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Why You Must Find Time To Take A Break

I just got back from a great vacation in Puerto Vallarta with my family.  Yes, in the middle of October! Between the water slides, the surf break right out front and the chocolate fondue fountain at dinner, everyone in the family had a blast. (Oh yeah, and catamaran rides were included!)

I remember years ago, in my single days, I was so focused on pursuing my career, that not only did I rarely take a vacation, I barely took a day off!

What I know now is that we all need a break. Not only is it good for your body, it refreshes your mind, your soul and your perspective.

So, as the holiday season approaches and your schedule gets busier – remember to (more…)

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How To Create Total Fulfillment…Right Now

What would create total fulfillment for you?

You may answer this questions with a long list of things you’d like to accomplish, experiences you’d like to have or the kinds of roles you’d like to play.

But what if there’s a way to create total fulfillment…right now?

There is. (And you might be surprised that it has nothing to do with accomplishing more.)

This week, what would happen if every time you had a free minute instead of reaching for your phone, you paused…and made a more conscious choice.

So instead of scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, (occupying your mind with distraction, comparison or the endless search for how to improve yourself), you simply stopped.

And instead, you took a deep breath + recited this mantra….

Nothing is broken. Nothing is missing. Nothing is lacking.
I am whole + complete exactly as I am right now in this very moment.

That’s it.



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9 Loving Thoughts Every Actor Should Be Thinking Post Emmys

Did you watch the Emmys last night?  Did it inspire you or leave you feeling dejected?  Well, today is a new day + I have 2 important questions for you…

1) Who won Best Supporting Actress In A Drama Series?  Yeah, I just turned it off, and I’d have to Google it to be sure.

2) When’s the last time you thought a loving thought about yourself?

Last time you booked a job?  When you had a great audition?  After positive feedback at a callback?

I’m hoping, it was seconds ago.

If the Emmys had you comparing + despairing, then you can use these 9 thoughts as a beginner’s guide to loving yourself while pursuing your acting career.  (Instead of waiting for the next booking (or an Emmy nomination) to do so.)

When you begin to flow loving thoughts your way every day, often they open up a waterfall of emotions that have been pushed down or locked away.

See what happens when you allow these 9 loving thoughts to touch your heart.

Whichever one resonates with you the most, is probably the one you most needed to hear (or tell yourself).

Repeat them out loud to yourself + see what happens.

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How To Find Your Happy Place…More Often

Waiting for something to happen in your career for you to feel happy?

As an actor, I know it’s easy to make your happiness depend on

  • how often you’re booking a job.
  • how many lines you have once you book the job.
  • how many scenes you have once you book the job.
  • how nice your trailer is once you book the job.
  • if the director was nice to you while you’re shooting the job.
  • if you’ll ever be returning to the job for future episodes or get rehired.
  • if your agent is getting you in for other jobs
  • if you book a series.
  • if you book a series on Netflix.
  • if you book a series on Netflix that gets nominated for an Emmy.
  • if you get nominated for an Emmy.
  • if you win an Emmy.
  • if you’re in a film that goes to Sundance or Cannes.
  • if that film gets nominated for an Academy Award.
  • if you end up nominated for an Academy Award.
  • if you win an Academy Award

and on and on and on….

Well guess what happens when you allow that long list to dictate your happiness?

  1. You give all your power away.
  2. You use external achievements as an excuse to not accept yourself right now.
  3. You live life backwards.
  4. The things on this list seem to elude you.
  5. Happiness never comes.



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How To Live A Happier #Actorlife

What would you do this summer, if you truly believed your potential was limitless, that your goals will all be met at the perfect time + in ways you may not even imagine?

How might that shift your mood today?  How might that shift what you do today?  Would you relax more?  Would you go play?  Would you try something new?

What if, in the midst of any darkness, you trusted that a spark of light would appear and inspire a deep knowing within you?

What if, right now, you could go from hoping to believing to knowing that what you want is on its way to you.

How do you do this? How do you live a happier #actorlife?

You stop allowing the current conditions to dictate your mood.



I’m not saying to “throw a happy face sticker over your pain,” but realize that your power lies in your (more…)

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How To Embrace Uncertainty (And Thrive)

An actor’s life is filled with uncertainty. Auditions but no callbacks, callbacks but no bookings, or you finally land a series and…it gets cancelled.

In the uncertain world of pursuing an acting career, you must learn ways to not just survive disappointment, rejection and the down times, but know how to thrive in spite of them all.

Instead of taking any of it personally and allowing it to threaten your self-esteem (this is a daily practice), you can literally rewire your brain to create certainty in uncertain times.

And the good news is…


“Those who are certain can afford to wait without anxiety.” – Marianne Williamson

Here are 3 ways to embrace uncertainty (and thrive) (more…)

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How To Discover Your Infinite Worth: 5 Steps To Claiming It Now

Do you base your worthiness on your looks, weight, income, agent, credits, imdb rating, the popularity of your social media posts or whether or not you get a callback or book a pilot?

Guess what?  Looks change, pilots don’t get picked up, and imdb ratings are altered every time a movie opens.

Basing your worth on these external, transient factors is like jumping on a roller-coaster ride of self-judgment that will ultimately diminish your self-esteem.

What if you just decided, right now, that you are worthy?  No matter your age, weight, income, credits, reps, imdb rating or bookings?  Does that feel hard to do?

Deepak Chopra reminds us, “You alone are the judge of your worth and your goal is to discover infinite worth in yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.” 
Best-selling author, T.Harv Ecker, shares in his millionaire mindset teachings that
we humans are the only creatures on the planet who debate (more…)

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The Primary Cause Of Your Unhappiness + How To Shift It

This quote got to my heart last night….
“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.” – 
Eckhart Tolle

I had to read this quote a few times  + found myself almost arguing out loud with Eckhart.  But…. but… but….

And yet, the more I read these wise words, the more I realized it IS our thoughts, our perspective, our reactions, our wanting to be right (about being wronged) that are the primary cause of our unhappiness.

And it got me thinking (In fact, I ask myself these questions as I pose them to you….)

7 questions to help you shift the cause of your unhappiness… (more…)

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The Secret To Finding True Happiness…Right Now

It’s easy to feel happy when you are enjoying the conditions of your life.  You book the job, you lose the weight, you fall in love, you sign with an agent, you make more money, and you feel amazing, right?

What if you could feel amazing today without needing any single external condition to change?

What if you could feel you are amazing without the booking, without losing weight, without being in a relationship, without the agent, without the money, without all the stuff you want because you think you’ll feel better once you have it?

When how you feel about yourself isn’t based upon what is or isn’t showing up in your life, you are practicing unconditional love.

If you’ve been holding off loving yourself or feeling at peace because you’re not quite satisfied with the conditions of your life, then you are practicing conditional love.

EgoVsSpirit copy (more…)

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