How To Discover Your Infinite Worth: 5 Steps To Claiming It Now

Do you base your worthiness on your looks, weight, income, agent, credits, imdb rating, the popularity of your social media posts or whether or not you get a callback or book a pilot?

Guess what?  Looks change, pilots don’t get picked up, and imdb ratings are altered every time a movie opens.

Basing your worth on these external, transient factors is like jumping on a roller-coaster ride of self-judgment that will ultimately diminish your self-esteem.

What if you just decided, right now, that you are worthy?  No matter your age, weight, income, credits, reps, imdb rating or bookings?  Does that feel hard to do?

Deepak Chopra reminds us, “You alone are the judge of your worth and your goal is to discover infinite worth in yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.” 
Best-selling author, T.Harv Ecker, shares in his millionaire mindset teachings that
we humans are the only creatures on the planet who debate their worthiness.

When a squirrel goes to hibernate for the winter, he doesn’t think he’s only worthy of gathering a few nuts. He doesn’t think that if he gets a ton of nuts, that the other squirrels will feel bad about themselves, and the thought that he really doesn’t deserve any nuts never crosses the squirrel’s mind.  He simply goes out + gathers an abundance of nuts….as many as he can possibly gather, never questioning his own worthiness.

It’s only humans, the conscious ones, that debate their worthiness.

How To Discover Your Infinite Worth: 5 Steps To Claiming It Now

  1. Identify where you learned unworthiness.
    You were born knowing your inherent value + greatness.  So somewhere along the way you were taught otherwise.  Who taught you that you didn’t deserve love, abundance, success or to feel good about yourself?  Who taught you that you were not worthy + that it had to be earned?  Once you acknowledge + accept that this was something you were taught, something outside yourself, you can recognize it as not yours.
  2. Thank your teachers for the lessons you learned.
    Now that you know unworthiness was something you were taught by those around you, thank these teachers for all the lessons + even the pain that feeling this way brought into your life.  Once you do this, you can also recognize that it was their own feelings of unworthiness that were projected on to you.   You can then begin to accept that they did the best they could with the (often limited) knowledge + awareness they had.
  3. Forgive those who have hurt you.  
    No matter how deep the pain, no matter how you were treated, it is forgiveness that will set you free.  You will reclaim your power when you no longer carry resentment + blame in your heart towards another.  It doesn’t make what they did right, but the act of forgiveness releases the hold they have on you in your own mind.  Remember this:
    “Resentment is allowing someone else to live rent-free in your head.”
  4. Choose to tell a new story.
    Now that you’ve identified these feelings aren’t yours + forgiven those who handed them down to you, you have a choice.  You can, in this moment, choose to no longer recycle the old story that you are somehow not worthy.  You can begin each day as if there is a blank page + you are the writer.  Write a new story of your infinite worth.
  5. Expand your feelings of infinite worth.
    This can be done easily through guided meditation + visualization.  When you connect to the core of your truest self, you will discover your infinite worth + begin to let go of a lifetime of old programming.  Through quieting your critical mind, your inherent worthiness will  be revealed.  Then, practice the knew inner knowing, that you are in fact infinitely worthy.

Using this process, you’ll soon discover that no matter how you grew up, no matter what you were told, no matter how you were treated, no matter what you did or didn’t experience, you can re-write your story and alter the destiny of your life.

Wouldn’t it feel nice to bring that feeling to your next audition, meeting or even date?

From this new feeling place, your action becomes inspired + aligned.  Life begins to unfold in miraculous ways.

Here’s to a month of feeling infinitely worthy + inviting in success, love + abundance in all areas of your life.

Love + Gratitude,

– Wendy
P.S.  Feel free to share this post or leave a comment below + let me know how you are committed to owning your worth.

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