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Shining In The Spotlight: From Self-Doubt To SAG Card, Bookings + Multiple Offers

New York actress Catherine Rogala, began the year doubting herself when something wasn’t showing up in her career or her life exactly as she wanted.

But when I heard she was ending the year with her SAG card, bookings and multiple offers lined up for 2017, I had to find out what had shifted for her.

“I can fall into this negative spiral and feel unworthy of the things I’m working for. It didn’t stop me from working for my goals, but it was like I was trying to prove to myself I was worthy by achieving. The Spotlight monthly guided meditations help me believe that I’m worthy even before achieving anything.”
-Catherine Rogala

I was thrilled to hear that the tools I provide each month to help actors create inner peace and outer success, were helping Catherine do just that. (Grab your free Spotlight trial here).

Read her inspiring story, how she shifted things internally first, and how new opportunities started showing up.

What had you been struggling with in your life or career prior to joining Spotlight?

I tend to doubt myself if something isn’t showing up in my career (or life in general!) exactly when and how I think it should. I can fall into this negative spiral and feel unworthy of the things I’m working for. It didn’t stop me from working for my goals, but it was like I was trying to prove to myself I was worthy by achieving. The Spotlight monthly guided meditations help me believe that I’m worthy even before achieving anything.

Love that!  Yes!  What made you decide to join the Spotlight Club initially?

I heard one of your guided meditations while working with Dallas Travers and loved the effect it had on me.  I felt so much lighter and more positive, like anything could happen. I wanted to be able to feel that good anytime!

You’ve had some awesome breakthroughs lately.  Tell me about all of them.

A lot has been happening and it has been so great!

  • I’ve been part of play readings almost every month this year, which has been so great in getting to know new directors and other actors to collaborate with.
  • I started a silly webseries with a friend and we’re just having a blast with it
  • I was offered roles in two new musicals being workshopped
  • I was cast in a film script that’s being workshopped
  • I played a badass queen with a whip in a web series about the rise, abuse and fall of power
  • I booked a sag commercial for Blue Cross Blue Shield literally out of no where which made me sag must join and I am now a union member
  • Was offered a role in a play (performing in NYC 2017) that is so perfect for me I couldn’t have written it better myself.

I’m not really a New Years resolution type person, but I do write out some big goals at the start of the year.  So many of my goals for 2016 have come true and I feel so grateful!  All sorts of things have been shifting internally and the result is that I see some of my dreams coming true, and feel it’s inevitable for the others to as well.

That’s amazing!  Congrats!  How have the Spotlight tools helped you along the way?

They have been instrumental.  When I’m feeling down on myself, I have this whole library of meditations to choose from to help me process what I’m feeling, move through it, and uplift myself.  When I’m already feeling great, the meditations are wonderful for helping me visualize even greater things to come.

What would you say to an actor debating about joining my Spotlight Club?

It’s so worth it.  As actors, we have to know when to invest in ourselves.  Spotlight is one of the best investments I’ve made in my acting career.

What advice would you give to other actors?

Believe in yourself.  Don’t let anyone–yourself included–tell you that what you want isn’t possible.  Take action toward your dreams and they will become your reality. It’s not up to you to figure out the how, it’s up to you to dream and work toward that dream, however you can.   And join Spotlight :)

What are three words that best describe you?

Passionate, Independent, Driven

Where can we see you these days?  

Upcoming: Odyssey of the Hollow Crown
Current: The Quandary Sisters (co-creator)
Past: Awakening Eve (writer/director/actor)

Tell us which of Wendy’s audios are on “Catherine’s Favorites” playlist?  

I Am Deserving  Not only does this audio make me feel great about myself, but I booked a commercial a couple days after I started listening to this one.
Everything Always Works Out For Me  This one is particularly helpful when I feel like everything is going wrong. It’s a good reminder that I have a 100% track record for getting through tough times.
Manifesting My Big Goal  Listening to this makes me feel like anything is possible and gets me all excited for when the specific goal is going to come into my life.

Where can we find you online? 
Awakening Eve 

Any parting words or a favorite quote?

“Dwell in possibility” – Emily Dickenson

I love it!  Thanks for sharing your awesome journey with us, Catherine.  I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for you!
Want empowering tools to help you turn self-doubt into multiple bookings?  Grab your free 30-day trial to Spotlight +  get free instant access to the mindset tools Catherine used transform her career + expand possibilities into offers (even before the New Year begins).  Details here.

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