Trusting the Process

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Cultivate an abundance mindset
  • Let go of comparison + jealousy
  • Stop worrying about the results
  • Feel at peace with where you are
  • Open yourself up to receiving

Letting go of your attachment to the outcome is everything.

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Running Time: 12:13



Product Description

Letting go of your attachment to the outcome is everything.

When you’re ambitious + hard working, and things aren’t showing up exactly as you’d like, when you’d like, it can be frustrating.

Or when you’ve just finished working on a job + all of a sudden there’s a slow period, it’s easy to get caught up in wondering what’s next.

But worrying or stressing over the outcome, actually adds resistance to what is naturally flowing your way, even when you can’t see evidence of it right at this moment.

When you try to control the outcome + demand the Universe to give you what you want, when you want it, you actually push away new ideas, new inspiration + even new resources from showing up for you.

The late, great Wayne Dyer lovingly reminds us to “Have a mind that is open to everything + attached to nothing.”

What a wonderful space to live. What a peaceful way to operate. What a direct line to your own joy.

It’s not to say you let go of your desires, but you let go of trying to control how or when they will show up.

And in the letting go, you find your peace.

Letting go of your attachment to the result, takes practice.

And most likely, your ego will tell you it’s a waste of time.

But as you tune into your highest self, you will find that the more you allow whatever is showing up for you today to be in perfect divine order, that more good things + positive experiences will flow your way…most likely when you least expect it.

When you are waiting, and hoping and holding on, your energy is one of lack + need.

When you can let go, relax and open your heart, you are in a state of receiving.

This guided meditation will help you to open to all the possibilities that are available to you right now as you master the fine art of trusting the process.

Trusting in the process helps puts you in a state of receiving.

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