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12 Stories Of Actors Turning Obstacles Into Triumphs

As we step into the second half of the year, I thought it might be a good time to remind you to….


May this insight give you an extra boost of hope, inspiration and confidence to know that you can accomplish whatever it is you set out to do this year.

In fact, today, I’m sharing the personal stories from 12 different actors who overcame all kinds of obstacles including…

  • Believing that I’m no enough
  • Thinking that I’m not worthy
  • Going down a dark rabbit hole when I’m not booking
  • Feeling depressed and frustrated
  • Struggling for months or even years
  • Worried about my age

and transformed them into:

  • Booking 11 jobs in one year
  • Having inner and outer breakthroughs
  • Quitting my day job to act full time
  • Getting offers without an audition
  • Having 7 bookings happen with ease.
  • Feeling more relaxed, confident, braver and freer

I’ve noticed (with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) that we mostly share our accomplishments, but rarely reveal the rocky road behind the scenes…the struggles that led to the triumphs, the obstacles that led to the victories.

That’s why I love doing these interviews, to dig deeper into how someone moves through the tough times, when things aren’t going their way.

Every single one of the stories below, is about an actor who started out frustrated or doubtful and they’ll share with you exactly what they did to move through their fears, stand up to their inner critic and the actions they took to get to the victorious side….the side that looks like they just got lucky or have some magical power that you don’t.

Hint #1: Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.
Hint #2: You have magical power too.

They’re going to reveal to you all of their secrets to success.

Here are the individual 12 titles. (Click on any that inspire you to read the entire post directly.)

  1. Turning Challenges Into Certainty, Confidence + Bookings
  2. Transforming Lack Mentality Into Manifesting Miracles
  3. How She Transformed Negativity Into Abundance, Joy + 6 Big Bookings
  4. How Stepping Out Of His Comfort Zone Created A Quantum Leap In His Acting Career
  5. How Raising The Bar + Her Self-Worth Brought In 11 Bookings
  6. Turning Frustration Into Forward Momentum
  7. How Letting Go Brought In New Happiness + Big Bookings
  8. What Shifted To Go From Feeling Powerless To Getting Offers
  9. How She Turned Suffering Into Soaring (and 7 new bookings!)
  10. How A Tony Nominee Conquers Fear
  11. Discovering Her Purpose + Increasing Her Bookings
  12. How A Broadway Actress Overcomes Doubt + Disappointment

Here’s to knowing that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle you may face.

Love + Gratitude,

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P.S.S. Below are the graphics that go with each actor’s story. Click on any that resonate with you to read the entire interview.









I'm more relaxed




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