Shining In The Spotlight: How Letting Go Let In A Lead Role

    When I heard Michelle Lulic manifested some incredible career goals in a little over a month, I had to find out what she was doing differently.

    I know that career transformation always begins with a change in your inner world (even though most actors like to think it begins with a change in agents).

    When I connected with Michelle to hear her inspiring story, I was so thrilled to discover that it was returning to The Spotlight Club (my one-of-a-kind monthly membership for actors), that gave her the mindset tools, coaching, confidence + clarity she needed.

    Since returning to The Spotlight Club, so many have things have shifted for me.
    I took Wendy’s awesome advice from our private Facebook Live Q+A, and I ended up booking a lead role in an episode of a new show. Thank you, Wendy!
    – Michelle Lulic

    When I can offer insight, inspiration (and powerful guided meditations) to another actor + not only help them feel better, but book bigger + better roles, then I have fulfilled part of my purpose here on planet earth.
    Here’s how Michelle used letting go to book her latest lead role:

    What had you been struggling with in your life or career prior to coming back to The Spotlight Club?

    Before returning to Spotlight, I found myself falling back into some old mindset habits.

    I started to judge the timeline of my career and the way everything’s been unfolding — which, of course, led to more impatience and scrolling on Instagram comparing my experiences to everyone else’s “highlight reel.”

    What made you decide to return to The Spotlight Club?

    After being a member for a little over a year, I left the Spotlight Club initially so that I could get my finances in order.

    But I soon found myself eager to return with every one of Wendy’s new blog posts and meditations.

    It wasn’t long before I realized that being a member of the Spotlight Club was probably one of the best investments I was making for my career.

    So, I said “Treat yo self!” and rejoined as fast as I could. And I’m so happy I did.

    You’ve had huge breakthroughs in such a short time. Tell me about all of them.

    unnamedI’m so grateful to have manifested some incredible career goals in a little over a month. Shortly after rejoining, I signed with my first manager, had my first audition for a series regular role, and booked a lead role in an episode of a new series for Investigation Discovery.

    Photo: Michelle and her co-star on-set for Investigation Discovery.

    Getting the phone call from my manager saying that I booked the part was something I’ve visualized many times before, so it felt completely unreal to have it actually happen for me. I filmed two days on the show — and I even learned how to perform a stunt.

    Mindset-wise, I’ve gained more trust in myself and in the business itself. Which has helped me release my self-criticism and focus on enjoying what I do and why I do it.

    How have the Spotlight tools + coaching helped you along the way?

    I listen to the Spotlight audios daily! Sometimes more than once a day or even multiple in a row if needed.

    As a New York-based actor, I’ve been known to listen to them on the subway.

    I also really look forward to the monthly Facebook Live Q+A coaching calls. I submitted a question to last month’s live call where I felt supported and heard — while also receiving great advice on how to move forward.

    It’s not very often that actors get advice from a working actor who knows what it’s like and is further along, but Wendy’s advice is just that for me.

    And if I have any follow-up questions or concerns, I know I can post in our private Spotlight Club Facebook group for support from the rest of the community as well.

    What would you say to an actor debating about joining Wendy’s Spotlight Club?

    I could not recommend it more.

    Honestly, in a business that provides little structure and no clear path on how to achieve your goals, Wendy’s Spotlight Club + meditations have a way of making your next steps appear easily and effortlessly.

    Even if my biggest accomplishment on any given day is that I listened to a mediation, I know that that was enough to keep me on the path to reaching my goals.

    It feels like I have actual, tangible tools at my fingertips!

    What advice would you give to other actors?

    Keep your mindset and mental health in check. I don’t know if there’s anything more important than staying sane in a business with so many ups and downs.

    I love to-do lists and guidelines on how to get where I want to go, but all of those tools fall by the wayside if self-care isn’t under control.

    Especially in a craft that requires you to harness and express your emotions.

    What are three words that best describe you?

    Ambitious, Quirky, and Caring

    unnamed-1Where can we see you next?

    The new series for Investigation Discovery will premiere soon. I know I’m in episode two!

    Before then, you can check me out as a museum curator on the Travel Channel series, Mysteries at the Museum, on Wednesday, August 29th at 6pm EST.

    I’m also currently submitting my first original short film (and directorial debut!) titled, Fine. to film festivals!

    So check out the trailer for the film on IMDB and stay tuned for updates on where you can watch that.

    Photo: On-set of Michelle’s original short film, Fine.

    Tell us which of Wendy’s audios are on “Michelle’s Favorites” playlist? 

    I love so many of them and use different ones to address different feelings — so it’s so hard to pick! But these are probably the ones I listen to most:

    Manifesting My Big Goal — This meditation is definitely a favorite of mine. It has a way of revealing the answers to questions that I didn’t even know I had. It brings my ability to trust in myself and my future to a whole new level.

    Giving Thanks In Advance — This one not only helps me be grateful for all that I already have, but it helps me let go and trust in what’s on its way. I’m not saying that this meditation is magic… but I have received audition notifications shortly after listening to it! 😉

    Practicing the Art of Trust + Detachment — With each new step forward, it gets harder and harder to let go of each audition or even the opinions of others. But this audio always has a way of getting me out of my head. It’s a must. (This audio is now only available through Wendy’s game-changing course. Details here.)

    Ease, Flow + Letting Go — This month’s Ease, Flow + Letting Go meditation was the perfect reminder that stressing over the things you can’t control, doesn’t make your career happen on your timeline. My goal for this year is to trust the things I can’t yet see…which makes this audio a must.

    Where can we find you online?


    Any parting words or a favorite quote?

    One of my favorite quotes is: “Be the person you needed when you were younger.” — Ayesha Siddiqi

    I was 12 years old when I decided I wanted to be an actor and I knew absolutely no one in the business.

    Whenever I’m feeling down I like to think about what 12 year old me would think about me today. If she’s proud, than I know I’m on the right path.

    Thank you, Michelle, for inspiring us all. I am excited to see what’s next for you.

    Want monthly mindset tools, support + coaching to help you let in more of what you really want?

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