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Shining In The Spotlight: How She Transformed Negativity Into Abundance, Joy + 6 Big Bookings!

When I heard that actress + musician Carla Betz went from not booking, not believing in herself + feeling her time + opportunities had passed her by, to inviting in more abundance, joy + 6 big bookings, I had to find out exactly what she had done to transform her life + acting career.

How did she find the courage to quit a job she hated + the awareness to stop jumping to negative conclusions?

I interviewed Carla + was not surprised to find out that her commitment to making inner changes brought many external changes.

I’m so overjoyed that my Spotlight: The Mindset of the Month Club helped her transform negativity into abundance, joy + 6 big bookings.

“I’ve seen quite a few internal + external changes.
Wendy’s Spotlight Club has helped me stay focused, positive + motivated.
I look forward to getting a new audio every month that seems to
magically pertain to exactly what I’m going through”
-Carla Betz

I hope you are as uplifted by this interview as I was doing it. 

What had you been struggling with in your career in the past year? 

Getting lots of callbacks but no bookings.  Not believing in myself.  Thinking my time and opportunities had passed.  Thinking I had to settle for less than I wanted out of life.

What made you decide to join the Spotlight Club?
I did a live workshop with Wendy at AMAW Studios and it was a real eye opener.

I realized just how much I was doing to get in my own way and hold myself back.   Negative self talk, believing certain goals and dreams were out of my reach, selling myself short, etc.   One thing Wendy said at the workshop that really stuck with me was:

What if we told ourselves “Everything always works out for me?”
I realized how quickly I jump to negative conclusions and how I would see the worst in situations, people, etc.

I saw so many changes in my mood and attitude by simply telling myself, “Everything always works out for me.”

“I knew I needed more of this in my life. “

That’s when I made the leap to join Wendy’s Spotlight Club.

You’ve also made a quantum leap in the last year? Tell us about that.

Yes!  2016 has been a pretty great year!  It started with me finally quitting a job that I hated.  For years I stayed at a miserable job thinking I needed the financial security, but I knew deep down it was making me depressed and keeping me from focusing on acting and fully believing in myself.

Since quitting I’ve seen quite a few internal and external changes.  I am excited about being an actor again and some really wonderful opportunities have shown up in my life.  In the past few months I booked a great role on Criminal Minds, a Kroger Pharmacy commercial, three short films and a sketch show at Improv Olympics!

Carla Betz Shining In The Spotlight

How have the Spotlight tools helped you along the way?

They help keep me focused, positive and motivated!  I look forward to getting a new audio every month that seems to magically pertain to exactly what I’m going through.  I also love checking in on our private Facebook group and seeing what words of wisdom and inspiration are being offered up.

Carla Betz Shining In The SPotlight On StageYou’re also a musician.  Any advice on how you manage these two careers/passions?  

I’ve played bass for years and been in a bunch of bands.  I think it is very important as an actor to have another artistic outlet, whether its music, writing, painting, etc.  We have an innate need to create, and unfortunately in this business we don’t always get enough opportunities.  Music keeps me sane and connected when acting is slow.  Plus there’s nothing more fun than playing a show with my band!

What are three words that best describe you?

Driven, Passionate, Loyal

Where can we see you next?  

My Criminal Minds episode, “Inner Beauty” just aired week and is now available online.  It was so much fun working on that show, such a great crew and fun role! 

I recently worked on a short film, “The Waste Land” that is premiering early May.   The script is really beautiful and raises a lot of questions about gun violence in schools.  I think (hope!) it will do very well at festivals. 

I’ll be working on “Only the Moon Howls” this summer.   It is based on a play by Dean Farrell Bruggeman that premiered at last year’s Fringe Festival and is now being made into into a film.  Dean is a great writer and I’m very excited to be a part of it.

Tell us which of Wendy’s audios are on “Carla’s Favorites” playlist? 

My Morning Ritual
I am NOT a morning person, I always wake up in a horrible mood.  Before I even get out of bed I lay there and listen to My Morning Ritual.  In a matter of minutes my mindset changes and I’m excited about the day, feeling grateful, and feeling good about myself.

I Allow My Light to Shine Brightly
I think a lot of times people (especially artists) feel guilty about their success and achievements.  This audio is such a great reminder that our success does not diminish anyone else’s.

Success in the Audition Room
I listen before every audition.  It quickly gets you in the right headspace to walk into the room with confidence in yourself and your work, and to not worry about what anyone else thinks.

Carla Betz Shining in The Spotlight

Where can we find you online? 

My Band

Any parting words or a favorite quote?

Leap, and the net will appear!

Thanks Carla!  Your journey is inspiring + uplifting.  I am excited to see where all your passions take you.  Keep us posted!

Grab your free 30-day trial to Spotlight + get instant access to empowering tools to help you turn negativity into new abundance.  Details here.

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