Power Pack Meditations

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Feel more confident + own your power
  • Find more peace + reignite your energy
  • Let go of social media stress + envy
  • Release anger + disappointment easily
  • Shift your mood (even on crappy days)

Your power is in the power pack

Access your MP3 downloads immediately.   (No CD will be shipped.)
Running Times of each audio: 

Confidence Booster: 5:26
Unplug + Recharge: 5:30
Crappy Day Meditation: 7:00


Product Description

It’s time to claim your power (even on crappy days).

This meditation bundle is specifically designed to offer short and sweet meditations packed with powerful guidance you can listen to on-the-go throughout your busy day.

We’ve bundled these three audios together to help you boost your confidence, boost your energy, and boost your mood  (even if you’re having one of those days!).

Having all three Power Pack Meditation audios on your phone will make it easy to choose exactly what you need at any given moment.

Whether you’re at an important audition (or on a first date) and you need a quick Confidence Booster, or you’re scrolling through social media and feeling a bit, “less than,” you can Unplug + Recharge.

And now, you’ll finally know where to turn when you’re having a bad day with this super-fun Crappy Day Meditation, (one of our favorites!)

We know you’ll come back to this power pack meditation bundle again and again to help you own your power, find more inner peace, and find the gold in the middle of a crappy day.

Boost your confidence.  Boost your energy.  Boost your mood. (Yes, even on crappy days)

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