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Shining In The Spotlight: How Letting Go Let In A Lead Role

When I heard Michelle Lulic manifested some incredible career goals in a little over a month, I had to find out what she was doing differently.

I know that career transformation always begins with a change in your inner world (even though most actors like to think it begins with a change in agents).

When I connected with Michelle to hear her inspiring story, I was so thrilled to discover that it was returning to The Spotlight Club (my one-of-a-kind monthly membership for actors), that gave her the mindset tools, coaching, confidence + clarity she needed.

Since returning to The Spotlight Club, so many have things have shifted for me.
I took Wendy’s awesome advice from our private Facebook Live Q+A, and I ended up booking a lead role in an episode of a new show. Thank you, Wendy!
– Michelle Lulic

When I can offer insight, inspiration (and powerful guided meditations) to another actor + not only help them feel better, but book bigger + better roles, then I have fulfilled part of my purpose here on planet earth.
Here’s how Michelle used letting go to book her latest lead role:


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Shining In The Spotlight: From Self-Doubt To SAG Card, Bookings + Multiple Offers

New York actress Catherine Rogala, began the year doubting herself when something wasn’t showing up in her career or her life exactly as she wanted.

But when I heard she was ending the year with her SAG card, bookings and multiple offers lined up for 2017, I had to find out what had shifted for her.

“I can fall into this negative spiral and feel unworthy of the things I’m working for. It didn’t stop me from working for my goals, but it was like I was trying to prove to myself I was worthy by achieving. The Spotlight monthly guided meditations help me believe that I’m worthy even before achieving anything.”
-Catherine Rogala

I was thrilled to hear that the tools I provide each month to help actors create inner peace and outer success, were helping Catherine do just that. (Grab your free Spotlight trial here).

Read her inspiring story, how she shifted things internally first, and how new opportunities started showing up.


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Shining In The Spotlight: From Stressed At Auditions To Working With Helen Mirren

When I heard that Karen Valero went from feeling stressed at auditions to working with Helen Mirren (and more!), I had to find out exactly what changed within her to create such a big shift in her career, since the inner change always comes first.

Well, a few months prior, Karen joined my Spotlight Club and started using the tools I create each month to help actors cultivate a success mindset.  

She declared a few months prior to the big booking, “I’ve been listening to the Spotlight guided meditations + writing in the Spotlight journal every day + this is actually working!  Everything seems so positive and I feel great about my goals.  I’m so excited.”  

That’s always the first breakthrough – feeling better.  When you start feeling great about your goals, the Universe rises to meet you.  When you feel good, you’re in receiving mode, you take inspired action and things just start happening.

Read our interview and learn exactly how Karen’s journey unfolded. (more…)

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Shining In The Spotlight: Shifting From Lack To Feeling Limitless (and getting offers!)

Do you find yourself becoming obsessed with “Why” questions, lately?

Asking yourself….
Why aren’t I getting more opportunities?
Why aren’t I further along in my career?

Well, today, not only do I want you to know that you are not alone in thinking these thoughts, but that there’s actually a way to go from feeling stuck in lack to becoming limitless.


How do I know?  Well, I’ve been there many times myself and the way out is always the same.

And this month, I interviewed Bad Moms actress, Christina DeRosa, on how she was becoming obsessed with these “why” questions and how she transformed her life + her career in just the last 3 months.

I was thrilled to hear that Christina began making radical inner shifts through the help of my Spotlight Club and the new mindset tools I create each month specifically for actors.

“Since joining Spotlight + listening to your monthly audios, things have shifted.
After a really anemic pilot season, I stopped focusing on the lack and limitation of the opportunities I wasn’t receiving and started to take quantum leaps in my producing career.  I am now receiving an Executive Producer credit on a feature film starring Victoria Pratt.  Then, I booked a supporting lead in a movie, straight to offer.  Your Spotlight audios + journal are helping me improve my quality of life and
live out my mission. Thank you!”

– Christina DeRosa
Bad Moms, Blackish, Devious Maids


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12 Stories Of Actors Turning Obstacles Into Triumphs

As we step into the second half of the year, I thought it might be a good time to remind you to….


May this insight give you an extra boost of hope, inspiration and confidence to know that you can accomplish whatever it is you set out to do this year.

In fact, today, I’m sharing the personal stories from 12 different actors who overcame all kinds of obstacles including…

  • Believing that I’m no enough
  • Thinking that I’m not worthy
  • Going down a dark rabbit hole when I’m not booking
  • Feeling depressed and frustrated
  • Struggling for months or even years
  • Worried about my age

and transformed them into:

  • Booking 11 jobs in one year
  • Having inner and outer breakthroughs
  • Quitting my day job to act full time
  • Getting offers without an audition
  • Having 7 bookings happen with ease.
  • Feeling more relaxed, confident, braver and freer


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Shining In The Spotlight: Turning Challenges Into Certainty, Confidence + Bookings

Melanie Haynes went from being a working actress and voice-over talent in Houston, Texas for over 30 years, where she also raised her 3 grown sons, to leaving everything familiar, to try her luck in the Los Angeles market.

I interviewed Melanie to find out exactly what she did to step out of her comfort zone, create certainty in challenging circumstances, and book standout TV + Film work in Los Angeles.

Melanie generously shared with me many pearls of wisdom, including the advice she’d give her younger self (and all actors):


I was overjoyed when Melanie found my Spotlight Club + that the mindset tools I create each month just for actors helped her to feel more confident about her decisions.

In Melanie’s words…
“Listening to the Spotlight meditations
each month helped me to feel more confident about my decisions.
And during a particularly difficult time with the living arrangements at the apartment,
they helped me realize that I might have been unconsciously holding back from
doing the things I thought I should do to succeed because if I booked it might
upset my friend who was not getting auditions or bookings.”


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Shining In The Spotlight: Transforming Lack Mentality Into Manifesting Miracles

Julie Craig went from not working for over a year (and feeling pretty hopeless) to manifesting all kinds of miracles in her career, including 3 new bookings + getting noticed by network execs.

Now she’s recurring on Murder In The First and just signed with a new manager!

So what shifted in under 90 days?  Julie says it herself,“the thing I had to really work on was my inner game.” 

During our interview, Julie shares how the tools in my Spotlight Club helped her to go from feeling stuck in pure lack mentality to manifesting miracles in less than 3 months.

I’m honored that my work helped this lovely, young actress to reignite her career + her spirits.  Hope you enjoy her inspiring interview.



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Shining In The Spotlight: How She Transformed Negativity Into Abundance, Joy + 6 Big Bookings!

When I heard that actress + musician Carla Betz went from not booking, not believing in herself + feeling her time + opportunities had passed her by, to inviting in more abundance, joy + 6 big bookings, I had to find out exactly what she had done to transform her life + acting career.

How did she find the courage to quit a job she hated + the awareness to stop jumping to negative conclusions?

I interviewed Carla + was not surprised to find out that her commitment to making inner changes brought many external changes.

I’m so overjoyed that the Spotlight Club helped her transform negativity into abundance, joy + 6 big bookings.

“I’ve seen quite a few internal + external changes.
Wendy’s Spotlight Club has helped me stay focused, positive + motivated.
I look forward to getting a new audio every month that seems to
magically pertain to exactly what I’m going through”
-Carla Betz

I hope you are as uplifted by this interview as I was doing it. 


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Shining In The Spotlight: How Stepping Out Of His Comfort Zone Created A Quantum Leap In His Acting Career

Paul Karmiryan has performed all over the world and is a familiar face to millions of fans, having been a dancer on So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars.

I met Paul when he was a student in my recent Success Breakthrough Workshop.  He wanted to transition from dance into the acting world.  (Something I did myself, over 20 years ago!)  He was a shining light for sure, but he didn’t know what steps to take + felt overwhelmed it all.

Recently, he booked his first acting credit on Network TV.  I was so excited to find out what had helped him make this quantum leap.

Read his inspiring story of how he “leaped” from dancing into acting + the doubts + insecurities he overcame along the way…

Screen shot 2016-03-22 at 9.49.29 PM

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Shining In The Spotlight: How Raising The Bar + Her Self-Worth Brought In 11 Bookings

Jen Ponton turned her most difficult year into one of her most rewarding – including 11 bookings!  It’s not surprising that raising the bar and shifting her sense of self-worth helped to changed everything.

The biggest lesson from my father’s passing has been to make every moment count – to stop settling.
So I am holding a much higher bar for myself and for the people I choose to spend my days with”

– Jen Ponton

When I connected with Jen, I discovered how joining the Spotlight Club helped this passionate, young actress navigate her way through a devastating loss, move through it all with grace + fly higher than ever before.

In fact, she’s been spending her days with legends like, Jeff Goldblum.  Enjoy her inspiring story….

What made you decide to join the Spotlight Club?

I joined Spotlight officially in December 2014, when I was going through a particularly difficult family time.  I read your email about family harmony during the holidays, (more…)

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