Everything Always Works Out For Me

This guided meditation + visualization session will help you:

  • Renew your confidence, trust + inner knowing.
  • Feel more positive about what is ahead for you.
  • Tap into your own personal greatness.
  • Make peace with your journey + see its purpose.
  • Create the energy where miracles can occur.

Times of uncertainty are also times of possibility. 
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Running Time: 19:40



Product Description

Times of uncertainty are also times of new possibilities. 

No matter where you are in your career, the contradicting mind will often try to convince you that you are not doing enough, being enough or having enough.

Throw in a quiet week (or 2) in your acting career or a role that you knew was yours but you didn’t get and you may end up feeling down or you, or worse, that your big dreams may never really happen.

What do you do when you feel like nothing is working out for you?

You learn to love the void. Why?

“Love the void – even though nothing seems to be happening, it is a time when much inner work is being done.  In the void, you have the opportunity to create a new + higher future.  Times of uncertainty are also times of new possibilities.  Picture having everything you want.  You may even find yourself learning to love the void for the opportunity it offers to take quantum leaps and accelerate your growth.”

When your thoughts are consumed with what isn’t working, what hasn’t happened yet or trying to figure out how it will all show up, you are actually pushing away the new miracle that is on its way to you.

“Your own energy can deflect whatever miracle might occur.” – Marianne Williamson

Your busy mind is also forgetting about all of the positive outcomes that have happened to you on your winding + ever unfolding journey.

This guided meditation + visualization audio session will realign you with your abundant inner guidance that knows all is truly well.

You will be guided to walk down the path of your own life to really see + know that everything always works out for you.

You will make peace with all the missteps + perceived failures you feel you have made.

“There are no mistakes anywhere, at any time. What appears to be wrong is simply your own false imagination.” ~Robert Adams

Ultimately, you will go on a transformational journey to rediscover the powerful being that you truly are.

You will feel a renewed sense of gratitude for who you have become along the way + all you have done.

In less than 20 minutes, you will step into the place of KNOWING that things are unfolding for you even if you don’t see evidence of it quite yet.

As you continue to practice this knowing (and relax when things aren’t showing up in the way you intended), you create the energy in which miracles begin to unfold.

This audio will help you begin every single day knowing “Everything Always Works Out For Me.”

Remember that 99% of all manifestation happen before you any evidence appears. 


Here’s what people are saying:

“…it just completely changes the energy in such a powerful, positive way.”

I first listened to this audio live with Wendy during her presentation in Anthony Meindl’s class. It was very moving. I felt emotional, happy, proud, strong, at peace, excited, determined, and like everything does always work out for me. I also had this strong feeling immediately after the audio that I had booked something. I opened up my e-mail, and I had indeed just booked a voiceover. Crazy and so, so powerful! I have listened to it again and it just completely changes the energy in such a powerful, positive way. Love it and feel so grateful!
~ Allison Freed

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