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Shining In The Spotlight: How Raising The Bar + Her Self-Worth Brought In 11 Bookings

Jen Ponton turned her most difficult year into one of her most rewarding – including 11 bookings!  It’s not surprising that raising the bar and shifting her sense of self-worth helped to changed everything.

The biggest lesson from my father’s passing has been to make every moment count – to stop settling.
So I am holding a much higher bar for myself and for the people I choose to spend my days with”

– Jen Ponton

When I connected with Jen, I discovered how joining my Spotlight Club helped this passionate, young actress navigate her way through a devastating loss, move through it all with grace + fly higher than ever before.

In fact, she’s been spending her days with legends like, Jeff Goldblum.  Enjoy her inspiring story….

What made you decide to join the Spotlight Club?

I joined Spotlight officially in December 2014, when I was going through a particularly difficult family time.  I read your email about family harmony during the holidays, and thought–okay, this is your sign!

Last year my father was terminally ill and beginning hospice care at home while my mother and I took care of him.  

It was a very rough time for me, not only juggling that element but also being a brand new homeowner, grieving a number of friendships that had left me high and dry, and taking it all with the grace needed to keep my career afloat while I was thriving creatively.

I needed a touchstone that acknowledged both the immense dark and light that I was feeling.

What are the main things that have shifted for you since joining this group?  

Your meditations have helped me so much in navigating this difficult year, when the loss of my father–who passed away in January–seems unfair and unbearable.

When I feel alone and at sea, or in those tough moments where life seems great–and then you feel guilty for enjoying life when such a huge part of you is gone.

Your words of wisdom remind me that every moment has its lessons and its gifts, even something like this–the gift has been to enjoy every moment, and release the things that no longer serve me.

And I am free to fly higher and soar more joyfully because of it.  I am able to fully be there for myself for both the highs and the lows!

You’ve had a lot happen in your life this year.  How did you use Spotlight tools to help you through personally + professionally?

There has been so much joy and so much grief!  What a year of living!

The biggest lesson from my father’s passing has been to make every moment count–to stop settling.

So I am holding a much higher bar for myself and for the people I choose to spend my days with.  

That includes making time for me; allowing myself to start or end a day with meditation if I know it will only improve what I have to give back to the world (and further allow myself to appreciate what the world brings my way).

I will put my wellness (mental, emotional and physical) ahead of everything else because I know I can’t be my best self for the people I love if I come in at a deficit.

And that life approach has meant everything–from making more time for the people who fill me up, to going into an audition room and just appreciating it and having fun because, you know what?

We do this for the fun of it.

Life can be tough.  So why on earth would I want to make this beautiful, fun thing tough and unpleasant?

Your meditations have helped me take this awakening to a level of understanding and implementation every day.

I’m honored + humbled to have helped you through such a difficult time.  Losing a parent is one of the most challenging things we ever face.  I’ve lost both, so I understand the dark + light of it all.  

What victories are you celebrating looking back on the last year? 
jen3Biggest victory of all–keeping only my ‘hell yes’ friends close, and choosing to fill them up with all the love I have to give.

Not putting any more time into energy vampires for me has changed my sense of self-worth and uses the love I have for its highest purpose.

Letting myself grieve fully; allowing myself to be present with it and talk about it and also allowing myself all the joy I have felt this year.

I spent my first year as a homeowner in a place that feels like my heart and soul, nearer to my mom.

I took not one, but TWO vacations this year! (And yes–booked work each time.)

I supported and cheered my husband on into a career that he absolutely loves, which makes both our hearts so happy.

And perhaps the most obvious victories to the naked eye are the enormous strides my career has taken this year.

In the last year I’ve booked:

  • 6 major feature films (including my first studio feature)
  • My first series regular on a pilot
  • A primetime network recurring role
  • A co-star on a coveted Netflix show
  • A top-of-show guest star on one of my favorite comedies,
  • While on vacation #2, I got a direct offer for another amazing guest star role.

That is incredible!  Congratulations!  What has kept you going through all the highs + lows?

An email from you every Monday!  I love the meditations, but even moreso, I love the feeling that you’re with us at the start of every week -no matter how daunting the days ahead may seem!  Those emails have buoyed me so much.

What would you say to the version of you from 10 years ago?   

‘Let it go, kid!’  Seriously!  

When people make it difficult to be in their lives–whether they blow hot and cold, are manipulative or outright cruel–let it go and unburden yourself. Seek those who make your light brighter, not those who you dim yourself for.  


It does no favors to anyone–not even them. I would also tell myself to not be afraid to dream really, really big.

I was holding myself back with limiting beliefs of how far I could go and how long it would take me (as well as what goalposts I needed to pass through along the way).

Dismantling those and shooting for the real goals in my heart let all that fall away, and made room for the dynamic, brave, passionate actions I’ve taken to get where I want to go.

What are three words that best describe you?

Passionate, heartful, and joyful.

Tell us which audios are on “Jen’s Favorites” playlist?

My Morning Ritual
Positive Expectation
Everything Always Works Out for Me

These are my all-stars! I absolutely love them and they can always help me reframe and reset.
My Morning Ritual–regardless of the challenges that follow–sets me up for success and navigating even the toughest of days (and has me deeply enjoying the best of them!).

Where can we find you online?

My Web Series
 (that brings me a ton of joy:)

You are amazing.  Any parting words? jen7

The mantra that is nearest and dearest to me–and meets me wherever I am at–is this:

“I’m right on time, all of the time. My life unfolds in miraculous ways.”

May you all find solace, inspiration, and release in this the way I do!

Thank you for sharing your heart, soul + amazing journey with us. Very inspiring on so many levels.  

I’m excited to watch you continue to #ShineInTheSpotlight!

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