoundly with these seven words…..

Until It Doesn't Matter
Did you really get that? Until it doesn’t matter, it can’t be.

So in order to acquire anything in the physical world, (more…)

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Why Giving Thanks In Advance Is So Powerful

The most powerful of all human emotions?  Gratitude.

We see it expressed on every single awards show pouring out of the winning actors.

Maybe you saw it just last week in the eyes of every single baseball player on the Chicago Cubs – and in the eyes of every single fan after the rain delay and the amazing 10th inning win.

It’s a pure combination of happiness, joy and love. (As a Chicago native, I’m still feeling this powerful emotional combination after the first World Series win in 108 years!)

But what if you didn’t wait until after something amazing happened to express gratitude? What if you didn’t wait until Thanksgiving?  What if you started giving thanks in advance, now?

Giving thanks in advance is like combining (more…)

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How To Overcome Overwhelm

How is it October already?

As my kids were noticing Halloween costumes in the stores this weekend, I turned a corner and saw the Christmas ornaments being displayed.  What?

With only three months left until the end of the year, the feeling of overwhelm can arise from added commitments, responsibilities and heightened expectations.

Maybe you have a long “to-do” list as we head into the holiday season or you’re wanting to tackle that one creative project that you never seem to find time to finish.  Perhaps the thought of taking action sends you into overwhelm and you end up cleaning your desk or binge watching Game of Thrones instead?

If we want to overcome overwhelm, we must first understand what it is exactly.

I love this advice, from best-selling author Esther Hicks, and I wanted to offer my own perspective as well.

So here we are together….

So how do you overcome overwhelm?


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The Strongest Factor That Determines Your Success.

What’s the strongest factor that determines your success?

You might think it’s your talent, your representation or your connections.

Those things may help open doors for you, but what will ultimately lead to lasting success is…
your self-esteem.

What you believe to be true about yourself not only fuels what you do, but how you do it and your expectations  you have about the outcome.


Such a great reminder from John Assaraf:

“The strongest factor for success is self-esteem.
Believing you can do it.
Believing you deserve it.
Believing you will get it. “

Notice how believing you deserve it comes before believing you will get it.

The current reality you are living right now is a direct match to (more…)

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Why Visualizing Is Vital To Your Success

Last week I shared this great quote from Stephen Covey:

Every human has four endowments –
self awareness, conscience, independent will + creative imagination.
These give us the ultimate human freedom….
The power to choose, to respond, to change.
– Stephen Covey

I know this quote inspired many of you, so i thought it was worth repeating.

I absolutely love that he includes “creative imagination” as one of our natural human abilities, since as actors, it is so vital to our success.

Not only will it help you create + fine-tune nuances of a character you’re playing, exercising your creative imagination daily will help you attract more success.



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How To Book More Acting Work With One Simple Mindset Shift

When you’re auditioning and not booking, it’s easy to start doubting your worth, your choices and even your talent.

A few weeks ago, I went on three theatrical auditions, nailed all of them and didn’t book a single one. And yes, I was feeling pretty bummed….for days.

Then last Friday, the same casting director called me for a great role on a new comedy with a director I had worked with last year on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.” I went in, felt great about my audition, and then…heard nothing.

Mother’s Day rolled around and I spent it with my family, adding to our growing garden with my two, sweet boys.  I started listening to my latest guided meditation Manifesting Miracles and something shifted within me.

I started to just appreciate the life I was already living and began to give thanks for what was right in front of me.-17

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How To Take A Quantum Leap In Your Acting Career

What if you could “spring forward” in your acting career this week?

Maybe you’ve been climbing the ladder rung by rung, and even achieved a decent amount success so far.

When this is the case, it’s human nature to want to continue down the same path and stay attached to doing things in the same way.

But what if the success you are currently experiencing in your life or career was a mere small percentage of what you were capable of accomplishing?

Here’s an idea worth pondering today….

The mind is such a powerful tool + most actors use it to create a role , but rarely use it to take a quantum leap in their careers.

So how do you do that? (more…)

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3 Tips To Achieving Greater Success In Your Acting Career

Ever wonder what might be stopping you from achieving greater success in your acting career?

Best selling author + quantum leap expert, Price Prichett states,
“Most people operate with a mindset that assumes success comes one step at a time.”

Why? Because it feels way easier and much safer than making quantum leaps.

Our mind either tells us that career quantum leaps rarely happen or that we are not ready for something quite that big.
Our common sense may not even believe a quantum leap is possible, but (more…)

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