How One Audition Led To 4 Seasons Of Atypical

    I’m back for my 4th season of Atypical (Netflix) and I want you to know that it all began with one audition that my agent (at the time) told me not to bother going on.

    Quick backstory: I had just come off of shooting a top-of-show guest star role on Grey’s Anatomy, and this role was a “possible recurring” on a show that no one had heard yet of called Atypical.

    My agent didn’t want me to be ‘out of the loop’ for pilot season, but after reading the sides, and wanting to meet a casting office I had never been seen by before, I said, “Nope, I’m going.”

    That “possible recurring” turned into four seasons of a role I have adored playing on a show that has uplifted and inspired fans all over the world.  My heart is full and I’m thrilled to be back.

    Get all the details here.

    I hope this reminds you to listen to your intuition and then speak up for yourself.


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    How To Really Succeed in 2021….

    I’m heading to a fitting today and getting ready to shoot my 4th season of Netflix’s Atypical this week.  I am beyond grateful to begin the year this way.

    My heart is full.  Not only because I’m heading back to the set, but because I’ve uplifted, inspired + empowered thousands of actors all over the world this month.

    And as January comes to a close, I want to remind you of two things:

    1) You are worthy of your dreams.  Your biggest dreams.

    2) Discounted Enrollment for The Success Breakthrough Workshop ends TONIGHT.

    Find out more about the course that actors are calling “Powerful. Priceless. Vital to the actor’s soul.

    I know you have big dreams and a big heart, otherwise you would not have found your way to me.  I also know that sometimes big dreams can feel intimidating or even scary.

    But I don’t want you to allow fear to stop you this year.

    For years, I’ve been focused on taking bold actions (even when they scare me) while also allowing my vulnerability to be a strength, not a weakness.

    Many of you saw that in action if you joined me in the 5-Day Success Breakthrough Experience or attended a Free Masterclass this month. (Perhaps you got teary-eyed along with me?)

    But speaking of fear, here’s something you should know….

    Yes, who you are meant to become is on the other side of your fear.

    How do you create big success in 2021?  Don’t let fear stop you from taking bold action.

    I let fear stop me, I definitely wouldn’t have…

    • become an actress
    • become a wife
    • become a mother (twice)
    • become a homeowner
    • become a mentor for actors worldwide
    • become the founder of
    • written a blog post every Monday for almost a decade
    • have become an international speaker requested by casting directors and top acting studios all over the world.
    • recorded a new guided meditation every month for the past 6 years
    • created The 5-Day Success Breakthrough Experience (expires Jan. 31)
    • created my Free Masterclass (replay expires Jan. 31)
    • now be celebrating 6 years of helping over 770 actors world-wide radically transform their careers + their lives inside my Success Breakthrough Workshop (Discounted Enrollment ends TONIGHT + Midnight)
    • gathered Success Breakthrough Stories from students all over the world
    • and I definitely wouldn’t have told my agent “No, I’m going.” when he suggested I turn down the initial audition for my role on Atypical (that has now turned into 4 wonderful seasons in a role I love to play).
    • And I definitely wouldn’t have been up “For Your Emmy Consideration As Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series” for my work on Atypical.

    If I let fear stop me, I wouldn’t have done any of those things.  None of it.


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    From Self-Sabotage To Starring In Big Musicals: Jordan Fife Hunt’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    Ever get an audition or self-tape and ask yourself this question…What do I think the casting director wants to see from me?

    And then deliver exactly what you think they want…and then hear nothing?

    Have you ever had impulses or ideas about how to play a character, but block them out because you think “it’s probably not what they’re looking for?”

    If this feels very familiar, just know you’re not the only one who plays this frustrating game of mental gymnastics.

    In fact, New York triple threat, Jordan Fife Hunt knew this story all too well, because he was living it.  And despite his amazing talents as an actor, singer + dancer, worrying about “what they might be looking for,” was actually getting in his way.  

    Not only did he discover how to get out of this self-sabotaging loop and free himself, but it resulted in booking 5 shows last year, including one of his breakthrough goals, to originate a role in a musical + be part of the “Original Cast Recording.”

    Click below to watch the inspiring story: From Self-Sabotage To Starring In Big Musicals: Jordan Fife Hunt’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story.

    Want to know the exact steps Jordan took to start owning his power in every audition? Check out the FREE MASTERCLASS.
    Click here to learn more details about The Success Breakthrough Workshop online course.

    I love Jordan’s story so much, because it reminds us all that when we obsess over “what we think they want,” we’re actually blocking (more…)

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    From Taking A Break To Tons Of Big Bookings: Shirley Jordan’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    As the year comes to a close, many actors have told me that they’re feeling anxiety as they look back on 2020 and think, “I should have been busier.  I should have done more with my time. I shouldn’t have taken a break.”  

    And that kind of thinking often leads to, “I’m too old, it’s too late or I should be further along by now.”  Can you relate?

    Piling on the shame, guilt + negative self-talk is no way to end a year like 2020.  

    But what if I told you that it’s all okay. It’s okay if you haven’t booked anything this year. Heck, it’s even okay if you haven’t booked anything in a few years.  It’s okay if you took a break.  It’s even okay if 2020 turned your hair grey.

    That’s exactly where Los Angeles actress, Shirley Jordan was when we met.  Not only had she not booked a commercial in a few years, but she had to take some time off due to a health issue and needed to tend to her own healing. She was having serious FOMO. (Fear of missing out).

    So whether you’ve been taking a break amidst a pandemic, for a health issue, to take care of aging parents, raise a family or feeling like you aged an entire decade in 2020, today’s story will show you the way back to booking. 

    Learn how Shirley went from a huge “time off” in her career to recurring on Sistas, and appearing on top TV shows like This Is Us, NCIS, Code Black, The Affair. Family Reunion, Bunk’D, and starring in commercials. 

    And guess what? The first step wasn’t making a massive action plan for Shirley to trudge through.  It actually was more about letting go of all the guilt, shame, frustration + feeling like she “should be doing more” during her time off.  Then what happened?  She took it one step at a time, and lots of big bookings, including national commercials, and recurring roles on hit TV shows showed up..

    I know Shirley’s story will inspire you to know that you can get from where you are right now to where you want to go.  Watch From Taking A Break To Tons Of Big Bookings: Shirley Jordan’s Success Breakthrough Story.”

    Can you imagine what 2021 would feel + look like without the mental baggage of fear, frustration, shame or guilt about what you did or didn’t accomplish in 2020?

    Want to know how Shirley got her groove back + started booking big jobs after taking a break? Check out the FREE MASTERCLASS.
    Click here to learn more details about The Success Breakthrough Workshop online course.

    Enjoy the full interview here:


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    From “Feeling Impatient” To “Fielding Offers:” Dominic Ryan’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    If you want to book more work, but are feeling frustrated lately, I hear you.  If you’ve been seeing people working like crazy in the middle of this pandemic + it’s made you think “Why aren’t I auditioning? Why didn’t I book that? Where’s mine?” You’re not alone.

    Feeling left out while other people are taking selfies on set (even while wearing a mask) can sting a bit.

    That’s why this story is so inspiring.

    I’m sharing London actor Dominic Ryan’s vulnerable tale that he too, was feeling impatient and frustrated and focusing on what wasn’t showing up for him.

    He ended up making some very specific shifts that allowed the floodgates to open + offers to come his way,

    Then the pandemic happened and everything stopped, but Domiminic found his way, yet again.  Find out what he did during this time and how it led to booking a lead role in a film in Russia.  

    Dominic shares the exact mindset he was practicing when submitting his self-tape and why he knows it helped him to stand out among hundreds of other actors.

    What did he do to book the lead in a film, off a self-tape, in the middle of a pandemic?

    Watch the full story below + learn from Dominic so you can apply his insights to your life + career this week too….

    Read the full interview here: (more…)

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    From “Not Enough” To “Next Level Bookings”: Keara Graves #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    If you’ve been feeling like 2020 has provided the “longest dry spell ever” in your acting career, and thoughts of “I’m not enough, I haven’t done enough + I’m not far enough along” have been haunting you lately as you go to self-tape (or even just get out of bed), today’s story will inspire you on a whole new level.

    And as the New Year approaches, I know the idea of “goal-setting” can be daunting when you feel this way.  Well, you’re not alone.

    Toronto actress, Keara Graves felt exactly the same way when we first met, telling me, “I had a really, really long dry spell and I was starting to think that I wasn’t good enough.”

    And what happens when you set goals or do self-tapes with the debilitating “I’m not good enough” mindset?  Not a lot.  And then your thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy, where every action just proves to yourself that “Yes, I’m right, I’m not good enough.”  Ugh.

    So how do you turn it all around? Right now?

    Keara shares exactly what she did, and the major mindset shift that helped her surpass all her goals and create massive momentum in her career, including a breakout recurring role on Netflix’s Grand Army (a goal she specifically set, once she changed her inner game).  And that’s just the beginning…. 

    Click below to watch: From “Not Enough” To “Next Level Bookings”: Keara Graves #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    Want to know how you can crush your limiting beliefs + create next level bookings like Keara?  Check out the FREE MASTERCLASS.
    Click here to learn more details about The Success Breakthrough Workshop online course.

    Enjoy the full #SuccessBreakthrough Story Interview here: (more…)

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    From Self-Doubt To Series Regular: Teesha Renee’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    I’m excited to share a special story of transformation that I hope will help bust 3 common myths that many actors believe (and how it keeps them from achieving their dreams).

    MYTH #1: I have to be in a big market to book big jobs.
    MYTH #2: I have to have an agent to get an audition.
    MYTH #3: I have to have huge credits to become a Series Regular.

    Have you been believing that too lately?  Then you’ll love hearing from Teesha Renee today, because she went from self-doubt to Series Regular, and has now returned for her second season of Tyler Perry’s The Oval, (yes, in the middle of a global pandemic).

    I’m so thankful I got to sit down with Teesha back in January to find out what limiting beliefs were holding her back + exactly what she did to breakthrough to the next level (and beyond) and book a Series Regular role (without any representation)…out of Atlanta (which she initially didn’t even think was possible).

    Learn the 3 things Teesha did at her audition to book this career-changing role (and start applying them to all of your self-tapes + in person auditions).

    Click below to watch Teesha Renee’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story.

    Want to know how you can build this kind of confidence + create big breakthroughs like Teesha?  CLICK HERE

    Enjoy the full #SuccessBreakthrough Story Interview here:


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    Facing Fears + Finding Happiness: Lauren’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    With less than 7 weeks left to go in 2019, I’ve been reflecting a lot on this past year.  My intention for 2019 has been expansion.

    But ultimately to expand more, I had to do a lot more of the stuff that scared me.  Did fear + doubt show up?  Absolutely.

    But instead of retreating + turning back, I found ways to simply keep going + push through it.

    I realize, looking back, I just got more comfortable with being uncomfortable.  That’s how I knew I was expanding.

    I love teaching actors all I have learned, and this weekend I had an amazing time doing just that in my free live masterclass in LA, where I encouraged actors to reframe how they look at fear.

    Instead of running from what scares you, try looking at it from this perspective, “If it scares me, it’s calling me.”  Powerful, right?

    Here’s a peek inside the LA Masterclass (and all the love flowing in the room). And then the sweet feedback I received shortly afterwards. It’s been so rewarding to help others along the way.

    unnamed-8unnamed-7  unnamed-9
    So this time last year, I decided to lean into what scared me, which was taking my live masterclass to other cities outside of Los Angeles.  It’s something I had never done before, so it was exciting, but definitely brought up some fears.

    After being invited to New York + Atlanta, I knew I had to go, to not only meet my students, who were having all kinds of breakthroughs after doing my Success Breakthrough Workshop online course, but to also connect with actors in real time, face-to-face and share my teachings + my story live.

    Like so many actors who come to my free masterclass, Atlanta-based actress, Lauren Buglioli was “struggling with a lot of self-imposed doubt and fear” too.

    Today I want to share her inspiring story.

    I think these stories are so important, because so often we just see the shiny outcome or the #BookedIt graphic + rarely hear about the struggle.

    And yet, every actor goes through them.  Most do it silently.  Many don’t know where to turn.  Some end up quitting the business.

    But the ones that work through their struggles + create real breakthroughs are truly the most inspiring stories and my favorite to share.

    So this is Lauren Buglioli’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story… Facing Fears + Finding Happiness

    Ok, so the bright shiny part is that Lauren is now recurring on Tyler Perry’s The Oval.

    But we’re also going to learn about her new inner game approach, which has gifted her with not only more bookings, but more happiness, freedom + peace.

    Lauren knew she needed to do something different to change her results + her state of mind.

    So what was the first thing that Lauren did to shift her life + career?

    She decided + committed to showing up to my free live masterclass in Atlanta.

    I’m coming back in early January (and we’ve added new cities too).

    Dates are set + these events will fill up fast, so grab your comp ticket now.

    Last chance to see me in Los Angeles – Grab your comp ticket now 
    Only a few seats left in Vancouver – Grab your comp ticket now 
    Reserve your seat in Atlanta – Grab your comp ticket now 
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    See other cities here:- Get on the VIP list here 

    So let’s dive in. Lauren, congrats on all the awesome work. I’d like to begin when we first met. What had you been struggling with in your life or career when you first attended my free live masterclass?

    I was struggling with a lot of self-imposed doubt and fear. I was unconsciously looking for outside proof that I was “enough” and kept finding evidence of how well I thought everyone else was doing (as if social media or Facebook posts paint the whole picture of someone else’s life…)

    I’m still working on all this daily. Inner work is now part of my daily routine.

    That can be so debilitating for actors. So you knew you needed (more…)

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    Inner Breakthroughs + Becoming A Series Regular: Mignon’s #SuccessBreakthrough Story

    I’ve been witnessing so many mind-blowing breakthroughs this year (not only in my own life + career) but in the lives + careers of so many amazing actors.

    I know that if their stories have been getting me teary-eyed, they will most likely serve to uplift and empower you as well. 

    I find that as we each share our challenges, triumphs, setbacks and victories, we realize we are not so alone.  

    It is my hope that when you see another actor overcome obstacles, strengthen their faith, shine their light in a powerful way + then take bold action, it will give you permission to do the same.

    And to also know that when you see someone celebrating an outer breakthrough like “booking a Series Regular role,” you’ll now know how vital their inner breakthroughs were to their success. 

    This is Mignon’s #SuccessBreakthrough story….

    Mignon stars as a Series Regular in the brand new Tyler Perry dramedy, Sistas, debuting Wednesday, October 23rd 10/9c on @BET

    Mignon on Sistas
    But this time last year, she was seeking wisdom + a real breakthrough.

    What was one bold action she took?  She attended my free live masterclass in LA.

    Only a few seats left in Los AngelesGrab your comp ticket now 
    Only a few seats left in VancouverGrab your comp ticket now 
    Come see me in your city – Get on the VIP list here

    What I love about Mignon’s inspiring story is the divine journey of transformation she’s gone through in the past year.  It’s such a sweet reminder that anything is possible.

    “When we feel stuck, going nowhere…even starting to slip backward, we may actually be backing up to get a running start.” ~Dan Millman

    I caught up with Mignon to find out how it all happened. I hope you enjoy our interview. (more…)

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    Shining In The Spotlight: Transforming Lack Mentality Into Manifesting Miracles

    Julie Craig went from not working for over a year (and feeling pretty hopeless) to manifesting all kinds of miracles in her career, including 3 new bookings + getting noticed by network execs.

    Now she’s recurring on Murder In The First and just signed with a new manager!

    So what shifted in under 90 days?  Julie says it herself,“the thing I had to really work on was my inner game.” 

    During our interview, Julie shares how the tools in my Spotlight Club helped her to go from feeling stuck in pure lack mentality to manifesting miracles in less than 3 months.

    I’m honored that my work helped this lovely, young actress to reignite her career + her spirits.  Hope you enjoy her inspiring interview.



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