I Am The Perfect Age To Succeed In This Business

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you…

  •  Shed limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Feel confident no matter your age
  •  Ignite your inner power to create success now

Anything is possible once you align your mind.
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Running Time: 4:00



Product Description

Anything is possible once you align your mind.

No matter your age, someone has probably told you that you need to be younger to succeed in this business.  When we look outside ourselves for validation, others become a mirror to our own inner thoughts.

This audio session will help you if…

  • You feel doubtful that you can succeed at this age
  • You feel frustrated that you’re not further along
  • You feel sad that you didn’t start much younger

These are common thoughts for most actors.

This guided meditation + visualization audio session will help you change how you feel about yourself, your age + what is possible for you.

You are the perfect age to succeed. 

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