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10 Mantras To Help You Align With Your True Power

I used to think that if I stopped striving, doing + pushing myself to achieve my goals, they would never happen.

It didn’t matter how exhausted I would feel, I believed that taking a break was for the lazy or the unambitious.

Unfortunately, not only was I pinching myself off from my own power through “doing” when I was emotionally + physically depleted, I would often wonder if I was doing enough?  A vicious cycle for sure.

Even though it seemed counterintuitive for my type-A personality, once I understood that my true power could be found in relaxing + letting go – auditions, offers, + relationships started coming to me much more easily + without nearly as much effort.

Now, I realize that relaxing + letting go need to be part of my daily practice.

Relaxing with what is (even when things aren’t quite going your way) + letting go at the end of the day is the gateway to the freedom you seek + the key to manifesting your desires.

When I make a mindful choice to relax + release anything that isn’t serving me, I now know it is as important as any effort I make throughout my day.

Whether you take a break right now or use these mantras this evening as you wind down after a long day…

Here are 10 mantras to help you align with your true power.

I let go of any worry I may have carried around today.

I let go of any limiting beliefs or thoughts that hold me back.

I let go of thinking about how I could have done something differently today. 

I let go of any regrets of the past that I may still be holding on to.

I let go of the good opinions of other people. 

I let go of all the judgments I have about myself and others. 

I let go of the judgments I have about where I should be in my career by now. 

I let go of trying to figure it all out, trying to control how or when my dreams will manifest.

I let go of any feelings of lack, stress or suffering.

I let go of any illusions in my mind that have been causing me pain.

The more you can let go + relax, the more you’ll align with your true power: the power of awareness in the present moment where you are no longer lamenting the past or worrying about the future, but you are simply here now.

When you can gently let go of your grip, your effort, your critical thoughts, your stress + anything else that may be holding you back, you will begin to feel lighter + life will become easier.

It almost seems too easy (especially for those of us who like to stay busy ‘doing.’)

Try it tonight as you go to sleep.  Let go of anything that did + didn’t happen in your day.  Let go of judgment, criticism + regret.

You may just have your best night of sleep ever + wake up feeling renewed, rejuvenated + recharged for the day ahead.

That is my wish for you this holiday season + every day after that.

Love + Gratitude,


P.S.  My latest guided meditation + visualization “Relaxing With What Is” will help you take the guesswork out of letting go of critical thoughts + beliefs, align you with your true power + help you fall asleep in less than 15 minutes.  It’s FREE in November.  Details Here.

How do YOU relax + let go + access your true power?  Leave a comment below + let me know.


  • Pamela Hill #1

    Thank you for sharing Wendy! Yes! Those words from Esther Hicks resonate in my daily life. There is power in simplicity and being still.


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