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Too Hard On Yourself? 3 Steps To Feeling Better

It’s Labor Day here in the US, so I’m making this short + sweet today. (Hope you’re taking a break from work today too.)

As you begin September, start noticing the story you are telling yourself – about your looks, your career, your relationships, your life.

Is it kind? If not, it’s time to change the story.

It’s so easy to judge and label ourselves (and others) and attach all kinds of meaning to what is or isn’t going on at any given moment.

Just by (more…)

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How To Put Belief Back In Your Heart

Did you watch The Emmy’s last night?  Did it inspire you or make you doubt your dreams can happen?

I think Uzo Adube’s acceptance speech said it all…
“I thank you for putting belief back in my heart.”
I was amazed to learn that Uzo Adube had actually decided to quit acting just before getting cast in this life-changing role on Orange Is The New Black.
Apparently she had auditioned for the show, and heard nothing for a month.  Then after arriving late to a Blue Bloods audition she felt she had blown, she went home feeling like it was a sign that she should just find something else to do.
That’s when (more…)

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