Self-Tapes + Bookings In The New Normal

    Booking off a self-tape.  Do you believe that can happen?

    Or do you have thoughts like, “I’m better in the room” or “They’ll never watch this anyway.”

    That’s exactly what one of my students, Dominic Ryan, a London based actor, used to think too.  He told me this recently, “I was never a fan of self-tapes, as I felt my true personality never came across like it did in the room.”

    So what shifted for Dominic? I share it in a quick video here, as well as the exact tool he used (and how you can get it for free) to get in the zone, confidently prepare a self-tape audition in London + book a feature film…that shoots in Russia!

    In fact, I’ll send you this “secret self-tape audition weapon” for free when you register for my upcoming brand-new FREE LIVE masterclass happening this week!

    Click here to register + I’ll send you this special “self-tape success” gift.

    When you join me in the free masterclass, I’ll walk you through a simple process to help you uplevel your self-tapes, book more jobs + shine under pressure in the new normal.

    It’s nothing I’ve ever taught before + the free virtual masterclass is filling up fast.

    Click Here To Register Now (before the free virtual seats are gone)

    Then watch the video here + hear what Dominic did to rock his self-tape + book the job.


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    This Scared Me + I Can’t Stop Thinking About It…

    I did something that scared me last month + I can’t stop thinking about it.

    I did a free LIVE virtual training (perhaps you were there?), and I had to learn an entirely new software system to pull it off. 

    And yes, there was a lot of self-doubt + some serious ugly cry moments trying to quickly learn the new technology. Have you had those moments too lately? Maybe with all of the self-taping?  

    But what I also learned was that I didn’t have to be perfect, I just had to be present. And guess what? It absolutely wasn’t perfect, but I know that’s also what made my live training so amazing.

    To connect with each other in REAL TIME – LIVE was electric, and I’m still buzzing from it.

    To realize I can show up for this amazing community of actors from all over the world, and be vulnerable and authentic is honestly what makes my heart sing.

    (And let’s not forget, vulnerability + authenticity is also what makes you a compelling actor).

    I’ve also been hearing from actors everywhere that you’ve been feeling off your game lately, questioning your self-tape submissions and wondering how you’ll deliver your best work on the job in our “new normal…(or all of the above),

    I hear you + I decided to do something about it.

     I just put together a BRAND-NEW FREE MASTERCLASS and am going to teach it to you LIVE in August.

    I’m going to walk you through a simple + proven process to uplevel your self-tapes, book more jobs + shine under pressure.

    Click Here To Register Now (virtual seats are limited + it will fill up fast)

    I can’t wait to share my empowering methods + easy-to-implement tools that have helped countless actors (at every level + in every market) book more work in TV, Film, VO, Commercials, Theater. (yes, even in a global pandemic).

    You’ll walk away feeling empowered, encouraged + confident in your ability to navigate the road ahead, deliver your best auditions + bring your best self to the job. (Even when everyone around you is (more…)

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    5 Elements For Feeling Bliss

    I know we often want the conditions to change so we can start feeling better.

    As actors, we often spend a lot of time “hoping we will feel better when…we get a callback, we get a new agent, or when we book the job.”

    Yes, I’ve done that too.

    And now, there seems to be a collective “hoping we will feel better when….this pandemic is finally over.”

    The reason this way of thinking makes us feel so powerless, is because we are allowing the external conditions (the callback, the agent, the job, the pandemic), to dictate how we feel.

    Sure, we’d all like to be back working (and I’d love for my kids to return to in-person school next week), but I am reminded during these times, that we do have the power to choose our focus.  And it is our focus that determines how we feel.

    Think about it.  Have you ever been stuck in traffic and noticed one driver who is angry and frustrated and another driver who is singing and dancing along to their music?  Same situation. Different focus. DIfferent feeling. 

    I’ve had my own share of ups and downs these past few months, but in sitting down to record this month’s guided meditation for my Spotlight Club + Community, this new math equation came to me.  An equation for feeling bliss, right now.  (Yes, even among all kinds of conditions that I may not like).

    This equation has reminded me that it’s not about waiting for the perfect conditions to appear, but having a process for finding the light even on my darkest days. I hope it helps you too.

    Which element of this equation might you focus on more today?  

    Imagine how it would feel to practice all five of these elements, every single day for a week. 

    I’ll give you a sneak peek into what will happen:


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    How to create BIG results…

    What a weekend!  I did two live events connecting with actors from Vancouver to Capetown, Finland to New York and London to LA. 

    To connect with this amazing community LIVE, and dive deep into how you can create real momentum and thrive through uncertainty left us all feeling empowered and uplifted.

    Here are some of the awesome comments that were lighting up the chat….

    It truly makes my day to give back to actors in this way + share all I’ve learned on this journey.

    If you missed it, no worries, we’ve made the replay available here.  (It won’t be up for long so catch it now). 

    This training has made such a big impact on actors, because it’s all based on what is working right now, amidst the current climate and conditions in our world + the industry.  

    It’s fresh perspectives, real life stories, and tangible tools you can implement today.

    Then, I’ll show you exactly how to apply what you learn to your daily life right now – so you can feel empowered + become unstoppable (instead of simply adding more “should do’s” to your plate).

    What I’ve learned about getting big results in my life, whether it’s becoming fit (in my body or mind) or up-leveling my life and career, is that it’s never about one, big giant moment, (that’s just what most people see on Instagram).

    Big results come from small, committed daily actions.

    And look, I know right now, many of us feel “off our game” and “off our routine.”

    So. if there is one action today that will help you create real momentum this week, this month and this year, it’s (more…)

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    The Secret To Your Success….

    Where is the secret to your success really found?

    Best selling author + leadership expert John Maxwell states, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” 

    In other words, big results come from small, committed daily actions.

    But what about right now, in the middle of a pandemic, when everything feels…off?

    Well, next weekend, you’re invited to attend a free LIVE virtual training, where I am going to dive deep into this topic + share fresh perspectives, true stories, tangible tools and easy action steps that you can implement immediately (yes even right now, in the midst of the uncertainty in the world + in our industry).

    Secure your seat to join me LIVE (for free from anywhere in the world) and learn:

    3 Keys To Creating Momentum
    (How To Be Unstoppable + Thrive Through Uncertainty)
    Click here to register (space is limited).

    You’ll learn how to set yourself up with a daily momentum mindset and learn how to manage your sanity on this rollercoaster ride of being an actor in the middle of a pandemic!


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    Exciting Emmy® Update + Big Announcement For You!

    Tonite, nomination-round voting closes for the 2020 Emmy® Awards.

    I am honored to be up For Your Emmy® Consideration as “Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series” for my work on Atypical this season.  What an amazing ride it has been doing this show.  Thank you for all of the shoutouts + sweet support.

    You can view the clips or share the love here.

    I know you’re reading this blog because you want insights, inspiration + tangible tools to help you thrive daily in your life and acting career.

    What I love (as much as reaching new milestones in my own career), is helping other actors to shine + succeed as well.

    When I know that something I have learned on my own journey can help you skip years of struggle + frustration, I get excited to share it.

    In fact, I have created a success mindset routine and daily practice, that has not only helped me make my living solely from acting for over 2 decades (including 80 IMDb credits, currently enjoying my 3rd year recurring on Atypical (Netflix) + the recent For Your Emmy® Consideration status), but it’s also the same routine that has now helped countless actors build careers while navigating the ups + downs of actor life (yes, even amidst a global pandemic).

    And I’ve decided to break down the exact method I’ve used to create momentum, map it out in a brand-new free training and teach it LIVE online + you’re invited!

    Join me for this special online event:

    3 Keys To Creating Momentum
    (How To Be Unstoppable + Thrive Through Uncertainty)
    Click here to save your spot in the virtual classroom (space is limited)

    If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, distracted and letting the uncertainty (in the world or our industry) derail you lately, I get it.  

    That’s why I created this new free training, to show you exactly what to do daily to manage your sanity + become unshakeable, even in the current climate + conditions.

    INSTAGRAM_Three Keys To Creating Momentum
    Here’s a taste of what you will learn when you join me LIVE on this deep-dive online training: (more…)

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    How To Create Momentum Amidst Uncertainty

    Have you been feeling off your game lately or finding it hard to focus? I get it.

    What usually stops us from moving forward on any given day might feel like external circumstances, but ultimately it all begins within.

    It’s understandable that in times of uncertainty, you might wake up in the morning and one of the following is going on in your mind.

    1. You’re filled with fear.
    2. You’re failing to focus.
    3. You’re fueled by false beliefs.

    Why? The mind is rooted in limitation + fear.

    But the heart is rooted in expansion + love.

    When we are born, we are all heart + pure love, but as we get older, we start operating from the mind.

    Over time, that limited mind voice gets louder and the heart voice becomes a whisper we almost can’t hear.

    You want to create momentum in your life or your career, but all too often, your action gets drowned out by mental logic, other’s opinions + historical thinking about how it’s gone for you in the past.

    That is what stops you. It’s what stops all of us from moving forward.

    I’ll show you how it works….and you can turn up the volume of the heart today.

    Click the video below + learn 9 ways your limited mind is keeping you stuck, and what your expanded heart really wants you to know. (more…)

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    For Your Emmy® Consideration (How I Booked The Role)

    This week, Emmy-nomination round voting begins.

    I’m so excited to share the news that I am up For Your Emmy® Consideration as “Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series” for my work on Atypical this season.

    Today, I want to share the story of how I booked the role (that has led to three seasons of playing this hilarious character).


    Three years ago, I went in for one audition for a “possible recurring role” on Atypical.

    I remember vividly, sitting in the waiting room, filled with actors of all different types and ages. All reading for the same role.

    I could have easily told myself that “they’d never cast me because I’m too ________ (young, old, tall, quirky, etc).” Or fill in the blank with whatever you tell yourself in these situations.

    But instead, I (more…)

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    Navigating Your #Actorlife

    I wanted to share some recent posts to help you navigate your #actorlife these days.

    I know that out of great challenges also come great solutions and that our best weapon in the midst of chaos is a calm mind.

    So here’s a revisit to some free gifts, some insights, and some inspiration I’ve shared recently.

    I hope it helps you thrive through uncertainty + gets you ready to find your light again + shine it even brighter.

    Click the link that speaks to you the most today.

    I hope it’s exactly what you need.

    Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 12.25.16 PM


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    The Biz Is Back! (A Free Gift To Get You Ready)

    The biz is back!  On Friday, June 12th, here in California we got the green light that production can resume after the COVID-19 shutdown.

    I know that my amazing community of actors are all over the world, but now that Hollywood production is slowly returning, that’s a good sign that other cities may get back to work in the coming weeks + months soon too.

    I want to celebrate by sending a free gift that will help you to compete at the highest level in our “new normal.”

    One thing every actor must be ready to rock? The Self Tape.

    I know so many actors who are feeling overwhelmed with all they have to think about in order to submit a pro-level self-tape that really stands out.

    It’s definitely not the same as simply walking into a live audition.

    Of course you want to give your best performance, but now you have to make sure the sound, lighting, framing and other technical aspects are at a top professional level too.

    There’s definitely a lot of noise out there right now on what to do and what not to do, and so I decided to put together one simple checklist to make it easy to deliver self-tape success.

    Every. Single. Time.

    I created this Self-Tape Success Checklist and I wanted you, my loyal reader, to be the first to have it, for free!

    You can download your Self Tape Success Checklist here for free (no opt-in required).

    Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 12.25.16 PM
    Here’s a sneak peak at all you’ll need to cover to deliver awesome self-tapes (and of course, I made it into an acronym).  (more…)

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