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    As a “recovering type A doer,” it was only when I stopped all the “doing” and began focusing on who I was “being,” that I was able to radically transform my life + acting career 2 decades ago.  

    Teaching actors to “do more” is quite easy, and you’re most likely already inundated with directions on all you “should do” for your career.  (You know how I feel about the “should do” list, it’s often rooted in shame and fear, and isn’t aligned with your true purpose, which is why it feels so heavy).

    I have found (and witness daily with hundreds of students in my Success Breakthrough Workshop and members of my Spotlight Club who know the importance of prioritizing their inner game practice), that taking a good look at who you are being and shifting that first, is the key to real + lasting change. 

    It’s also often the hardest to do, which is why most actors just get “busy doing more.” (And I know, because I’ve tried that for years, and found myself exhausted, frustrated + unfulfilled).

    But the combination of applying spiritual inner game breakthroughs with practical outer game success strategies, is what lights me up and has changed the game for me and so many others. 

    And today, I’m offering up both in 2 free events + you can join from anywhere in the world.

    1. On Clubhouse with CD Lisa London Today at 11am PST.
      Join us here. And follow @wendybraun 
    2. On Awake TV as a guest expert on Meditation at 12pm PST
      Tune in here as I facilitate a powerful guided meditation.

    First, the amazing + generous casting director, Lisa London is my special guest inside my Clubhouse room: “Success Breakthrough Chats With Industry Experts,” where we’ll be talking about what it really takes to breakthrough, the inside scoop on the latest casting trends, and we’ll answer your questions in our live Q+A!

    Join us here.

    Follow @wendybraun and get notified when the room starts.

    Then, be sure to bookmark my episode of Awake TV’s “Coalition For Global Unity” here as we discuss how easily the inner critic can take over and practical + simple ways to quickly quiet the mind.  


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    Connecting On Clubhouse: Success Breakthrough Chats With Industry Experts

    My mission is always to inspire uplift + empower actors in everything I do, and so I’ve decided to host a room on Clubhouse app (starting TODAY) called ”Success Breakthrough Chats With Industry Experts” ? and wanted you to be one of the first to know!

    Every Monday, you can join me live at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GST from anywhere in the world. as I invite casting directors, directors, producers, writers, agents, managers, coaches, working actors and more to offer up their best tips + practical insights to help you turn your biggest dreams into reality.

    And today, I’m kicking off the party with my first guest, one my favorite casting directors, Seth Caskey!  

    We’ll be talking about what it really takes to deliver self tape success, the inside scoop on the latest casting trends, and we’ll be doing a live Q+A, where you can ask us anything!  

    Join us today at 11:00 AM PST.  Here’s the direct link: https://joinclubhouse.com/event/PDprqpQR

    Tune in for a high-vibe + illuminating conversation to get you in the right headspace for the week ahead. 

    If you haven’t heard, Clubhouse is a new iPhone app that allows people to host and join audio conversations with other users. (They say an Android version is coming soon.)


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    The Two Ways To Approach Your Life + Career: Which will you choose?

    How have you been feeling lately?  Have you been feeling inspired + motivated or lethargic + unproductive?  I know the last 12 months have been a roller-coaster ride.

    As we begin the 3rd month of 2021, I hope you are making your mental health + self-care your #1 priority.  (And yes, it effects everything you do for your acting career).

    How do you know if you have an effective daily well-being routine?  Here’s a great way to check in: 

    Have you been allowing outer circumstances + events to dictate how you feel each day or have you been aligning your mind + getting out ahead of it all, as you begin your day?

    To be on a creative path, is to be on a spiritual path.  The good news, is you have more creative control of your life than you might think, even when external circumstances seem limiting.

    So often we think that life is just happening to us, and we forget that our energy and perspective plays a vital role in the unfolding of it all.

    Best-selling author, Dr. Joe Dispenza says,

    “When it comes down to it, there are 2 ways to approach our lives: either as the victims to our lives or the creators of our lives. To live as the victim is to live within the limited belief system that everything in our outer world is happening to us.

    Simply put, when things are good, you feel good. When things are bad, you feel bad. That’s the polarized world of victim consciousness in a nutshell.

    Creative consciousness, on the other hand, is the awareness that when you feel joy, love, or gratitude before your creation is made manifest—& you combine that energy of joy, love, or gratitude with the intent of new information—it is that elevated frequency that can carry that thought.”

    Quotes like this always inspire me so much.

    When you learn how to choose your thoughts + emotions (no matter what is going on in the outside world), you become a master of your life.

    And what happens, is you begin to see yourself as infinite intelligence sees you.

    In fact, here is what infinite intelligence would tell you today, my fellow creative warrior…

    You matter.
    You belong.
    You are important.
    You are powerful.
    You are ready.
    Your time is now.
    You playing small does not serve the world.
    There will never be another you.
    You have many gifts to share.
    You have many amazing experiences ahead.
    You are worthy of all of life’s beautiful blessings.
    You are ready to receive.

    I hope this touches you today.


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    3 Powerful Statements To Invite In Abundance

    We all want the conditions to change to bring us happiness. If we could only book the job, find the mate, win the award….then, we’d feel better.

    At the root of all that is feeling like somehow we are not enough, or worthy or valuable without the external condition we want being met.

    I get it. I’ve been there. Heck, I was there last month when a few self-tapes I felt great about turned into…well, not booking the job. (Then Atypical called, and now I am back for Season 4). What a rollercoaster ride we go through as actors.

    We put our hearts + souls into every audition, and when it doesn’t turn into a booking, it can chip away at who we think we are.

    Now, I love that I get to play for a living, and I was proud of the work I did in both of those auditions, but it got me thinking about how much we define ourselves by whether we book the job or not + how dangerous that can be to our self-esteem.

    So, my #MondayMotivation is for you to begin the week knowing this…Whether you booked a job this month (or year) or not.
    Even if you had 5 self-tape auditions with no callbacks.
    Even if you have friends whose lives look perfect on the outside.
    Even if you’re going through a rough time.
    Even if you just got your heart broken.
    Even if you don’t know how you’re going to pay your rent.
    Even if you’re feeling sad.
    Even if you’re feeling frustrated.
    Even if your big dreams haven’t come true yet.
    Even if you wonder how they ever will.

    Please know, that your happiness, doesn’t lie in the next “booking.”

    Sure, it’s fun to book the job, but don’t spend your days between now + then waiting to be happy, to feel like you’re enough, to feel worthy or to feel valuable.

    Your happiness and all those feelings are a gift you can give yourself TODAY.

    No matter where you are in your life or career (even if it’s not quite where you thought you would be by now), please breathe this in…

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    How Small Shifts Can Equal Big Results

    Sometimes it’s the smallest shift that can produce the biggest results.

    I see it every day with the hundreds of amazing actors I have the privilege of mentoring in my course + in my private coaching community and I always marvel at how easily + quickly the inner breakthroughs invite in the outer breakthroughs.

    If you’ve been putting in a lot of effort this year + already feeling exhausted, I want to help remind you of who you really are + encourage you to pause today, let go of limitation + breathe in the feelings of abundance.

    You are abundant at your core.
    Everything about you is abundant.

    From the cells in your body to the neural pathways in your brain, to the taste buds on your tongue, you are made up of pure abundance.

    You are worthy of your biggest dreams.
    You are worthy of your biggest dreams + you have the ability to magnetize what you want towards you.

    It all begins with your emotions. since what you feel, you attract + what you imagine, you become.

    Anything you were taught growing up about money or success that isn’t in alignment with pure + total abundance, you can take a moment, to simply breathe, release + let go of it all now.

    Do this quick breathing + expansion exercise with me now… (more…)

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    How To Rise Higher

    I wanted to share with you the story that inspired my latest guided meditation creation, “Rising Higher.” 

    The Lesson Of The Eagle And The Crow

    The only bird that dares to peck an eagle is the crow. 

    The crow sits on the eagles back and bites his neck. 

    The eagle does not respond, nor fight with the crow; it does not spend time or energy on the crow. 

    Instead he just opens its wings and begins to rise higher in the heavens. 

    The higher the flight, the harder it is for the crow to breathe and eventually the crow falls off due to a lack of oxygen.

    Learn from the eagle and don’t fight the crows, just keep ascending. 

    They might be along for the ride but they’ll soon fall off. 

    Do not allow yourself to succumb to the distractions….keep your focus on the things above and continue rising!!
    – Solara

    This speaks to me so much in our journey as actors.  

    Yes, there will be all kinds of crows – from other opinions, to our own raging inner critic, but the key is to know how to rise higher on a daily basis, no matter the external or internal noise.

    To rise higher, to savor more, to feel more fulfilled at the highest level in all areas of your life + career, will require you to quiet (and then elevate) your mind.

    This takes awareness, willingness, and moment by moment mindfulness, but it is through quieting the mind first, that we can then rise higher.

    When you can notice what you’re focusing on and how it’s feeling, you can then choose to shift that focus. (more…)

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    15 Words To Shift How You Feel Right Now

    I want to express a heartfelt THANK YOU for coming along with me in January as I shared my free 5-Day Success Breakthrough Experience, free masterclasses and all the exciting news about my Success Breakthrough Workshop.

    Whether you were moved by what I shared in the free trainings or decided to dive deeper with me in the course, I am grateful for you.

    Today, I want to share a simple message that when you stop + take it in, will profoundly shift how you feel.

    As actors + creative people, I know this to be true for many of us….

    It’s so easy to look ahead + wish we were further along.
    It’s so easy to let that job that you didn’t book, even though you rocked the audition, get you down.
    It’s so easy to scroll through Instagram + see everyone’s best version of their life + feel like you’re missing out on something.
    It’s so easy to let negative thoughts run your day + effect how you treat others.
    It’s so easy to find fault within ourselves + those we love the most.

    But today, I want you to pause. Today, I want you to take a moment and do this…..
    Express radical appreciation
    Yes, I want you to express radical appreciation for all you have done + who you have become. (more…)

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    How To Really Succeed in 2021….

    I’m heading to a fitting today and getting ready to shoot my 4th season of Netflix’s Atypical this week.  I am beyond grateful to begin the year this way.

    My heart is full.  Not only because I’m heading back to the set, but because I’ve uplifted, inspired + empowered thousands of actors all over the world this month.

    And as January comes to a close, I want to remind you of two things:

    1) You are worthy of your dreams.  Your biggest dreams.

    2) Discounted Enrollment for The Success Breakthrough Workshop ends TONIGHT.

    Find out more about the course that actors are calling “Powerful. Priceless. Vital to the actor’s soul.

    I know you have big dreams and a big heart, otherwise you would not have found your way to me.  I also know that sometimes big dreams can feel intimidating or even scary.

    But I don’t want you to allow fear to stop you this year.

    For years, I’ve been focused on taking bold actions (even when they scare me) while also allowing my vulnerability to be a strength, not a weakness.

    Many of you saw that in action if you joined me in the 5-Day Success Breakthrough Experience or attended a Free Masterclass this month. (Perhaps you got teary-eyed along with me?)

    But speaking of fear, here’s something you should know….

    Yes, who you are meant to become is on the other side of your fear.

    How do you create big success in 2021?  Don’t let fear stop you from taking bold action.

    I let fear stop me, I definitely wouldn’t have…

    • become an actress
    • become a wife
    • become a mother (twice)
    • become a homeowner
    • become a mentor for actors worldwide
    • become the founder of ActorInspiration.com
    • written a blog post every Monday for almost a decade
    • have become an international speaker requested by casting directors and top acting studios all over the world.
    • recorded a new guided meditation every month for the past 6 years
    • created The 5-Day Success Breakthrough Experience (expires Jan. 31)
    • created my Free Masterclass (replay expires Jan. 31)
    • now be celebrating 6 years of helping over 770 actors world-wide radically transform their careers + their lives inside my Success Breakthrough Workshop (Discounted Enrollment ends TONIGHT + Midnight)
    • gathered Success Breakthrough Stories from students all over the world
    • and I definitely wouldn’t have told my agent “No, I’m going.” when he suggested I turn down the initial audition for my role on Atypical (that has now turned into 4 wonderful seasons in a role I love to play).
    • And I definitely wouldn’t have been up “For Your Emmy Consideration As Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series” for my work on Atypical.

    If I let fear stop me, I wouldn’t have done any of those things.  None of it.


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    Success Begins Here….

    Many actors are starting this week feeling overwhelmed, frustrated + not knowing where to begin to create the success they crave in 2021.

    But if you were with me throughout The 5-Day Success Breakthrough Experience and my Free Masterclasses this past week, you are feeling lighter, clearer, empowered, focused, recharged and excited for the road ahead.

    My heart is so full today, as thousands of actors from all over the world joined me in learning how to shed all kinds of limitations, fear, self doubt and now know the exact steps to take to begin their breakthrough year. 

    In fact, inside of 90 minutes, those who came to my Live Masterclass Encores this weekend shared these vulnerable moments with me….


    1. You can watch the REPLAY now. << no opt in required.  Come learn the 5 steps to radically transform your acting career + your personal happiness (and see what all the buzz is all about).
    2. Enrollment is NOW OPEN for my Success Breakthrough Workshop online course for a limited time only. Click here for details + VIP Early-Bird Pricing.

    I’ve spent the last 7 days watching brave + committed actors dive inward + take an honest look at what’s been stopping them from creating more success + happiness in their acting careers + their personal lives

    Here’s what I want to share with you today – as we begin the 3rd week of 2021.

    To radically transform your career,
    you must first radically transform your inner game.

    Yes, it all begins, by looking within.

    Why? Well, real transformation can’t happen without conscious awareness…

    Yes. When I acknowledge + accept, I can transform.

    For most actors, it’s way easier to spend the day/month/year blaming their agents, weight, looks, age, lack of connections or number of auditions for their lack of results.


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    Need A Reset? This will do it.

    If you started out 2021 hopeful, and 11 days in you’re feeling out of whack, I get it.

    If you need a massive RESET this week and are craving tools + insights to help you stay more grounded, focused and inspired, even with all that is going on in the world, then do something for yourself today that will empower + uplift you.

    Not sure what that is?  Com join me The Free 5-Day Success Breakthrough Experience that kicks off today at 11am.

    Click here + you’re in.

    I’m teaching live (for free) for 5 days straight, helping actors to reflect, release, refocus, reignite + reimagine what is possible.

    We can’t achieve our biggest dreams and become who we are destined to be without self-reflection + self-mastery.

    What might happen if you started the year (or even this week) reflecting on what’s been standing in your way + determining what’s been weighing you down?

    Most people would rather dive into “massive action,” than take a moment and self-reflect.

    Join me LIVE today at 11am PST, for our first of 5 daily breakthrough free trainings.

    Today you’ll  learn….. 
    Why most actors won’t succeed in 2021 (and how to not be one of them).Why taking massive action is actually not the first step as the New Year begins.How to create less struggle + more flow in your life + acting career.
    Thousands of actors from all over the world are buzzing with excitement, already feeling more hopeful + filled with possibility inside our private 5-Day event Facebook group, and I’d love to see you there too.

    Click to join me here.

    And if you can’t make it live today, you’ll get access to the replays daily.

    I’m serving up 5 days of breakthroughs, 5 days of giveaways + 5 days to help you jumpstart January! 

    Before you do any New Year goal setting or take “massive action,” join me here.

    Today’s powerful breakthrough training will set you up for success with a completely different mindset (resulting in less struggle + more flow).

    Hope to see you there!


    P.S. Not on Facebook but want to attend the 5-day event?  Create a free account or sign up and we’ll send the replays + updates daily. Click here + you’re in

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