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When you cultivate a consistent success mindset…
you will create success.

The world is your mirror + your mind is a magnet.
You outer experience is always a reflection of
your inner mindset + beliefs.

To create an acting career + life that inspires you, bringing you success, abundance + joy, you must shift your inner thoughts, feelings + beliefs, so that the energy you are putting out into the world is a match to your goals, dreams + desires.

You must master your inner game.

Make it a daily practice to:

Shift your mindset + step into your spotlight.

Anything you visualize in your mind, you begin to invite into your life.

The hardest part? Doing this on your own. Consistently.


Hi! I’m Wendy Braun.

I have spent years cultivating, honing + enjoying the results of consistently practicing a success mindset.  It has lead me to booking over 70 tv + film credits, over 100 commercials, thousands of voice-overs, working with A-List actors + directors, marrying the man of my dreams, becoming a mother to our two boys + owning our beautiful home with my amazing recording studio.


My life + career continue to surprise me in wonderful ways every day.


Now I want to share my personal success secrets with you!


Cultivate a success mindset + discover your hidden potential TODAY!

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Every month you’ll receive a new guided meditation/visualization (MP3) + special bonuses:

The Spotlight Focus Journal (PDF) + Monthly Mindset Mantras (PDF) + Spotlight Group Support. 
Each of these tools are designed to help you experience an inner shift, expect positive outcomes + expand your beliefs about what is possible in your acting career + your life.


Remember: All the action in the world won’t matter if your mindset isn’t programmed for success.

T. Harv Eker, author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth says:

“It all comes down to this: if your subconscious ‘blueprint’ is not ‘set’ for success, nothing you learn, nothing you know, and nothing you do will make much of a difference….By changing your subconscious programming, you take the first essential step to changing your results.”

Through guided meditations, creative visualizations + other powerful exercises, Wendy’s tools will change your subconscious programming.  You’ll be guided each month to master your inner game in a different way, transforming your mind to begin to experience more success, abundance + happiness.


It’s like having Wendy as a personal trainer for your brain, 365 days a year.


Wendy is truly gifted at guiding actors to renewed focus + positive intention.

“She arms you with tangible tools to overcome whatever obstacle you might face.  
One of the most heartfelt + impactful guest experts we’ve ever heard.
Wendy is truly gifted at guiding actors to renewed focus + positive intention.”



Spotlight: The Mindset of the Month Club membership includes:

  • A Guided Meditation/Visualization MP3 hand selected + created by Wendy every month for you to download + keep forever. (a $67.00 monthly value)
  • Spotlight Membership VIP Area reveals all of your benefits + your monthly intention, focus + guidance from Wendy. VIP access for members only.
  • Spotlight Group Support will give you exclusive access to the private Spotlight Facebook group. Discuss the month’s focus, the Spotlight guided meditation, create new friendships, celebrate your success + get support from like-minded peers.
  • Spotlight Focus Journal (PDF) with help you begin each day in a positive way, align your thoughts with what you want + document all the wonderful, unexpected surprises that begin flowing your way. This is Wendy’s very own personal secret manifesting tool. (a $55.00 monthly value)
  • Monthly Mindset Mantras PDF beautifully designed for you to download, print, post where you can read them daily + help you cultivate a success mindset. Mindset Mantras will echo the Spotlight audio’s monthly theme. (a $55.00 monthly value)

Spotlight: The Mindset of the Month Club benefits:

  • Free Trial
    With your 30- Day Free Trial Membership, you will receive this month’s guided meditation /visualization MP3 + a special bonus: Spotlight Focus Journal (pdf). (A total monthly value of $177.00 – yours free + you can cancel anytime.)
  • Create
    a daily practice, with Wendy as your guide, as she shines the spotlight on a different area of your inner game, empowering you to shift your mindset + expand your beliefs in new ways every month.
  • Culitivate
    a success mindset by building your own powerful success audio library with each monthly MP3 that you receive. You’ll be amazed at how each month’s audio session will often be exactly what you needed to hear. Listen anywhere + anytime.
  • Connect
    with positive, like-minded actors through the private Spotlight Facebook group. Participate in a global community of actors supporting each other + celebrating each other’s victories.
  • Expand
    what you thought was possible.
    Release limiting beliefs + internal mindset blocks.
    Align your mind with ease, flow + abundance.
    Boost confidence, joy + happiness.
    Experience more success + have more fun along the way!


Sarah Final

I went from booking a job every 6 months, to booking something every month + the internal shifts are almost too numerous to count.

“I’m also truly a happy person today– way happier than a year ago when I joined Spotlight. I’m more resilient and better able to spring back from disappointments + more courageous + willing to put myself out there even when it feels scary. I also now have an arsenal of tools to help me when I feel myself going down the rabbit hole of self-doubt. I love the journal, which I do daily on my iPad on the subway + the monthly meditation is like a little gift package I get to open each month. “

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.
The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

~ John C. Maxwell


Yes, I want to consistently practice a success mindset!


I understand that I will be enrolled FREE for 30 days, after which I’ll automatically begin my monthly subscription for just $55.00.  As part of my monthly membership, I’ll receive an MP3 every month  (a $67.00 value) + a Spotlight Focus journal pdf (a $55.00 value) + Monthly Mindset Mantras pdf (a $55.00 value) + Spotlight Group Support (priceless). Total Monthly Value: $177.00.  I may cancel at any time.


Actors who shifted their mindset with Wendy’s audios have:

  • Booked more jobs!
  • Booked bigger + better roles!
  • Turned a slump into a booking streak!
  • Got more callbacks!
  • Had more fun!
  • Cultivated new relationships!
  • Discovered new passions!
  • Finished their own projects!
  • Got new representation!
  • Enjoyed more success + abundance!
  • Consistently felt more empowered, energized + uplifted!


Everything Wendy creates will help guide you towards success.

“Wendy Braun is an inspiring teacher + also an expert at manifesting what she wants.  
Every artist should use her guided meditations consistently – they work!
In fact, everything Wendy creates will help guide you towards success.”

“A man is a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes”

~ Mahatma Gandhi


What are you ready to become?


Do you have a daily mindset practice to get you there?


I would love to help you step into YOUR spotlight.


Join today!


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I understand that I will be enrolled FREE for 30 days, after which I’ll automatically begin my monthly subscription for just $55.00.  As part of my monthly membership, I’ll receive an MP3 every month  (a $67.00 value) + a Spotlight Focus journal pdf (a $55.00 value) + Monthly Mindset Mantras pdf (a $55.00 value) + Spotlight Group Support (priceless). Total Value: $177.00.  I may cancel at any time.


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“When you have a daily practice
of shifting your energy towards what you want,
what you want can find you faster.”

Wendy Braun

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