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18 Reasons Why You Are A Warrior

My father would have been 99 this year. He was born in 1920, and passed away in 1997. I can’t believe he’s been gone over 20 years of my life.

We didn’t have iPhones back then, but we did have the old-school answering machine.

And one of his last messages to me was. “Keep going, sunshine.”

Friday was my birthday, and although, I can’t call my dad or mom and share my latest victory or have them talk to my kids, I feel them with me, deep in my heart.

I heard my father’s voice (as I often do), as I wrote this for you, the warrior. (while also doing the ugly cry)

You are among the bravest people I know, and on this birthday week, I wanted to give you a gift…

A gentle, loving, and hopefully powerful reminder to keep going.

Just as my dad told me, over 20 years ago.

Here are 18 reasons why you, my friend, are a warrior.
Download this as my gift to you here.

  1. There will be roadblocks + obstacles along the way. You will keep going.
  2. There will be times you’ll question yourself + want to quit. You will keep going.
  3. There will be people who don’t think you have what it takes. You will keep going.
  4. There will be times you will get your heart broken into pieces. You will keep going.
  5. There will be those who will tell you that your time has passed. You will keep going.
  6. There will be people who will get to where you want to go, before you do. You will keep going.
  7. There will be moments of despair, pain and sadness. You will keep going.
  8. There will people who don’t like you for all different reasons. You will keep going.
  9. There will be people who think what you’re doing won’t work. You will keep going.
  10. There will be times you question yourself and all you are doing. You will keep going.
  11. There will be all kinds of critics + people who judge you for your big dreams. You will keep going.
  12. There will be naysayers + people who will tell you that your dreams aren’t possible. You will keep going.
  13. There will be times you won’t get the job that you thought would change everything. You will keep going.
  14. There will be tears + anger + jealousy + frustration. You will keep going.
  15. There will be times you are scared to take another step into more uncertainty. You will keep going.
  16. There will be people who make it all look so much easier than it has been for you. You will keep going.
  17. There will be days, months + even years where you think it’s not going to happen for you. You will keep going.
  18. There will be distractions, detours + shiny objects that will try to lure you from your dream. You will keep going.

Because this dream of yours, is why you are here.
And if you could go through all of that + still be passionate about your dream, then you are meant to live it.
Most people would have quit by now. YOU. ARE. STILL. HERE.

You are among the few that are brave enough to pursue their dreams.

You are an artist.
You are a warrior.

And all you’ve gone through to get here was part of the journey to make you stronger, more resilient, more confident, more understanding of who you really are, more compassionate, more soulful, more aware, more courageous.

And the person you become along the way, was really all part of the plan. It was WHO you had to become to live this dream, not the dream itself.

Because. one day soon, you will find yourself living this dream.

One day soon, you will find yourself looking around, in the midst of living this dream + thinking, what’s next?

One day soon, this dream will be “no big deal” to you, and you will be on to the next big dream.


And you will begin the journey to your next big dream, even more joyful, because you now realize, it’s not about the goal, it’s about you evolving as a person.

You showing yourself what’s possible.

You moving beyond limitations.

And so, you keep going, because you came for the joy of creating, the joy of expansion, the joy of having an idea and watching it unfold and manifest right before your eyes.

Here’s to a week of manifesting unexpected wonderful surprises.

Leave a comment below + let me know what warrior moment you’ve gone through + declare how you will keep going. It always inspires me to hear from you.

Love + Gratitude,


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