Releasing Rejection

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Move on from disappointment more easily
  • Stop judging yourself + your value by booking
  • Access the loving presence within you
  • Let go of painful rejection quickly
  • Make peace with your inner critic

There is no losing. Only winning + learning.  

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Running Time:  11:22



Product Description

There is no losing. Only winning + learning.

There isn’t an actor on the planet who doesn’t face rejection. It can be painful. And not winning the role, or even a callback, can make us feel like we are somehow losing in life.

What wonderful wisdom from the great Nelson Mandela: “There is no losing. Only winning + learning.”

But often, when we are faced with rejection, our ego focuses too critically on all the ways we have lost. Judging ourselves as wrong, or bad, or not good enough, which can leave us feeling disappointed, dejected and sometimes hopeless.

Your ego may try to convince you that you need to change something or fix something about you to be more “right” the next time (and it’s not to say we can’t learn from each experience, because there is always space for that), but best-selling author + psychologist Dr. Robert Holden says, “No amount of self-improvement can make up for a lack of self-acceptance.”

So the real learning, in order to release rejection and let go of disappointment, comes from first acknowledging that it’s there + the effect it’s having on our inner life.

This is often the important step that most people skip, since it’s a lot easier to stay busy in distraction mode than to slow down + sit + feel what might be painful feelings.

But the real pain lies in suppressing our emotions, and not tending to what’s really going on within us.

When you realize that it is in acknowledging and accepting all og your emotions, without trying to change them, that real transformation begins.

This guided meditation + visualization is designed to help you deepen your inner knowing + expand your self-acceptance in the face of rejection, before you look to improve anything, including how it all makes you feel.

So get ready to dive in bravely, go beyond your ego and internal dialogue, and embrace releasing rejection + letting go of disappointment (in under 10 minutes!)

When you can move beyond rejection, you will set yourself free.

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