Mindset Mantras To End The Year Feeling Great

    A short and sweet reminder that you are so much more than your career and your latest credits.

    You play many roles in your life + they are all meaningful and valuable.  “Actor” is only one of those roles, just as “what you’ve done” in your career this year is only one facet of the multi-faceted diamond that is you.

    So whether you print this out + tape it to your bathroom mirror or screenshot the graphic + save it to your phone, allow it to serve as a loving guide to end the year knowing that not only are you enough exactly as you are right now, but that you are a precious gift.

    Treat yourself this way as the year comes to a close + you will start the New Year off in the right direction.

    Pause and read this anytime you feel your inner critic try to define you, judge you or criticize you…

    Here’s to a holiday season where you fill yourself up first with (more…)

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    5 Tips For Peaceful Holiday Gatherings + How To Answer Questions About #ActorLife

    I hope you are having a holiday season full of joy & light!

    I cannot wait for 2020 and wanted to let you know that comp tickets are almost gone for my LIVE Masterclasses in Atlanta, New York, Toronto, and London.

    Want to connect with me LIVE in January?

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    Join the virtual party that kicks off on January 6th + get on my ONLINE VIP LIST here.

    I am so excited to kick off the New Year in this way, but first, it’s time to head home for the holidays where emotions get triggered, questions get asked + expectations for perfection are high.


    You may find yourself sitting at the dinner table feeling the need to explain yourself and your acting career more than ever.

    This is easy to do when you’re working.  It’s fun to share what you’ve “been in lately” or where everyone can tune in to “catch you next.”

    But what about those times where you don’t feel you have “anything to show for your efforts?” (more…)

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    9 Ways To De-Stress Your Holidays….

    I know this time of year can get busy + stressful. So I’m keeping it short + sweet today.

    If you find yourself cranky, irritable, sad, or overwhelmed by all you have to do (or all you feel you haven’t done yet), here is my Holiday De-Stress List.

    You’ll be amazed at what picking one thing on this list will do for your mental + emotional state.

    Keep in mind, this isn’t about covering up your feelings with a happy face sticker, or stuffing down your emotions with extra slices of pie.

    It’s about taking the time to slow down + actually feel your feelings: acknowledge them, release them + let them be heard. (more…)

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    Find Peace, Joy + Abundance This Holiday: Our Top 10 List

    While you’re shopping this holiday season, remember to give yourself the gift of inner peace, joy + abundance.

    How?  It’s as simple as downloading a guided meditation + pressing play.

    I’ve put together a “Top 10 Favorites Playlist” below + links to help you create your own.

    We’re offering huge savings TODAY on all of my powerful guided meditation audios.

    Shop the collection here.


    Enjoy 40% off all guided meditation audios in the #ActorInspirationGuidedMeditation Store.

    These powerful audios are mindfulness gifts you’ll use again + again to de-stress this holiday + help you crate abundance, joy + success all throughout 2020.

    Best to shop on a desktop or laptop to browse the entire online store + use coupon code vip40 at “View Cart” checkout.


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    Thank You…(A Love Letter To My Tribe)

    I’m flying home today from an amazing weekend in Vancouver + my heart is filled with so much gratitude.

    As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday in the US this week, I want to give thanks for you, my friend.

    I am so thankful for the space you grant me each + every week in your email inbox.

    To be able to inspire, uplift + empower other artists all over the world, has truly been a gift in my life. Thank you.

    Because of you, I am inspired to keep going, to keep writing each week, even when I’m tired, even when it’s late, my kids are asleep and I am staring at a blank screen.

    Because of you, I have learned that serving + helping others fuels my soul.

    Because of you, I have learned that what you give out comes back to you in wonderful ways.

    Special Note:  Comp tickets for my Live Masterclasses are now available for Atlanta, New York, Toronto, and we’ve just added London, all in January!

    Because of you, I am filled with gratitude.


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    Facing Fears + Finding Happiness: Lauren’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    With less than 7 weeks left to go in 2019, I’ve been reflecting a lot on this past year.  My intention for 2019 has been expansion.

    But ultimately to expand more, I had to do a lot more of the stuff that scared me.  Did fear + doubt show up?  Absolutely.

    But instead of retreating + turning back, I found ways to simply keep going + push through it.

    I realize, looking back, I just got more comfortable with being uncomfortable.  That’s how I knew I was expanding.

    I love teaching actors all I have learned, and this weekend I had an amazing time doing just that in my free live masterclass in LA, where I encouraged actors to reframe how they look at fear.

    Instead of running from what scares you, try looking at it from this perspective, “If it scares me, it’s calling me.”  Powerful, right?

    Here’s a peek inside the LA Masterclass (and all the love flowing in the room). And then the sweet feedback I received shortly afterwards. It’s been so rewarding to help others along the way.

    unnamed-8unnamed-7  unnamed-9
    So this time last year, I decided to lean into what scared me, which was taking my live masterclass to other cities outside of Los Angeles.  It’s something I had never done before, so it was exciting, but definitely brought up some fears.

    After being invited to New York + Atlanta, I knew I had to go, to not only meet my students, who were having all kinds of breakthroughs after doing my Success Breakthrough Workshop online course, but to also connect with actors in real time, face-to-face and share my teachings + my story live.

    Like so many actors who come to my free masterclass, Atlanta-based actress, Lauren Buglioli was “struggling with a lot of self-imposed doubt and fear” too.

    Today I want to share her inspiring story.

    I think these stories are so important, because so often we just see the shiny outcome or the #BookedIt graphic + rarely hear about the struggle.

    And yet, every actor goes through them.  Most do it silently.  Many don’t know where to turn.  Some end up quitting the business.

    But the ones that work through their struggles + create real breakthroughs are truly the most inspiring stories and my favorite to share.

    So this is Lauren Buglioli’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story… Facing Fears + Finding Happiness

    Ok, so the bright shiny part is that Lauren is now recurring on Tyler Perry’s The Oval.

    But we’re also going to learn about her new inner game approach, which has gifted her with not only more bookings, but more happiness, freedom + peace.

    Lauren knew she needed to do something different to change her results + her state of mind.

    So what was the first thing that Lauren did to shift her life + career?

    She decided + committed to showing up to my free live masterclass in Atlanta.

    I’m coming back in early January (and we’ve added new cities too).

    Dates are set + these events will fill up fast, so grab your comp ticket now.

    Last chance to see me in Los Angeles – Grab your comp ticket now 
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    So let’s dive in. Lauren, congrats on all the awesome work. I’d like to begin when we first met. What had you been struggling with in your life or career when you first attended my free live masterclass?

    I was struggling with a lot of self-imposed doubt and fear. I was unconsciously looking for outside proof that I was “enough” and kept finding evidence of how well I thought everyone else was doing (as if social media or Facebook posts paint the whole picture of someone else’s life…)

    I’m still working on all this daily. Inner work is now part of my daily routine.

    That can be so debilitating for actors. So you knew you needed (more…)

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    The Simple Practice That Creates Bigger Results

    I’ve been practicing daily gratitude this month, and not only do I feel better, but it’s definitely opened up a doorway for more good things to come to me easily + effortlessly.

    I invite you to do the same, beginning right now.

    The key for me has been not doing so to “make something happen,” but instead because it simply feels good to focus on the good.

    And the extra benefit is that I’m also training my brain to criticize less, find fault less + complain less.

    And what has been happening?  I’ve had new bookings, been invited to be a podcast guest on one of my favorite shows, and last week, I became a GIF!

    If you haven’t heard, I’m back for Season 3 of Atypical, which I’m thrilled report, was the #1 binge-watched show on Netflix last week.  (Our show beat “Friends,” which took 2nd place).

    This role (that started out as a few short scenes in Season 1), has now turned into a three season recurring role, with multiple episodes, fun story lines, and lots of matching sweater sets.  (Can you tell I love playing the uptight but well-intentioned, Kathy, always going head-to-head with Jennifer Jason Leigh?)

    I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of a show that promotes inclusion, spreads autism awareness, and is filled with laughs, love + compassion.

    It was a full circle moment, when (more…)

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    How To Make A Big Shift Before The Holidays

    Sometimes the simplest shift can yield the greatest change, when we really commit ourselves.

    If you want to make a big shift in your life + your career before the holidays, here are 2 quick solutions…

    1) Come learn How To Have A Success Breakthrough in my complimentary Live Masterclass where I’ll show you how to create bigger results with far less effort.

    Click here to see me LIVE in Los Angeles (only 2 dates left + filling fast)  
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    Click here to see me LIVE in your city. (get on the VIP list now) 
    Click here to attend the ONLINE version in January 2020  

    I love helping actors break through barriers + feel a major shift in under 90 minutes.

    “I was feeling a hollowness of something missing in my life + career when I went to see Wendy live.  Not only did she speak to my soul, but I couldn’t believe how a quickly things turned around for me.”    – Denisse O.

    “For people who are lucky enough to see Wendy live, her free masterclass changes lives.  It just does. She meets you where you are, shows you the walls that have been blocking you, and then lovingly helps you to break them down.”
     – Janna C.

    2) Recommit this month to the spiritual practice of daily gratitude.

    So often we forget that no matter how things have gone for us lately, we can begin again….today.


    “Today + tomorrow can be very different from yesterday, if you can let yesterday go + focus on today. Today + tomorrow are about your now vibration + you have complete control over that. Look for things to feel good about + watch how everything in your life will unfold to reflect that good feeling vibration.”
    – Abraham-Hicks

    Nothing is more important than feeling good. It’s actually why you want everything you are seeking, for the feelings they will bring.

    But the real secret to experiencing more joy now while also manifesting your desires, is not waiting them to arrive to feel better, but feeling good along the way.

    And the fastest way to feel better is through the simple yet effective practice of gratitude.

    Best selling author Joe Dispenza states, “The longer you feel gratitude, the more you’re drawing your new future to you because gratitude means it has already happened. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership. The latest research in neuroscience shows that when you close your eyes and begin to think about your future and embrace the emotions you are going to feel when that event happens. That you are actually installing the neurological circuitry of that experience in your brain.”

    So practicing daily gratitude is not only for the benefits or rewiring your brain, but nothing puts you in a better state of joy, than (more…)

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    Premieres, Screenings + Guest Speaking, Oh My!

    What an amazing month it has been!

    A few weeks ago, I guest starred on Season 2 of Liza On Demand, with Kevin Nealon playing my boss. The show has now over 70 million views on YouTubeRed, check out the funny episode here.

    Last week I was invited to speak on a panel at SAG-AFTRA about balancing career + family. I loved sharing tips + stories on how you can absolutely manage both + the lessons I’ve learned along the way. I ’ll share the video link once it’s ready so you can watch from anywhere in the world.

    Then last night I attended a screening of a hilarious feature film that I star in with Danny Trejo called Donny’s Party. I’m sharing the link below to the story of how my cold read turned into booking the lead.

    And tonite is the premiere party for Season 3 of Atypical which is released this Friday, Nov. 1 on Netflix. I feel so grateful to be returning for my 3rd season of this awesome show.

    Then in the spirit of helping others, tomorrow and this Sunday, I’ll be teaching actors “How To Have A Success Breakthrough.”

    Both events are completely sold out, but I have 2 more dates in Los Angeles before the end of the year. And then, I’m coming to Vancouver in November and many other cities in January.

    If you want to see me in person, grab your comp ticket now, since these events fill up fast, and the guest lists will be closed.

    Click here to join me in Los Angeles.
    Click here to join me in Vancouver.
    Click here to join me in your city.

    Since all of these awesome things are going on this week, I thought I’d revisit some of my favorite blog posts…

    If you want to find out how my cold read turned into booking the lead in feature film:

    From Cold Read To Booking The Lead (3 Best Tips For Audition Success)

    unnamed-2 (more…)

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    Inner Breakthroughs + Becoming A Series Regular: Mignon’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    I’ve been witnessing so many mind-blowing breakthroughs this year (not only in my own life + career) but in the lives + careers of so many amazing actors.

    I know that if their stories have been getting me teary-eyed, they will most likely serve to uplift and empower you as well. 

    I find that as we each share our challenges, triumphs, setbacks and victories, we realize we are not so alone.  

    It is my hope that when you see another actor overcome obstacles, strengthen their faith, shine their light in a powerful way + then take bold action, it will give you permission to do the same.

    And to also know that when you see someone celebrating an outer breakthrough like “booking a Series Regular role,” you’ll now know how vital their inner breakthroughs were to their success. 

    This is Mignon’s #SuccessBreakthrough story….

    Mignon stars as a Series Regular in the brand new Tyler Perry dramedy, Sistas, debuting Wednesday, October 23rd 10/9c on @BET

    Mignon on Sistas
    But this time last year, she was seeking wisdom + a real breakthrough.

    What was one bold action she took?  She attended my free live masterclass in LA.

    Only a few seats left in Los AngelesGrab your comp ticket now 
    Only a few seats left in VancouverGrab your comp ticket now 
    Come see me in your city – Get on the VIP list here

    What I love about Mignon’s inspiring story is the divine journey of transformation she’s gone through in the past year.  It’s such a sweet reminder that anything is possible.

    “When we feel stuck, going nowhere…even starting to slip backward, we may actually be backing up to get a running start.” ~Dan Millman

    I caught up with Mignon to find out how it all happened. I hope you enjoy our interview. (more…)

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