Emotional Release + Energy Renewal

This  guided meditation/visualization audio will help you

  • Express + release deep emotions
  • Clean out your “inner garage” + clear emotional clutter
  • Get unstuck + reignite your energy
  • Create space for more joy + abundance
  • Feel renewed, restored + revitalized

If you face it + feel it, you can heal it.
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Running Time: 21:00



Product Description

If you face it + feel it, you can heal it.

When we have anger, frustration + sadness that we don’t allow ourselves to express, experience and move through it to completion, it tends to get stuck in the body.

Over time, we end up storing these repressed emotions away in our “inner garage” to deal with them later, but often we never get around to it. The boxes of emotions pile up. When we attempt to go in to that space to look for something, we can feel overwhelmed and tired. When our “inner garage” is cluttered with repressed emotions, it can make our internal home (or body) feel stressed, heavy + weighed down.

The problem is that with each new experience life presents to us, we add another memory + another feeling to our internal home.  Unless we clean out our inner garage of all the stuff we have stored away, it is hard to invite in the new, joyful and abundant. If our garage is overloaded with things we haven’t dealt with or tended to, the emotional clutter starts to mount into other rooms of our internal “home” and can show up in our body the forms of health problems.

In his fascinating book, Healing Back Pain, Dr. Sarno talks about the mind’s effort to repress emotions. According to Dr. Sarno, the mind tricks you into not facing repressed emotions by making you focus on pain in the body.

Most humans would rather tend to their physical pain than deal with their emotional pain.

The good news is that once you become aware of the tricks your mind can play on you (and learn to release your emotional pain), there’s no need for the physical pain.

(This audio should not be used instead of consulting a physician. Always consult a physician for chronic or acute pain.)

This audio is designed to gently guide you to go through the boxes of the repressed emotions you’ve stored away in your “internal garage” and allow them to be expressed. Once you do this, there is no need to store the emotion + have it weigh you down or keep you stuck.

This audio will give you the powerful tools to deal with each difficult emotion as it arises, keeping your “inner garage” clutter free.

When we learn express difficult emotions as they happen, they no longer pile up, slow us down and effect our body + mind in negative ways.

Ultimately, when you face your pain + allow yourself to feel it, you can begin to heal it.

When you give yourself permission to express + release your emotions, you will enjoy a more peaceful, balanced + happy life.

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