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9 Steps To Turn Your Dream Into A Reality

A year ago, I visualized having a beautiful, newly redesigned website + online store for all of the guided meditations + visualizations I create for actors.  If you are reading this, then you are witnessing my dream turned into a reality.

I know from experience over the years that:


So, I visualized this site being a go-to-guide to help you align your mind. book more jobs + love your life.

I knew I wanted it to be beautiful, functional, mobile friendly + give tons of value to actors.

Since I received so many success stories from actors who said they were feeling more confident + booking more jobs since listening to my album, Creating Powerful Auditions , I visualized writing + recording a follow up album, Creating Powerful Performances.

I imagined actors using the new album to release performance anxiety + shine in the spotlight on every job with ease + effortlessness.  I imagined how amazing they would feel after shooting a tv show, working on a film or performing on stage.  The more I imagined how it would all feel, the easier the album flowed out of me.

I pictured a beautiful online store where actors, anywhere in the world, could simply download + instantly benefit from my guided meditations + visualizations.

I also visualized launching Spotlight: The Mindset of the Month Club to help actors cultivate a success mindset consistently by giving them my most powerful mind-shifting tools.  I wanted every actor to have the opportunity to try it for FREE for 30 days to experience the manifesting magic.

I am proud to say, that what I have visualized in my mind, is now a reality!

Here’s how I did it, and how you can apply these steps right now to your dream.

9 Steps To Turn Your Dream Into A Reality (more…)

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This Might Be Keeping You From Getting Hired…

Ever screw up an audition because you were so focused on getting the lines right?  I have.
Ever get all of the lines right, feel amazing about your performance, and not get hired?  I have.
Ever screw up some of the lines, feel like you could have done better + book the job?  I have.

Why?  Because, it’s not about the lines.  It’s not about being perfect.

And, in those moments, I wish I had today’s mantra right in front of me to remember that:


You get hired because… (more…)

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Actors: Do This Now + See A Shift.

What if, today, you decided:

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We all do it.  We allow the inner critic to take over + it often keep us from trying, leaping, asking, changing, and adventuring into the unknown.

After years of listening to my own inner critic, I now realize that it is simply my ego just trying to keep me safe. The ego likes control + is not a big fan of change. But within change is where growth + expansion reside.  And I believe we have chosen to become actors in order to grow. (more…)

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Bring This Perspective To Rock Your Next Audition…

When I watch my 2 toddlers run around in our backyard, I am reminded of our innate sense of play.
They so purely embody that feeling of having fun, not caring who is watching + not bothered by what others are doing.

What if you reclaimed the “I Am Here To Play” perspective this week? What if you walked into every audition thinking:

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As actors, that is usually why we pursued this path – to creatively play for a living.  It’s easy to lose that sense of play when you start giving every audition a lot of meaning + importance.

And even though you have rent or a mortgage to pay, getting back to playing in the  audition room will help you succeed every time. (more…)

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Fastest Way To Get What You Want…In Your Acting Career + LIfe

Ever book an acting job + immediately feel like it’s not enough in some way?  Or not get the job + feel hopeless?

Though the source of your frustration may seem like the job or lack of it, your suffering comes from having thoughts that argue with WHAT IS.

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No matter how much acting success you obtain, your ego will probably always want a juicier role, a bigger credit, a better agent + more opportunities.  (Even Meryl Streep has complained that there is not enough great writing these days.)

And although it’s good to have desires, your ultimate happiness lies in how you feel about yourself today, no matter what is happening in your career.  When we rely on the conditions in our acting careers to determine our happiness, we give away all our power.

The fastest way I have found to instant happiness (and ultimately, more career abundance) (more…)

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Actors: What if you don’t feel “beautiful enough” to succeed?

Do you ever worry that you might not be “good-looking” enough or “thin enough” to succeed as an actor?

“You’re not good looking enough,” were the exact words Allison Janney heard from an agent in the beginning of her career.  Luckily, she didn’t internalize this mindset + went on to win 5 Emmys.

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It’s less about beauty + weight and more about owning your uniqueness.

Where would Melissa McCarthy be today if she allowed negative thoughts about her weight to sabotage her unlimited potential?

She surely didn’t tell herself she needed to be thin to succeed in Hollywood.  And now she + many other actresses are breaking the mold of what is deemed “beautiful”.

Ultimately, confidence is always beautiful.  You can be (more…)

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