Overcome Self-Sabotage + Audition Anxiety:
    How to shine every time – no matter what.

    Ever think any of these thoughts in the waiting room of an audition?

    What if I forget my lines?
    They always hire a name.
    I’m not right for this role.
    That actor works all the time.
    I hate feeling nervous.
    I’m really not that good.

    Guess what, it’s actually okay!

    Negative thoughts + feelings can pop up when you are putting yourself out there in any high-stress situation.

    It’s actually not about sitting in the lotus pose for 20 minutes in the waiting room to not feel the fear.
    It’s about having the tools to easily + quickly handle whatever arises that makes all the difference.

    Here are my top free resources to help you
    Manage your sanity, fears + audition anxiety to lead you on the road to success….

    4 Steps For Dealing With Audition Anxiety

    Learn my quick + empowering tool for changing your relationship with fear once and for all. Learn how.

    The #1 Mistake Actors Make At Auditions + How To Reverse It

    Discover the biggest mistake you might be making that could be costing you the job + the 4 easy steps to reversing it!
    Find out here.

    5 Perceptions That Sabotage Your Auditions

    Learn the 5 most common thoughts that sabotage you + how to “flip your script” + feel better instantly. Learn this now.

    Bring This Perspective To Rock Your Next Audition

    This simple shift turned things around for me + lots of actors.
    You will have your own personal aha moment when you discover what it is.

    How To Retrain Your Brain For Auditions

    How you begin your day, is ultimately how you live your life. Every thought you think is an affirmation.
    Learn how to tell if you are affirming the positive or the negative + discover a whole new way to start your day. Discover it here.

    5 Ways To Overcome Self-Sabotage

    I’ll show you 5 ways you might be sabotaging your career and how to take you power back.

    I hope you enjoyed this article series,

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    stay in the right frame of mind…

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