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To Manifest Anything: Do This First

To manifest anything in your life, whether it is a relationship, a thing, an experience, or even a next level role, you must do this one thing first:

You must be able to imagine it.

Look around you right now.

Everything you see (even the phone or the computer that you are reading this on) first began as an idea in someone’s imagination.

They didn’t just think about it once and forget it. They gave their devoted attention to bringing their vision to life.

And it all began with the imagination – (hint: this is the actors’ greatest tool!)

Yet sometimes we can create a character more easily than we can create our own success.

But here’s the good news:

Your imagination is able to do all that you ask in proportion to the degree of your attention.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer.
Here are 7 questions to discover what degree of attention you are giving to your desires… (more…)

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How To Collect The “No’s” + Turn Them Into “Yes.” (My personal story of 10 agents turning me down.)

Have you been facing tons of rejection lately? Have you allowed it to devastate you? You’re not alone.

As actors, collecting the “no’s” should be part of our job description, and yet no one really teaches us how to do that without getting defeated.

Whether it’s not booking the job, not getting the callback or not getting signed by an agent, all of the rejection can chip away at your confidence.

It’s your ability to not allow any of these experiences to turn into a negative belief about yourself that really is the key.
That really is it. It’s how you handle all the rejection, without letting it devastate you, define you or defeat you that will ultimately determine your success.

So don’t take one experience of rejection and allow it to define who you are + what will or won’t happen in your career.

Your thoughts become beliefs, and you get to (more…)

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How To Retrain Your Brain For Audition Success

How do you start your day when you have an audition?
Do you speak lovingly to yourself, or are you filled with worry, doubt or fear?

How you begin your day, is usually how you live your life. Since every thought you think is creating your experience, it helps to be mindful of what you are telling yourself. We are all using affirmations all day long, the question is, are you affirming the positive or the negative?

You’ll know by the way you feel.

Choose To Change It
If you don’t like how you feel, change your thoughts.

When you start to change your way of thinking, your inner voice will always react immediately with either fear or love.

But what if you used a different criteria for responding to your habitual internal dialogue?

Try this: “If it feels good, it’s true for me. If it feels bad, it’s a lie.”
What are you affirming on your audition days? (more…)

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How Successful People Start Their Day

After researching the morning rituals of some of the most successful creative people in the world, I discovered that there was a common thread.

Although each person’s process was a bit different, it was interesting to learn that people like Oprah and Tony Robbins, didn’t begin their day reacting to the requests of others.

(And we can only imagine how long that request list might be on a daily basis.)

Instead, they tuned inward, first.  They filled their own cup before filling anyone else’s.  
Oprah Winfrey begins each day (more…)

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Give Thanks For Your Freedom

Memorial Day in the United States, is a day to remember the sacrifices that brave men + woman made to bring freedom to this country.

Growing up as the daughter of a Navy veteran, I was taught to have immense gratitude for the freedoms that we so easily take for granted.

My late father was a World War II Air-Sea Rescue pilot who helped to save those who were shot down in the Pacific Ocean. He was a hero to many, and especially to me. I lost him when I was 27.

unnamedWhen I volunteer in my son’s kindergarten class, I can barely get through The Pledge Of Allegiance without tearing up. Seeing a group of 5-year-olds embody joy, love and freedom, so purely, gives me hope for our future.

And my hope always seems to comes back to (more…)

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5 Steps To Knowing You’re Worth It

My 5-year-old son loves to dance.  And I love to make playlists to inspire his love of music and funky moves.

After listening to Fifth Harmony’s “Baby I’m Worth It” several times, (no, I haven’t shown him the video yet!) he literally said to me one day, “Mommy, if anyone at kindergarten be’s mean to me and says I am not amazing, I’m just gonna tell them, ‘Baby, I’m worth it.‘”

This stopped me in my tracks.

Not only was his misuse of the English language something I’ll miss one day (Yes, “be’s” will become “is”) but I love that at 5-years-old, he knows that if someone says something mean to him, it is simply not true.

It defies law.  It defies what he knows in his soul.

That’s because we are all born knowing
We are valuable.
We are worthy.
We are deserving.

Yes. Let’s remind ourselves again, as adults….anything that goes against that knowing is a lie you were taught.

Isn’t it amazing what lies we pick up on during childhood + believe to be true?


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Why Waiting To Book A Job To Feel Worthy Never Works

Whether you are waiting to book a job or wishing you had a Valentine to make you feel happy, loved + worthy, I’m going  to share a little secret with you.

The love you are searching for is already here.  It is the mind that has been blocking you from receiving it.

Your ego will constantly search for external factors to bring you what you think you need.  And the thinking mind will always convince you that what you want is outside of you.

Sure, it’s nice to have a Valentine bring you flowers + it’s fun to walk on to the set and be greeted with open arms, but that feeling of love must come (more…)

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The Fastest Way To Quiet Your Critical Mind

Do you use December as a time to celebrate all you have done this year + who you have become or as an opportunity to beat yourself up + numb painful emotions you’d rather not face?

The critical mind is a labeling machine, busy judging each and every experience, and often convincing us that no matter what we have done this year…

  1. That we haven’t done enough.
  2. That we should be further along by now.
  3. That the choices we made might not have been the right ones.

As the year comes to a close and we take inventory of our lives + careers so far, all of this critical judgment can convince us that we are somehow not doing it all fast enough, good enough or big enough.

This way of thinking happens when we are living in our heads + not connecting with our hearts.

When we are heart centered, we ignite the light that is always within us + more easily tap into who we really are without labels + judgments.  Connecting to the heart is a sacred space that the mind cannot penetrate.  In fact, judgment ceases to exist here.  The fastest way to quiet your critical mind is through (more…)

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A Quick Fix When Nothing Is Going As You Planned

Seems everyone is looking for a quick fix.  We all want to feel better, do better + be better.  Right. Effing.  Now.  (I’m an Aries, so it’s more like Right.  Effing. Yesterday!)

I’ve looked high and low to figure out how to turn things around when nothing was going as I planned, and ultimately, it always came back to the same theme over and over again.

So ask yourself this today….


Like most things, it’s easy to do.  Easy not to do.  Your call.

I hope that if you choose to do one thing this week for your career (and your life) it is simply to (more…)

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