Shining In The Spotlight: Turning Frustration Into Forward Momentum

    When I heard Danielle Rayne was on a booking streak (12 days in Hawaii shooting Hawaii Five-O, Castle, Rosewood + Recurring on Revenge), I had to find out what she had shifted in her inner world, (since we know that the inner always effects the outer).  Danielle shared her deepest truths with me + revealed…

    “To be honest, for me there is a dark rabbit hole I have found myself traveling down when I wasn’t booking. I’d get very depressed and frustrated and probably ward off any chance of quickly finding my way back to the surface.  My Spotlight audios are a great tool of defense…my perspective and positive outlook return and I’m certain this is part of my forward momentum this year.”
    ~ Danielle Rayne

    I’m thrilled that the Spotlight Club helped her turn frustration into forward momentum + was honored to do this interview.

    Screen shot 2015-11-20 at 2.50.32 PMTell us how this forward momentum began?

    Last spring, I signed up for Actor Inspiration emails. I listened to my free audio, “Success In The Audition Room” and that did it!  I heard what combined a life coach +  an acting coach that I could work with on my own time-frame + knew I’d struck gold.   Shortly after that, I bought Creating Powerful Auditions + Creating Powerful Performances and they’ve been my go-to audios ever since.

    What are the main things that have shifted for you since joining Spotlight?  What, if anything, was keeping you stuck?

    To be honest, for me there is a dark rabbit hole I have found myself traveling down when I wasn’t booking.  I’d get very depressed and frustrated and probably ward off any chance of quickly finding my way back to the surface.  My audios are a great tool of defense against the dark arts 😉 .  I quickly identify the feelings, consider when I last listened to an audio and jump right back in.  My perspective and positive outlook return and I’m certain this is part of my forward momentum this year.

    That’s wonderful you are able to use your awareness to help turn things around. 

    Depression actually runs in my family.  Your audios have helped me in this area—you have no idea how grateful I am for all the times you’ve brought me back from this tendency. THANK YOU. 

    You’ve had another amazing year, tell us what has happened this year? 

    • Added 3 Network TV credits to my resume in the past 4 months.
    • 12 day shoot on Oahu for Hawaii Five-O affording me work and beach time!
    • Booked my first National Animated Commercial VO for a major retailer. It feels like years of endless VO submissions and ‘avails’—but it finally happened.
    • image3Celebrated 30 years in SAG-AFTRA.
    • Received the “Respect For All” Award at my part-time “real job,” which was last year’s holiday job, that turned into a full-blown passion. They gave me a core position and have been amazing about giving me time off for acting bookings.
    • This month, my boys and I adopted another rescue pup to our family.

    What exciting accomplishments!  Congrats.  What’s been your biggest inner shift?

    I’ve become more resilient and detached—although there’s still plenty of room for improvement here…

    CanielleRayne_RevengeWhat do you like best about being part of this group?

    I love the audio programs. I look forward to the new one every month.  I can go to them in a heartbeatthey live on my phone so there’s never an excuse not to listen.  I may fall off the wagon about going to a yoga class but there’s always time to listen to an audio mp3.

    I know you still use Creating Powerful Auditions + Creating Powerful Performances when you are on the set – how has that helped your inner game? 

    I now have a mantra on-set “I am here now.”  Any nerves that used to plague me in my earlier years as an actress dissolve in the face of “I am here now.”  It gets me back to my breath and back into the present moment.

    What advice would you give aspiring actors?   What do you wish you knew when you were starting out?

    When I started out, every time I met a successful actress, I’d wish I was more like them, emulate them, envy them. What a waste of my energy. I’d tell my 20-something self to embrace my ethnic-ambiguity and the other characteristics that make me unique.  Also eat more veggies and less other stuff (seriously–put the bagel down).  Find your joy and positive energy and nurture them—they will get you through the challenges.

    What are three words that best describe you?

    Resilient. Evolving. Passionate.

    Tell us which audios/albums are on “Danielle’s Favorites” playlist?

    The Right Roles Are On Their Way To Me (even Siri readily identifies this frequent command
    Practicing The Art Of Trust And Detachment
    Everything Always Work Out For Me
    Creating Powerful Auditions  (Album)
    Creating Powerful Performances  (Album)

    Where can we find you online? (List all links you’d like -site, twitter etc. )

    IMDb Pro

    Any parting words?  

    “Everything Always Works Out For Me” is my everyday mantra.  Thank you, Wendy.  I know what it’s like to record solo in a studio and you don’t really see firsthand the impact you have on people who listen.  Please know that you’ve been a huge support system in my career.  I see you sometimes at auditions and I always send a little prayer your way in gratitude.  From the bottom of my heart—thank you.

    Thank you Danielle for your passion, your honesty + your ever-evolving wisdom.  I’m certain the best is yet to come for you. 

    Join the Spotlight Club + get instant access to empowering tools to help you begin to turn frustration into forward momentum.  Details here.


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