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Release + let go of audition + performance anxiety?

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Become more focused + present on the set or stage?

Be magical, no matter who is watching you?

Shine in the spotlight every single time?

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HOW? With the working actor’s secret weapons…

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Instantly download these 2 guided meditation + visualization albums + you’ll own the best tools for consistently

Creating Powerful Auditions + Creating Powerful Performances.


Each album has over 13 tracks guiding you to

  • change your inner dialogue.
  • create new empowering beliefs.
  • instantly shift any anxiety into powerful present performances.
  • visualize your audition or performance before it happens (just like Olympic athletes do!)
  • set a positive intention + expect a positive outcome.
  • get you ready to shine in the spotlight.

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I booked two acting gigs in the same week because I had her mp3s on repeat!

“I listen to Wendy’s guided meditations pretty much every chance I get. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have her amazing voice in my ear keeping me empowered, inspired and in the right mental space. I booked two acting gigs in the same week because I had her MP3s on repeat! I recommend her to ANY artist who believes thoughts turn into amazing things! Thank you WENDY for your positivity + light!! “

Creating Powerful Auditions will guide you to making every audition your best audition:

Creating Powerful Auditions


Since you’ll be booking more roles,

Creating Powerful Performances

is the perfect follow up once you are on the job – in any area of the entertainment industry.


You’ll be guided to deliver a powerful + present performance every time whether you are doing work in a film, tv, plays, musicals, stand-up comedy, commercials or voice-over.


Whether you are on the subway, in a waiting room, walking on the lot, on location, backstage in your dressing room, or about to walk the red carpet, you can access all your audios on your portable mp3 player or mobile phone so you can listen to them wherever + whenever you need to!


Hi! I’m Wendy Braun.

1I’ve enjoyed being a professional working actress for 2 decades. You may recognize me from 75 tv + film credits, over 100 commercials, or heard my voice in thousands of voice-overs. I have also enjoyed doing stand-up comedy, plays + musicals. I created both albums to guide you to effortlessly bring your best self into the audition room + to bring out your best performances on the job.



Your Creation is…very powerful, it calmed me, prepared me & focused me.

“Since I began using your guided meditations, I have now, in only a few months, booked work for an entire year! I cannot believe it. Your creation is truly a blessing and very powerful and I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. Before every audition I have done recently I have listened to at least 3 of your tracks and it has calmed me, prepared me and focused me.”

Join actors around the world who have used Wendy’s guided meditations + visualizations to:

  • Feel more confident, prepared + focused
  • Book more jobs + give amazing performances
  • Manage audition nerves + performance anxiety
  • Feel empowered + at the top of their game
  • Feel playful at auditions + on the job
  • Get hired + rehired
  • Tame their inner critic
  • Find the answers they’ve been looking for
  • Create success over + over again



I don’t want this to happen to you ever again…

You’re at an audition:

  • You feel amazing rehearsing at home or with a coach
  • You get to the waiting room + start to feel nervous
  • You heart races faster, your mouth gets dry + you lose your focus right when they call your name
  • You walk into the audition room + try to hide your nervous energy but everyone feels it, including you
  • You are distracted, not present + feel off your game
  • You didn’t shine like you knew you could
  • You leave running the scene(s) over + over again wishing you had done better
  • You have no idea what to do next time when you get nervous or how to tame your loud inner critic
  • You begin to question your talent, your looks, your age + feel frustrated or even hopeless
  • You get another audition + hope things will be different, but the pattern repeats itself.

You booked the job + are on the set or backstage:

  • Yet, you still question your abilities, talents + worthiness
  • You notice that the bigger the role or production, the bigger your performance anxiety
  • Your nervous energy sabotages you when executives come to watch you on set or critics (or anyone you feel is important) is in the audience.
  • You screw up + it effects your confidence + the rest of your performance
  • You get intimidated working opposite celebrities
  • You let a director’s comments throw you
  • You feel frustrated that your role is so small
  • You have trouble handling difficult people
  • You often feel self-doubt post-performance

Own your power + shine in the spotlight…

These two guided meditation + visualization albums give you all the tools
you need to bring your most powerful + present self to every audition + to every job.



Since listening to Wendy’s audios, I’ve had more callbacks, more avails + more bookings…

“I am addicted to everything ‘Actor Inspiration.’ It is in my car, on my iPhone and on my iPad!  Since listening to Wendy’s audios, I have had more callbacks, more avails, more bookings and an easier time moving out of audition mode back into my life mode.  She is a true inspiration to all actors. Her audios remind you not only how to audition but how to live your life.  I am truly grateful for the gift of it coming into my life.  It is an essential tool for any actor.  Buy it! No seriously…buy it!”

Get results fast…

You don’t always have time to sit in the lotus pose for 45 minutes
in a waiting room or between takes on a set to center yourself.


Both albums guide actors through quick + easy ways to shift your critical mind
in those high-pressure situations to assist you rather than sabotage you.

Ready to make this the best year in your career?


Buy the set: $299.98  $249.00 (over $45.00 off)

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I believe infinite possibilities are ahead for you,
sometimes all you need is a trusted guide.

Wendy Braun

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