5 Ways To Overcome Self-Sabotage

    Do you feel stuck in your career? As much as we’d like to blame our agents or the economy for what is lacking, sometimes it’s best to take a real, honest look at how YOU might be getting in your OWN way.  It’s time to take a good look at self-sabotage and how you can take your power back!

    Here are 5 ways actors sabotage themselves, and what you can do about it: (more…)

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    Expanding Your Career: Top 7 Marketing Tips For Actors

    One area that many actors get intimidated by, and yet, it is a vital part of building your career…Marketing.

    Let’s first look at how you view yourself in relation to your career. Do you realize that you are the CEO of your own company? What does your company sell? You!

    Essentially, you are the product and the brand. You are also the Vice President of Marketing/Advertising, Publicity, Finance and Public Relations. Your agents and managers are… (more…)

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    5 Ways To Stay Up During The Down TImes

    How do you stay up during the down times?  It seems to be one of the most common questions actors face at any stage in their career, from the beginning actor trying to get agent, to the actress who had ten auditions, several callbacks, but no jobs, to the working actor whose series just got cancelled.

    Finding ways to stay “up” when things feel “down”  is as useful a skill to an actor as crying on cue, and you will need to master it for yourself (and your sanity), because in almost every stage of your career there inevitably will be down times. (more…)

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    Having Fun Along The Way

    Watching the Oscars has always been an inspiration to me since I was a little girl.And yet, if you had to name who won in the top 6 categories this year, could you?  How about the best actress & actor winners of the past 5 years?

    My point is that even though winning an Oscar may be the highlight of one’s career, it’s still just one moment in time.  And since becoming an “overnight success” usually takes years of hard work, the bigger question is, How Much Fun Are You Having Along The Way?

    Are you waiting for bigger and better things to happen in your career and THEN you’ll be happy?

    “When you don’t need the stuff as the evidence of your accomplishment,
    but make the improved emotion your evidence, you’re stuff will get here a whole lot faster


    Make this the year to have fun along the way, and you’ll be amazed at what flows to you!  When you are finding joy in other areas of your life, it will also begin to show up in your career.

    5 Tips To Having More Fun Along The Way


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