5 Tips On How To Finish The Year Strong

    With less than 80 days to go in 2019, (79 to be exact), I want to help you finish the year strong.

    If you’ve been struggling in any way lately, just know that you are not alone, that we all have down days + that things can change so quickly (especially in this business)!

    If you want to make a massive shift before the end of the year, here are a few things you can do.

    1) Come see me in person at my complimentary LIVE masterclass.

    In under 90 minutes, I will teach you how to create bigger results with far less effort + let go of all the struggle. To witness the amazing shifts that actors have when they come see me live, is mind-blowing.

    Here’s what one actress (and Television Academy member) had to say after seeing me live:
    “Attending Wendy’s Live Masterclass delivered a much needed peace, freedom + happiness that I can’t even begin to describe, plus I now have a roadmap for creating real breakthroughs,”

    So, if you do one thing before the end of the year, commit to saving your seat for my free masterclass.

    I only do these free live workshops once a year + they are filling up fast.

    See Wendy Live in Los Angeles – SIGN UP HERE 
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    2) List your wins (from the last decade).

    Not only are we closing out another year, but another decade is ending. Crazy, right?

    Do you remember where were you in October 2009? Do you realize how far you’ve come since then?

    Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to take inventory on it all. Why not take a moment today + think back on your life and career since that time + write out your wins?

    Here are some prompts if you need help.

    In the last decade…

    1. I have created…
    2. I am most proud of…
    3. I am most grateful for…
    4. have become more…
    5. I have learned…

    When you really stop to focus on all you have done (and who you’ve become along the way), this particular day in October will feel less dire to you. When you can relax about it all and shift your focus, you are not only getting out of your own way, but inviting in more good things to celebrate. (more…)

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    Let’s Meet In Person On My City Tour

    My heart is so full today. Over the weekend, I sat down face to face with 20 amazing actors in LA and had the privilege of interviewing them individually + hearing their stories of radical transformation.

    To sit across from these beautiful souls in such an intimate setting and have them tell me that I’ve helped change their lives, their careers, their relationships, their confidence, their abundance, their entire world, and how they now feel about themselves was a gift that moved me to tears over and over again (even as I recall it now).

    Where did it all begin? They attended my empowering free masterclass, where I walked them through the 5 steps to creating real success breakthroughs in their lives + careers.

    I realize (especially in this digital age) that there is nothing like connecting face to face.

    Which is why I’m excited to announce that I’ve been invited to cities all over the world to share my uplifting + inspiring Live Masterclass.

    And I’d love to meet you in person.

    Click here to join me in Los Angeles. 
    Click here to join me in Vancouver.
    Click here (or the graphic below) to join me in your city. 

    During each stop on my city tour, I’ll walk you through the exact steps that I took to go from feeling lost in my career to booking over 75 TV + Film credits, over 100 commercials + thousands of voice-overs (the same steps now used by actors who are booking leads in films, working on hit TV shows + winning awards, while enjoying more happiness in their personal lives, too).

    And I’m coming with special gifts, I know you’re going to love.

    So let’s meet up this fall! These events will fill up fast, so save your seat now + mark your calendar.

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    Been Tough On Yourself? 5 Ways To Make A Shift Now

    Have you been hard on yourself lately? I get it. We all go down that rabbit hole in one way or another at different times.

    But I want you to start this week shifting where you are choosing to focus + how you are choosing to see yourself. (Yes, it all begins within).

    In fact, I know if you make a few simple shifts this week, you’ll end up feeling better + you’ll actually begin to light up in a different way.

    Sometimes the smallest shift creates the biggest result, so practice this today…

    If you’re wondering, “How do I do that?” Here are 5 ways to be easy, gentle + more loving with yourself. (more…)

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    The Emmys: If You Got There Will It Be Enough?

    I hope you watched the Emmy’s last night + were inspired in some way. I sure was.  How about Michelle Williams’ speech!? Amazing!

    But just in case it left you feeling jealous, frustrated or even thinking, “I’ll never get there…,” today’s message is for you.

    First of all, I’d like to encourage you right now to get the “I’ll never get there” thought out of your head.

    It’s actually just your ego trying to keep you small + play it safe.

    You absolutely can get there, but it will require you to dream bigger, let go of limitation + get out of your comfort zone.

    I talk about this and my own Emmy® 2019 journey here:
    What’s Really Getting In Your Way….(And How Let Go + Fly)

    If you haven’t heard, earlier this year I was lucky enough to be up “For Your Emmy® Consideration as Outstanding Guest Star In A Comedy Series” for my work on Atypical (Netflix).

    And on the voting ballot, my name was listed (in alphabetical order) like this…

    Cate Blanchett
    Wendy Braun
    Connie Britton


    OMG. That was a day I will never forget,

    I cried happy tears at the sight of this, because in that moment I knew that no matter what happens, I had already won.

    If you want to read the life lessons I learned during Emmy FYC Season, read this:
    You’ve Already Won! (And Other Life Lessons From My Emmy® 2019 FYC Journey)

    What you may not know, is that Cate, Connie and I didn’t make it on to the final ballot.

    I’m not sure how those lovely + talented actresses handled it, but I didn’t shed one tear that day, because I have diligently practiced (and continue to do so) not letting any of this define my value + worth.

    It wasn’t always this way, but I now realize that using any part of this business as a measure of who you are is not only dangerous, but ultimately unfulfilling.

    I recently read this quote from Demi Moore’s upcoming new memoir, Inside Out, in a NY Times article and it resonated so deeply with me.  Hope it helps you too.

    “If you carry a well of shame + unresolved trauma inside of you, no amount of money, no measure of success or celebrity can fill it.  Using success in this business as a measure of your value, worth, or self-esteem, will not only rob you of your happiness every single time.” – Demi Moore.

    Why is this so true? Because this business is not here to heal you. That deep inner work you have to do yourself.

    And if you don’t, no matter what you achieve, your ego will tell you, (more…)

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    How To Invite In Unlimited Possibilities

    Often we can be so focused on what we want, that we forget that we live in a world of infinite possibilities.

    When we get an audition + feel right for the role, it’s easy to let our minds become attached to wanting the job.

    But when we do that, we are actually cutting ourselves off from all other possibilities that are lining up for us.

    And in doing so we start gripping + pushing, an energy that will never help you book anything.

    I came across this amazing quote last week from the late, great Wayne Dyer + thought it was so fitting for actors.

    “Have a mind that is open to everything + attached to nothing.”


    What a wonderful space to live. What a peaceful way to operate. What a direct line to your own joy.

    It’s not to say you let go of your desires, but you let go of trying to control how or when they will show up.

    And it in the letting go, you find (more…)

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    Managing Your Sanity + Trusting The Process: Navigating #Actorlife

    When you’re ambitious + hard working, and things aren’t showing up exactly as you’d like, when you’d like, it can be frustrating.

    Or when you’ve just finished working on a job + all of a sudden there’s a slow period, it’s easy to get caught up in wondering. “What’s next?”

    Or when you audition for something, and you’re “pinned” or put on “watch + advise,” end up getting released, and you have to go back to trusting that something even better is on it’s way. (This was me a few weeks ago).

    In fact, today I want to share with you what’s gone on in the last month inside my own journey navigating #actorlife + how I’ve had to practice trusting the process.
    Last month, I auditioned for a recurring guest-star role on a cool drama. My audition felt great, the casting director loved it, and I thought certainly, I’d have to mark my calendar for this 4 episode arc that would shoot in Atlanta.


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    My Best Advice For Actors: Take The Trip. Face Your Fears. Live Your Life.

    I just got back from an amazing family vacation to Riviera Maya.

    I did all kinds of things on my bucket list, from swimming with dolphins, to zip lining into the Caribbean and snorkeling in Cozumel.

    I also faced some fears head on.

    It took me a few days to go down the steep blue water slide that was on the resort property where we were staying.

    I’m normally scared of heights, but as I was trying to encourage my oldest son to face his fears, I had to walk my own talk.

    Or in this case…go down the steep blue slide first.

    And what we both learned is that, well, most fears are all in our minds and if we just do the thing that scares us, we’ll find out we can do way more than we think.

    In fact, once we both took action and just went for it, we couldn’t stop, it was so much fun. (Same went for the zipline).

    Check it my latest pics + videos here on Instagram.

    In the midst of enjoying precious moments like this..

    Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 11.40.58 AM
    I heard my late father’s wise words: Take the trip. Do it now. Don’t wait.

    Or as Mark Twain wisely once said:

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

    I had a hard time going anywhere in my 20’s, (more…)

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    5 Morning Success Habits (You Can Do In Under An Hour)

    I’ve been committing to a set of daily morning success habits lately that have really helped me to feel good, stay inspired and get more done in less time.

    We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but since your morning habits effect your whole day, see if you can implement a new one this week.

    Try it for 21 days + see how you feel.

    These are my top 5, and are all designed to help you begin your day in a proactive, positive + productive way.

    1. Make Your Bed. (5 minutes)

    Making your bed sets the tone for your entire day. When you take a few minutes + make your bed, you are beginning the day already accomplishing something and you are also taking a mindful moment to train your brain that the little things matter + your living space is important.

    Sure, it’s easy to say, “It’s just going to get unmade later,” but that’s kind of like saying , “Why wash the dishes, if they’re just going to get dirty again?”

    I’ve taught me children (my youngest one still has his moments of “it’s just going to get unmade later). to take pride in their rooms and that making their bed is part of taking care of their things, starting the day off right + feeling good about what they did themselves.

    When we start the day with our bed made, we can use this mindset towards completing other tasks where the same dilemma arises, and we tell ourselves, this would be “easy to do or easy to blow off.”

    As Nike says, just do it.

    2. Drink Something Healthy (10 minutes)

    We’ve had a juicer for years that has been gathering dust, but once I started reading all about @CeleryJuiceBenefits from the Medical Medium, and saw all the ways people healed all kinds of things on his Instagram Stories, I was in.

    So I dusted off the juicer + now I make 16oz of celery juice a daily habit. (it’s been 45 days so far!).

    Whether you do celery juice or some lemon with water, make your morning beverage (before your coffee) something that will flush toxins from your system + hydrate you.

    You’ll be amazed at how easily this will become a habit that effects the rest of your day (and the well-being of your body + mind).

    3. Write In A Journal (10 minutes)

    Instead of checking social media, email + looking at the twitter news feed, check in with yourself first.

    This has become a habit that has helped me so much lately.

    Instead of checking “out” by diving deep into my phone, I like to begin each by checking “inward” first.

    I sit in my backyard, and make a rapid fire list of all the things I am (more…)

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    How To Give Yourself Permission To Pause

    With modern technology at your fingertips all day long + requests coming at you from all angles, giving yourself permission to pause, to take a break, as well as not check social media (or email) one more time can be challenging.

    Our brains inherently want to remain active, in charge, and not relinquish control.

    But when we choose to pause, we not only give our brains a rest, but we are also tuning into the higher mind.

    Pausing can feel like we’re not accomplishing anything,

    But actually, in our pause, our reset, we return to aligning with our highest self.

    It is there that we gain clarity + inspiration + end up taking much less action to accomplish our desired outcome.

    If you’re unsure about how to give yourself permission to pause, I’ve created an easy to remember acronym for the word P.A.U.S.E. to help you do just that.


    So the next time you find yourself comparing + despairing on social media or feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do, (more…)

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    Life, Love + The Diving Timing Of It All

    I’m on an out-of-town getaway with my husband for our 12 year anniversary.

    We were married on 07.14.07, and as I reflect on the amazing years of marriage we’ve enjoyed so far, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite post about love, life, letting go + the divine timing of it all.

    I hope these articles help you to know that wherever you are in your life right now, you are exactly where you need to be and you can get to where you want to go (and beyond).

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