The Best Weapon Against Your Challenges

    I hope you’ve been enjoying July! (Whether it’s summer or winter where you live, I love connecting with actors all over the world each week).

    That is the beauty of modern technology.

    On a side note: I’m not sure how I missed feeling 2 earthquakes in one weekend, but I hope all of my Southern California readers are all okay.

    Make sure you have shoes near your bed, flashlights and a battery powered transit radio as the very basics of your earthquake preparedness kit.  Here is a full list of items recommended by the Red Cross. 

    I just learned how to turn the gas off and the water main off at our house, just in case.  Do you know how to do these things? Make sure you do.

    I moved here 5 days before the Northridge Earthquake in 1994, and that one shocked me to my core. (So maybe that’s why the Universe made sure I was swinging on a swing with my kids this time around).

    Whether it’s a dealing with a natural disaster or even dealing with the daily life of being an actor, I know this to be true….
    No matter where you live, I hope you’ve also been taking time to pause this month, to get outside + enjoy nature, without checking your phone.

    With modern technology at our fingertips all day long + requests coming at us from all angles, giving ourselves permission to pause, to take a break, as well as not check social media or email one more time, can be challenging.

    Our brains inherently want to remain active + in charge, and not relinquish control.

    But when we choose to pause, we not only give our brains a rest, but we are also  (more…)

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    My Best Audition Tips (How I Booked The Role That Is Now Up For Your Emmy® Consideration)

    Three years ago, I went in for one audition for a “possible recurring role” on Atypical.

    I remember vividly, sitting in the waiting room, filled with actors of all different types and ages. All reading for the same role.

    I could have easily told myself that “they’d never book me because I’m too ________ (young, old, tall, quirky, etc).” Or fill in the blank with whatever you tell yourself in these situations.

    But instead, I chose to focus on simply bringing my truth into the room.

    The character, Kathy, was described as “the uptight, but well-intentioned leader of the autism parent support group + a friend of Jennifer Jason Leigh’s.”

    I found the place in me that understood what this meant. No judgment. Just truth.

    My agent at the time actually thought I should pass on the role because he thought it might not turn into anything + that it wasn’t big enough.

    But I felt connected to this character on many levels, even though the scenes in Season 1 were short + sweet.

    But the scenes were funny, Kathy had a strong point of view + I could see her becoming part of the fabric of this show.

    I also had never been into this casting office, so I figured why not simply go in + do what I do + leave?

    I’m glad I trusted my instincts.

    Today, Emmy-nomination round voting closes (tonight at 10pm PST), and to be up For Your Emmy® Consideration as “Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series” for my work on Atypical, is a dream come true.

    You can quick view the clips here
    Television Academy Members can vote here. 

    I hope my story inspires you go into this week believing in yourself + knowing that anything is possible,

    My best audition tips:

    1. Trust your instincts.
    2. Share your truth.
    3. Shine your light.
    4. Leave.

    If I had told myself a different story in the waiting room, if I had listened to my agent who didn’t think the role was big enough and if I had tried to figure out what “they” were looking for….it definitely wouldn’t have helped me book the role.

    It’s not always easy to quiet the inner critic or other people’s opinions, but you’ll find that when you do, what’s left is your intuition and it always knows the way.

    And if you need some help trusting your instincts lately, download my free “Success In The Audition Room” guided meditation audio here. (more…)

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    What’s Really Getting In Your Way….(And How Let Go + Fly)

    To invite in the new, we must let go of the old. (Even when it feels scary + we are uncertain of the outcome).

    I’ve had to do this in a big way this year.

    I’ve done a lot of inner work on letting go of my own lingering limiting beliefs + the outer work of taking actions that were way outside my comfort zone, in order to fly.

    If you haven’t heard, I’m now on the ballot and in the running for an Emmy nomination.

    Emmy nomination-round voting closes in one week.  (Thank you for the outpouring of well-wishes + support.  It is so deeply appreciated!)

    If you are a Television Academy member, I hope you’ll consider me when voting for “Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series” for my work on Atypical.

    Click here to watch the clips (or to share the love).

    This entire experience got me thinking about how we transform our lives and careers.  When does that happen and how do we do it?

    When a caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly, it goes through a radical transformation process, one that is inherently uncomfortable.

    But the caterpillar does not fight the chrysalis, nor does it resist any discomfort that arises inside as it sheds its familiar home.

    Instead, to invite in the radical transformation that happens within its own protective casing, it must surrender fully to the discomfort.

    The only way the caterpillar can end up flying is to allow the discomfort, to move beyond its protective casing, to transform itself + then spread its glorious wings for the very first time.

    Metaphorically, leaving the familiar + stepping into the unknown with its wings wide open is how the butterfly first takes flight.

    Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu declares: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

    If we can use this process in nature as a guide for our own metamorphosis, then whenever any discomfort arises, we can (more…)

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    You’ve Already Won! (And Other Life Lessons From My Emmy® 2019 FYC Journey)

    It’s an exciting day! The Emmy® nomination-round voting begins today + it is a dream come true to be on the ballot and be considered for a nomination.

    Television Academy Members can view + vote here. 
    View my work (or share the love) here.

    It’s been an amazing journey (and an emotional roller coaster ride, really) since the beginning of the year.

    Today, I thought I’d walk back through the ups and downs of the last six months, and share the lessons I’ve learned along the way with you.

    The most recent one came (as it often does), through my 7-year-old son.

    When I was about to leave the house last week, all dressed up to go to a “For Your Emmy® Consideration” event + screening, featuring my work on Atypical (Netflix), he took one look at me from head to toe and said, “You’ve already won, Mommy.”

    The smile on his face. The sound of his voice. The love in his heart. The wise words that he shared. All of it, hit me right in the heart.

    It stopped me in my tracks, because he was right, on so many levels.

    Here’s a quick glimpse back at some ups and downs of the last 6 months (and why you can begin today feeling that you’ve already won, too). (more…)

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    3 Ways To Create Morning Motivation (Before Getting Out Of Bed)

    How you start your day is how you live your life.

    Do you scroll through email and social media before you even get out of bed?  It’s not uncommon, but it’s also not helping you to be productive.

    When your morning habit is to tune into what everyone else is doing, needing and wanting, you lose the valuable connection with your own inner knowing.

    This connection is very powerful + will guide you throughout your day, but it’s not found by scrolling through Instagram.

    Social media will most likely lead you to comparing and despairing. (Not ideal for motivating yourself to take action, first thing in the morning.)

    Since your life is created by your habits, to wire yourself for success, you must (more…)

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    For Your Emmy® Consideration: Wendy Braun

    I’m beyond thrilled to share some exciting news with you…

    I am in the running for an Emmy® nomination for my work on Atypical (Netflix).

    For Your Emmy® Consideration:
    Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series

    It’s been so much fun to return to this amazing show each season + play a character who tries so hard to keep it all together, while things around her are falling apart (especially while getting my “jai-ho” on in a Bollywood dance workout).

    Television Academy members can view the episode on the FYC site here:

    Not an academy member? You can view it here + help spread the love:

    I am so grateful to be part of a show that celebrates inclusion and acceptance, proves that being normal is overrated, and continues the conversation to help break any stigma around autism.

    I’d also like to say thank you for all the love + support.

    I moved to Los Angeles, 5 days before the Northridge earthquake in 1994.

    Immediately after it happened, my mom called and asked what I was going to do and if I was going to stay in LA or come back home to Chicago. (more…)

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    Expand To New Heights (Here’s How It Begins)

    Can you believe we are 5 months in to 2019?  How are things going for you?  Are you staying on track with the goals or intentions you created in January?

    I’m hoping this will help reignite your fire today.

    I choose a word each year that serves as the intention behind my thoughts, beliefs + actions, since I know it is our daily habits that create our success.

    My word has been expansion.
    To expand what I think is possible.
    To expand what I think I can do.
    To expand what I think I deserve.
    To expand how I can help others.
    To expand how I can serve.
    To expand how I can give.

    I invite you to do the same…

    So often we want to expand into something bigger or better in our lives + careers, but something gets in the way.


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    3 Steps to Begin Manifesting Miracles

    To begin manifesting miracles, we must re-connect with an energy greater than ourselves + unite with it, we must release our blocks, and practice TLC.

    Not only is this “tender, loving care” of ourselves at a deep level, but I’ve redefined TLC to give you a quick three step guide to begin manifesting miracles.

    Here are all 3 steps to begin manifesting miracles… (more…)

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    3 Steps To Getting Better Results

    Ever feel like this? Exhausted, not booking, a bit lost or unsure, and maybe heading down a dark rabbit hole of negative thinking…

    Even though you know better?
    Even though you’re trying to stay positive?
    Even though you’re trying keep the faith?

    Does it seem like the more you try to do that, the more you feel like you are entering a dark tunnel without the light?

    This was exactly the way one of my students admitted to feeling recently + she was actually thrilled to find out she wasn’t alone.

    Not only did other actors feel this way, I told her that she basically described my February!

    Yes, that’s right. I have plenty of down days too.

    I had a month of great auditions + no bookings. I was definitely wondering, “where’s mine?”

    I had assumed that the show I had been recurring on (Atypical on Netflix) was back in production, but I hadn’t heard anything about returning for another season.

    And when things aren’t showing up the way you’d like, that dark hole can feel like it goes on forever, right?

    So what do you do?

    I’m all for feeling your feelings + going through them, instead of slapping a smiley face sticker over your pain.

    So just know that when you are feeling down, you’re not alone. Reach out + talk to a friend. (Most likely an actor you know is feeling the same way).

    Then, remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day + treat it as a blank white canvas.

    When you shift your focus, it will help shift how you feel, and ultimately effect what you do.

    And as you take a new action, from a better feeling place, the light in that dark tunnel will begin to appear.
    This is exactly what I did. (more…)

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