Shining In The Spotlight: How She Transformed Negativity Into Abundance, Joy + 6 Big Bookings!

    When I heard that actress + musician Carla Betz went from not booking, not believing in herself + feeling her time + opportunities had passed her by, to inviting in more abundance, joy + 6 big bookings, I had to find out exactly what she had done to transform her life + acting career.

    How did she find the courage to quit a job she hated + the awareness to stop jumping to negative conclusions?

    I interviewed Carla + was not surprised to find out that her commitment to making inner changes brought many external changes.

    I’m so overjoyed that the Spotlight Club helped her transform negativity into abundance, joy + 6 big bookings.

    “I’ve seen quite a few internal + external changes.
    Wendy’s Spotlight Club has helped me stay focused, positive + motivated.
    I look forward to getting a new audio every month that seems to
    magically pertain to exactly what I’m going through”
    -Carla Betz

    I hope you are as uplifted by this interview as I was doing it. 


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    Shining In The Spotlight: How Raising The Bar + Her Self-Worth Brought In 11 Bookings

    Jen Ponton turned her most difficult year into one of her most rewarding – including 11 bookings!  It’s not surprising that raising the bar and shifting her sense of self-worth helped to changed everything.

    The biggest lesson from my father’s passing has been to make every moment count – to stop settling.
    So I am holding a much higher bar for myself and for the people I choose to spend my days with”

    – Jen Ponton

    When I connected with Jen, I discovered how joining the Spotlight Club helped this passionate, young actress navigate her way through a devastating loss, move through it all with grace + fly higher than ever before.

    In fact, she’s been spending her days with legends like, Jeff Goldblum.  Enjoy her inspiring story….

    What made you decide to join the Spotlight Club?

    I joined Spotlight officially in December 2014, when I was going through a particularly difficult family time.  I read your email about family harmony during the holidays, (more…)

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    Shining In The Spotlight: How Letting Go Brought In New Happiness + Big Bookings

    When I connected with chameleon Chicago actor + Spotlight Member, Joe Mack, at the beginning of this year, he had shared several major breakthroughs with me:

    • I quit my day job + am making a living as an actor.
    • I am cast in two stage shows + just got an offer for a third.
    • I shifted from believing that I needed 3 days to memorize a script, to needing 2 hours.
    • I have 3 festival bound films that will be released this year.
    • Most importantly, I am enjoying a new freedom in the audition room + continue to grow in my awareness of places to let go. 
    • Acting is the ideal activity for me to practice letting go of limiting beliefs.   
    • Listening to + absorbing your meditations are the foundation of my process. 

    Hearing about his inner + outer results thrilled me as much as they did Joe.  So we caught up again, 10 months later, just as he was cast in TWO starring roles on the Chicago stage + has a feature film soon to be released.

    He shared with me how he let go of old habits, remained happy even when he wasn’t booking + the quote he reads every single morning.


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    Shining In The Spotlight: What Shifted To Go From Feeling Powerless To Getting Offers

    I had to find out what had shifted for actress Lisa Temple when she shared this good news with me…
    This whole mindset thing continues to bring blessings.
    Today I booked “Masters Of Sex,” without an audition!”
      She hadn’t had a TV audition in a long while + was feeling powerless.
    Now, she was getting offers.  Here’s what she did to turn it all around….

    You joined the Spotlight Club only a few months ago + have seen amazing shifts.  What made you decide to join?

    I’ve been getting your Monday Morning Mindset emails, and always read them.  I love the inspiring quotes and your journey as an actress.  In June, I listened to your “Moving Beyond Fear” mp3, and it blew my mind.  It hit me that for way too long I’ve been watching a totally disempowering movie in my head.  The idea that I can change the script of my movie felt revolutionary. That’s when I knew I had to join Spotlight!

    That’s amazing.  It seems your focus has shifted.  As you put it….
    How did you beat resistance?  What had been keeping you stuck?

    Writing in the Spotlight Focus Journal each day has made me realize that I can be calm and enjoy peace of mind.  I can allow my true self to show up, not my negative self.  I can stop thinking about what I don’t have and start thinking about what I do have.  That’s gratitude. (more…)

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    Shining In The Spotlight: How She Turned Suffering Into Soaring (and 7 new bookings!)

    “The story of needing things to be hard in order for them to be good was causing me a lot of suffering.
    The ease that surrounds me now is almost unbelievable to the me of one year ago.
    Wendy’s Spotlight Club helped me up-level my mindset + laid the foundation for
    booking bigger roles + expanding into the career I want.”
    – Keiko Elizabeth (Last Man Standing, Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-O)

    After booking 7 jobs in less than 8 months, I had to find out exactly had shifted for awesome actress, Keiko Elizabeth.  (Especially since I know that big external breakthroughs always begin with big internal breakthroughs.)

    I was delighted to learn from our interview, that shortly after joining my Spotlight Club, Keiko decided to tell a new story (way different from the one she heard growing up).  It’s no surprise that she then went from struggling to soaring in her life + her career.

    She just shot her first pilot, has been seen lately on Last Man Standing, Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-O, started a cool blog for actresses balancing motherhood + career, The Mama Actor, and oh yeah, is now starring in a play!  Here is exactly what Keiko Elizabeth does to balance it all + shine in the spotlight.

    What made you decide to join Spotlight?
    I knew I needed to address my mindset in order to move forward in my career, but it seemed that the harder I tried to cultivate a positive mindset, the more frustrated, grouchy, and anxious I became.  I joined Spotlight because I was looking for help and relief from my own actor mind.

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    Shining In The Spotlight: How A Tony Nominee Conquers Fear

    It’s easy to think a 2015 Tony Nominee wouldn’t have any fears, right?  Yet, the higher you climb + the more big leaps you attempt. the more that fear + doubt are going to try to stop you + convince you to stay in your comfort zone.

    I’m so inspired by passionate actor, director + Tony Nominee for Excellence in Theatre Education, Kevin Long, who not only turned his fear into 6 new jobs, but also had a “dream-come-true” opportunity come to him, rather than him chasing it, all within the last month.  Here’s how joining The Spotlight Club helped to shift everything. 

    “I am now truly beginning to LIVE the experiences I always wanted;
    rather than WISHING they would happen.  
    What appears to have “come out of the blue,”
    I firmly believe is actually a direct result of Wendy’s Spotlight tools
    that helped me to shift my energy and my internal thoughts.  It’s amazing.”
    ~ Kevin Long


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    Shining In The Spotlight: Discovering Her Purpose + Increasing Her Bookings

    When I connected with dynamic actress (and celeb Deejay) Sandra Luesse earlier this month, she had just booked a great role on USA’s Satisfaction.  Now she’s in Mexico shooting a feature film.  Here’s how her journey in the Spotlight Club helped her to expand her joy + her career.

    “I’ve been a member of Spotlight now for 3 months,
    I can say that my callback and booking rate have gone up by 80%.

    The monthly membership is SO worth it.
    It’s fuel for my soul and is making a huge difference in my life and career.”

    – Sandra Luesse

    What made you decide to join Spotlight: The Mindset of the Month Club?
    Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 11.11.32 PM
    I love and appreciate how you are so in-tuned and connected to source and can purposefully connect with actors, being an actress yourself.  I’ve been a member of the Thriving Actors Circle and it was one of Dallas Travers’ recommendations.  I was doing the 21 day meditation with Deepak Oprah and wanted to have a go to mediation + visualization that was consistent and daily.  Also because Spotlight is geared towards actors and I wanted to belong to a community with like-minded artists.

    What shifts have you noticed?
    I’ve been a member now for 3 months, I can say that my callback and booking rate have gone up by 80%.  A big part of it has to do with changing my mindset, grounding myself, and choosing to be happy now.  I also have noticed that I’ve been having more fun auditioning.

    What has been your biggest lesson?
    My biggest lesson has been to let go, have fun, and be ME.  Feeling good now and enjoying the journey has also been a winner for me.

    What are three words that best describe you?
    Fun, Dynamic and Unstoppable. (more…)

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    Shining In The Spotlight: How A Broadway Actress Overcomes Doubt + Disappointment

    Sarah Dacey Charles’ world has shifted in amazing ways, both professionally + personally since joining The Spotlight Club. 

    I went from booking a regional theatre job every 6 months to booking something every month
    + the internal shifts are almost too numerous to count.  I’m truly a happy person today —
    way happier than a year ago, when I first joined Spotlight.”
    -Sarah Dacey Charles 

    I caught up with Sarah one year after joining Spotlight to hear how she’s become not only more courageous + resilient,  but how she’s booked several dream projects + is now shining in the spotlight.


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