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What I do…

Hi, I’m Wendy Braun. Welcome to the guided meditation + visualization destination used by actors all over the world. This is your sacred space, (or as many actors refer to it:  “Vitamin C for the actor’s mind, body + soul.”)

You are in the right place if you want to:

  • Align your mind, book more  jobs + love your life
  • Audition + perform at your best in high stress situations
  • Let go of negative thinking, self-doubt, fear + limiting beliefs.
  • Tame the critical voice within you that keeps you stuck
  • Create an acting career + life that inspires you!

You are on the planet to share your gifts, live your dream + have an abundant + joyous life.
So if all of your actions aren’t giving you the results (or career) you want, it’s always because of one factor: our outer world is a mirror of your inner beliefs.
Or as C+C Music Factory put it: Free your mind, and the rest will follow.
When you cultivate the right mindset you can soar when most actors sink.
That is exactly what every single post + product on this site is designed to help you do.

“Actor Inspiration is a life changing guide for both your professional + personal life. Wendy’s work has not only made a tremendous difference not only in my acting career, but has been invaluable in my life.”
– Jennifer Lee

Here’s how Actor Inspiration will help you…

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    Every Guided Meditation + Visualization is designed to help you…

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    “Wendy is so generous with her knowledge and understanding of the deeper, inside work that goes into living a healthy, happy, well balanced actor life. Since using the personalized guided meditation Wendy created for me, I’ve turned a slow streak into a booking streak & I feel really empowered.”
    – Iris Braydon
    Who I am…


    I’ve enjoyed a successful acting career in Los Angeles for over 15 years.

    You may have seen me in over 60 television + film credits, working with top Hollywood actors + directors, in over 100 commercials or you may have heard my voice in thousands of voice-overs.  I was honored to recently become a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  (Which means I vote on the Emmys!)  It’s truly been an amazing journey.
    How did I create lasting success? Connections? The perfect agent? Luck?
    None of the above. Honestly, it always came back to aligning my inner game.
    I am living proof that lasting success begins + ends with one’s mindset.
    I’ve had some of my most lucrative years during the industry’s + the economy’s toughest times, proving it’s 99% an inner game.
    When things weren’t going my way, I didn’t give up. I realigned. I refocused. I reignited.
    Now, Actor Inspiration is devoted to helping you do the same thing no matter what stage you are at in your career.

    “Since I began using Creating Powerful Auditions, I have now, in only a few months, booked up the entire year. Your creation is truly a blessing and very powerful + I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. Before every audition I have done recently I have listened to at least 3 of your tracks + it has calmed me, prepared me and focused me.” – Hamilton Sargent

    10 Facts You May Not Know About Me

    1. I don’t sit in the lotus pose for 1 hr every morning. (I have two kids who get up at 6 am + need breakfast.)
    2. I’m a busy mom balancing marriage, family + career. (My intention every day is to make it all a game.)
    3. I was not born with a SAG/AFTRA card. (No one was)
    4. My mother was the Romper Room Lady (I know she’s watching me through her magic mirror from above.)
    5. I write my guided meditations with my eyes closed at my computer. (They pour out of me as divine inspiration + I had an excellent typing teacher in junior high)
    16. I have a home recording studio. (I started out with a microphone + a towel over my head.)
    7. I met my husband on a short film, 10 years before our first date. (Our happy marriage cements my faith in life’s divine timing)
    8. My first jobs in LA were as a bowling pin dancer in The Big Lebowski + choreographing a Faith Hill video. (Dance was my first love.)
    9. I’m not very good at sitting still. (I love moving meditation – like running, snowboarding, dancing + gardening.)
    10. I’m not a hypnotherapist or a psychologist. In fact, I have no letters after my name. (I think the best people to learn from are those who have been where you want to go.)

    “Wendy is truly gifted at guiding actors to renewed focus + positive intention. She arms you with tangible tools to overcome whatever obstacles you might face. One of the most heartfelt + impactful guest experts my students have ever heard.” – Dallas Travers, The Actor’s Advocate
    Why I do it..

    I do it for 4 reasons:

    1. I love contributing to the world in a positive + lasting way.
    2. It fills me up to help actors change their outlook, lives + careers.
    3. I want my children to enjoy my legacy of love, encouragement + inspiration.
    4. I want to continue to give back + help a children born with birth defects.

    A percentage of all proceeds from this site goes to The Facing Forward Foundation.

    So, that’s my story. If you’re still reading + want to STAY inspired…

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