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The Real Key To Success

Last month I was asked to be the guest of honor and guest speaker at a charity event, back in my hometown of Northbrook, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. (Basically where all the John Hughes movies were filmed.)

They wanted me to talk about how I went from performing in the musicals, plays, variety shows + choirs at Glenbrook South High School to becoming an established actress in Hollywood.

The more I thought about my journey from performing back high school to now having over 75 tv + film credits, I realized that the running theme along the way, was that I simply…kept going.

I kept going in the face of obstacles.
I kept going in the face of uncertainty.
I kept doing the things that scared me the most.

Ultimately, my success has come from mastering the fine art of dealing with failure, rejection + disappointment.

That is the real key to success.

There isn’t one successful person on the planet who hasn’t failed, been rejected or felt disappointment.  It’s whether you allow it to derail you or drive you that will ultimately shape your future.  

I love Nelson Mandela’s brilliant insights.  He says,

“There is no losing. There is only winning + learning.” 

And yet so often, we are afraid of failing or feeling out of place, so we don’t even try.

But when you can embrace failing, rejection +  feeling disappointment as part of the journey towards success, you then can find the gift in each experience, build inner strength, and to ultimately discover who you really are.

So, remind yourself this week, no matter how many setbacks show up, no matter how many rejections you may face, that you are on the right path.

Find a way to learn something, dust yourself off and keep going.

Do that over and over again + I know you will meet success.

Leave a comment below + let me know how you handle rejection + disappointment.

Love + Gratitude,
– Wendy

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  • Kate Danaj #1

    Great advice, Wendy! I grew up in Glenview, too! Over near Wagner farm :) Now in Manhattan Beach, but I miss the days in the Chicago burbs! :)


  • Nicole Dionne #2

    So true, so true! I love that Nelson Mendela quote! – I remind myself to accepting the thoughts and feelings, allowing them to speak like a small child – then realizing I am the grown up now in this relationship and I know better. Usually, if I can take myself out of the situation, and look at it from an unattached place – as if it’s someone else’s story, I can see much faster that it most likely has nothing to do with ME and it’s not rejection, or if It was literally my mistake and I failed at something, then it was meant to teach me. Either way it’s a win! And the faster I get to “it’s a win”, the faster I keep moving forward in my goals. If I need extra help snapping out of it, I go for a walk, do yoga, meditiate with one of your Mp3s, or even endulge myself to a night of binging a show to turn off the brain with the understanding it’s back to work when I am done.


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