I Am Divinely Guided

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Let go of worry, judgment + comparison
  • Tap into your intuition + infinite intelligence
  • Gain clues from connecting with your highest self
  • Cultivate self-compassion + self-acceptance
  • Learn how to connect with guidance daily

Trust in the future you cannot see + know you are divinely guided.

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Running Time: 16:01



Product Description

Trust in the future you cannot see + know you are divinely guided.

If you want bigger things to come your way, it will require you to trust in the future you cannot see, to expand your feelings of self-love + worthiness, and cultivate a relationship divine guidance.

So often we want to know the exact timeline of what’s coming, and how it will work out, all so our logical mind + often critical ego can feel in control.

But the beauty of life is in the adventure of actually not knowing what’s ahead, of being surprised + delighted, growing + learning + evolving along the way.

And when we trust that we are indeed divinely guided, the journey of it all not only becomes much more enjoyable, but we gain valuable clues about the unfolding path ahead. We then let go of the struggle, and find more ease + flow.

The good news is that divine guidance is not some authority outside ourselves that only a few can get in touch with, but rather an infinite intelligence that lives within us all + is accessible in any moment.

But tapping into this wisdom is for the courageous + the conscious, because living a divinely guided life, is to allow our highest self to lead the way.

To do this, it will require you to step out of living your life on autopilot, where you may often find yourself swimming in a pool of judgement, worry, criticism, comparison, shame or other low energy thinking.

This guided meditation + visualization session will help you to trust in the future that you cannot see, and allow your mind to immerse yourself in an entirely new pool of thought, where love, worthiness + divine guidance lead the way.

Then, no matter what is or isn’t showing up in your life in this very moment, you can relax, with positive expectation, and into the beauty of knowing, that I am divinely guided

Tap into the knowing that you are love, worthy + divinely guided.

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