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Shining In The Spotlight: Discovering Her Purpose + Increasing Her Bookings

When I connected with dynamic actress (and celeb Deejay) Sandra Luesse earlier this month, she had just booked a great role on USA’s Satisfaction.  Now she’s in Mexico shooting a feature film.  Here’s how her journey in Spotlight: The Mindset of the Month Club helped her to expand her joy + her career.

“I’ve been a member of Spotlight now for 3 months,
I can say that my callback and booking rate have gone up by 80%.

The monthly membership is SO worth it.
It’s fuel for my soul and is making a huge difference in my life and career.”

– Sandra Luesse

What made you decide to join Spotlight: The Mindset of the Month Club?
Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 11.11.32 PM
I love and appreciate how you are so in-tuned and connected to source and can purposefully connect with actors, being an actress yourself.  I’ve been a member of the Thriving Actors Circle and it was one of Dallas Travers’ recommendations.  I was doing the 21 day meditation with Deepak Oprah and wanted to have a go to mediation + visualization that was consistent and daily.  Also because Spotlight is geared towards actors and I wanted to belong to a community with like-minded artists.

What shifts have you noticed?
I’ve been a member now for 3 months, I can say that my callback and booking rate have gone up by 80%.  A big part of it has to do with changing my mindset, grounding myself, and choosing to be happy now.  I also have noticed that I’ve been having more fun auditioning.

What has been your biggest lesson?
My biggest lesson has been to let go, have fun, and be ME.  Feeling good now and enjoying the journey has also been a winner for me.

What are three words that best describe you?
Fun, Dynamic and Unstoppable.

Anything else that’s been inspiring you lately?
I recently watched  Steven Sinek’s Ted talk on how great leaders inspire action and he talks about the golden circle. The most important question we can ask ourselves is why we do what we do, followed by the how we do it, and lastly the what we do.  If we know the why, then we can live a purposefully life with intention and passion.SandraLuesse_WHY
What have you discovered about your purpose?
Why: To inspire others to live an extraordinary life with passion and purpose.  How: By being a positive example and a dream catalyst.   What: Through my performances as an actress, spreading love and light through my music, and creating a successful business that inspires action.

This was so eye opening for me and so much fun to dig deep and ask what my purpose is.  Giving back is the most beautiful gift you can give someone else.

What wins have you been celebrating since joining Spotlight?
Since I joined Spotlight 3 months ago, I’ve booked a Gorilla Glue commercial in Spanish and English, supporting role in a feature shooting in Mexico, a role on USA’s Satisfaction, a print campaign, and deejayed in Coachella!  Along with numerous callbacks!!

Wow!  What do you love about being a multi-passionate artist, as an actress and a DeeJay?
Screen shot 2015-05-24 at 7.52.07 AM
I get to showcase my art in a few ways through acting and Deejaying.  It’s taken me to so many fun places and opportunities.  I just returned from deejaying Coachella an am grateful that I get to spread dance, laughter, and fun in people’s lives through my music.   I consider myself an artist with many colors on my palette where I get to create on a daily basis.  I’m a student of life. 

And now you are shooting a feature film in Mexico?
Yes, I‘m currently in Mexico shooting and it truly feels like a dream.  I get to sing, act, and dance in this role and speak English, French, and Spanish which I speak all three.  When I read the script, the role of Cherie resonated so much to me and I literally went above and beyond to get this role.  I was so determined.  Now 8 months later after booking the role, I’m here shooting!

What is on your Actor Inspiration favorite’s playlists?
Been listening to The Next Big Leap every morning this month.  Thank you!
Success in the Audition Room (Free Download Here)
Feeling Good Now

In The Flow
I Expand My Ability To Receive

Sandra Luesse 2And I hear you start every day with the Spotlight tools?
Since I’ve become a member, I’ve filled out my gratitude journal every day and have listened to your meditations daily.  What an inspirational way to start my day, get grounded, and fuel my soul.  The monthly membership is SO worth it.  It’s fuel for my soul and is making a huge difference in my life and career.  Thank you for this beautiful and empowering service I get to subscribe to.

You are so welcome.  I’m glad it’s helping you stay unstoppable!  Where can we find you online?

Try Spotlight for free + become unstoppable. Details Here. 


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