Giving Thanks (In Advance)

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:
  • Tap into the most powerful human emotion
  • Let go of limiting paradigms that keep you stuck
  • Invite in more auditions, bookings and assistance
  • Feel more happiness, joy + love in your life.
  • Attract positive relationships + new representation

The most transformative force in the cosmos?  Gratitude.

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Running Time: 13:31



Product Description

The most transformative force in the cosmos? Gratitude.

Gratitude is the most powerful of all human emotions – you see it expressed on every awards show pouring out of the winning actor. You see it at the Olympics when a gold medal is being placed over someones head. It’s a pure combination of happiness, joy and love.

So, giving thanks in advance is like combining emotional superpowers.  The first is deep appreciation.  The second is feeling that what you want has already happened. It’s a powerful elixir that signals the Universe to respond in your favor.

In this guided meditation, you’ll be guided to let go of any limiting paradigms that might be holding you back, and we’ll go on a journey to help you give thanks in advance for helpful people lining up to assist you, auditions, bookings, positive relationships, and even new representation.

These are all specific areas that actors often stay stuck in their heads trying to figure out how it could all happen.  The minute you ask how your ego is most likely going to lay out a long buffet of ways it’s not possible – to keep you in your comfort zone.

As you begin giving thanks in advance for what it is you want, you start realizing that your capabilities are limitless.

Not only will this help you bypass the buffet of negative thoughts you might be feeding yourself, but you will watch your desires unfold in magical ways.

And you will feel more happiness, joy + love along the way.

“Stormy or sunny days, glorious or lonely nights, I maintain an attitude of gratitude.  If I insist on being pessimistic, there is always tomorrow. Today I am blessed.”  ~ Maya Angelou.

When you change your daily thought + the paradigm behind the thought, your whole world shifts.

Give thanks in advance + watch what happens.


Here’s what people are saying:

I was struggling with crankiness, but Giving Thanks In Advance worked like a charm.

Oh wow! This has helped me leaps and bounds with getting my mind right. I am feeling good again and knowing great things are lining up in my private life as well as my acting career. I also took another meeting with a major CD and finished the summer off booking two roles in “The Deuce” with James Franco and “Unorganized Crime” with Chazz Palminteri.
~ Freddie Ganno


Before listening to this audio, I didn’t give myself credit for all the things I have accomplished.

I am not a big fan of guided meditations until I started listening to your collection, and Giving Thanks in Advance is my favorite! I look forward and get excited every day to listening to this audio. Listening to Giving Thanks in Advance has helped me to stop, appreciate and be reminded of all the blessings in my life every day and the ones on their way to me. It’s a great reminder that everything happens for a reason and “everything always works out for me.” When I listen to this meditation, I mostly ask for career-related blessings. There are so many unexpected blessings that have flowed into my life in the last month, some are career-related and the rest are a bonus. I will share a few…I decided to get new headshots and shoot 1 look for $150. When I was ready to pay, a week later, there was a promo for 2 looks for $111. Score! Then, when I got to the shoot, only really preparing for 2 looks, the photographer asked me to change and I got a third look in for no extra charge! Score again! I then take the photos to a printing company for retouching and received a discount on the retouching service. I also needed some other services performed and received that service for free this time! All unexpected savings. When my cousins came to visit, they treated me to lunch where we had a 4 lb. lobster, dinner and tea/Starbucks for 2 whole days and even paid for my spa day at the Korean Spa! Lastly, during the holidays while out shopping, I thanked the universe in advance for a parking spot. I got parking spots literally right in front of the store 3 different times in one day. So yes, talking to the universe and having a positive and grateful mindset works! Thank you Wendy, you inspire me every day. (P.S. I have your mantras hanging all over my house and my cousin told me she loved reading all the mantras. She said they are very relatable and she is not in the entertainment industry.)
~ Tracy Paige

I’m going through a small health setback. It’s all too easy to focus on the big roadblock…

Giving thanks in advance relates a lot to acting goals. However, I started thinking about how much I wanted to be in better physical shape and realized I can start being grateful for that right now. It was a lot more fun to do this than to think about all the things I couldn’t do. A big help was listening to “receiving mode” and “radical self-acceptance” over the past two months. I felt like these were perfect for setting up a foundation to be ready to give thanks in advance and be in receiving mode for all of the things I want.

It’s been wonderful knowing that I can be grateful for these things now, instead of waiting to be happy…something we all tend to do, but is silly when you think about it 🙂 Happiness starts now. These audios have been an incredible help. Thank you, Wendy 🙂
~ Tony Rossi

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