Returning to Love

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Practice quieting the critical mind
  • Speak lovingly to yourself
  • Express deep appreciation of your life
  • Let go of lack + comparison mindset
  • Shift doubt + worry into gratitude + love

Returning to love is the gateway to expanding into more. 

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Running Time: 10:23



Product Description

To elevate anything in your life, you must first return to love.

As you increase the flow of positive, joyful, loving energy in your inner world, your outer world will begin match it in all kinds of wonderful ways.

At the root of elevating anything in our lives, is to first master the conscious discipline of speaking to ourselves with love.

This inner work requires awareness, focus, diligence + daily practice.

We may not always love the experiences or behaviors that we are witnessing or are engaged in, especially if they bring discomfort to ourselves or others, but we can always plant our ego mind, the thoughts we think + how we speak to ourselves, back into our hearts and elevate our response through the lens Love,

Fear arises when we are over-identifying with our ego’s story – which is always based in lack + comparison.

When our inner communication is rooted in love, our outer experiences begin to shift.

So this guided meditation is designed to help you return to love, again and again throughout your day as you quiet the ego mind, soften whatever is coming up and plant each thought back into the heart.

This daily practice is the gateway to increasing the natural and abundant flow of positive, joyful loving energy within you instead of blocking it through fear or resistance.

Deep inside, you will come to know, that the only way to move forward, to expand into all you are meant to become is by first, elevating your response to yourself and others through the lens of love.

Returning to love will not only help you to hear own inner guidance more clearly, but also help you to relax into the truth of who you really are, who knows that all is well.

What might happen if you made returning to love a daily practice?

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