The Right Roles Are On Their Way To Me

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Trust, believe + know that the right roles are on their way.
  • Let go of forcing or pushing to make your career happen.
  • Create a deeper confidence in the path you are on.
  • Release all limiting beliefs around booking work.
  • Own your value + worth, no matter what.

All good things are on their way to you.
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Running Time: 17:34


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Product Description

The more energy you give to needing the role, the less likely you are to actually book it.

No actor books every job they audition for. Not one. But, if you haven’t booked a job in a while or get down on yourself the minute you’re not working, it’s easy to let your mind play tricks on you or buy into your ego’s false beliefs about what should be happening in your career.

Believing these lies tend to chip away at your self-worth + can make you question everything, including your talent.

It’s also so easy to start making every audition mean something significant + give it all sorts of weight. This makes you push, force + impose what you want to happen on what should be a free, organic performance.

You may think “I have to book this job” or “I haven’t worked in a while, my agent might drop me” or “I am perfect for this + I really want it.”

All of it keeps you attached.

“The Universe responds best when you are detached from your desire.” ~ ~Deepak Chopra

The more you become aware of your thoughts or feelings, the less power they will have over you + the less they will affect your auditions.

When you are willing to make peace with uncertainty + invite it in, the right roles will appear at the right time.

This guided meditation + visualization audio session will help you to let go of your limiting beliefs + attachments, so you can begin to relax, make peace with uncertainty + bring your best self + your best work into every audition.

It will help you to instantly detach from needing a specific outcome + align your mind to feel fantastic, excited + enthusiastic about what is to come.

All good things are on their way to you. This audio will help you believe again….which is the key ingredient to experiencing it.

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