Become The Happiest Actor You Know
    How to experience more joy…right now.

    How much fun are you having on your journey as an actor, right now?

    Ever hear yourself (or other actors say:
    “When I get on a series, make a lot of money or get a new agent etc., then I’ll be happy.”

    When you need your outer circumstances to change for you to be happy,
    you are actually coming from a place of lack.
    Bringing this energy into auditions + meetings will never get you the job.

    In this series, you’ll learn why it’s vital to find happiness right now + how to do it instantly.

    When you learn to feel good first, success finds you.
    Read this series if you want to:

    7 Habits To Happiness + Why It’s Vital To Your Success

    You can’t have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.  Learn why getting happy is just about
    the best thing you can do for your career.

    10 Ways To Love Yourself More

    When you take the time to show yourself more love, no matter what is going on in your career, you feel better. When you feel better, things get better Here’s how to love yourself more now!

    The Daily Shift That Could Change Your Acting Career

    Setting goals is great, but it’s actually your daily inner dialogue that will make the biggest difference at the end of year. Learn how to ensure your success + feel great along the way.

    How To Feel Good Now: 4 Simple Steps

    Ever spend your time comparing + despairing?
    Find out how to get your power back + reclaim your happiness.

    Having Fun Along The Way

    Make creating more joy in your life a priority, and watch what happens in your career.
    My favorite 5 tips on how to do this.

    How To Shift Your Mood + Career: Take The Positive Career Pledge

    When you make a pledge to love, honor + respect yourself even in the face of your biggest challenges, you are giving yourself a huge gift.
    Learn how to make new declarations + shift things for the better.

    I hope you enjoyed this article series.

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