Attracting Abundance (Finances + Career)

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Let go of lack, scarcity + limitation
  • Practice an abundance mindset
  • Align your mind to manifest easily
  • Visualize your financial + career goals
  • Release your money blocks + honor your worth

Mastering an abundance mindset is vital to attracting abundance.

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Running Time: 18:00



Product Description

Attracting abundance begins within.

Most people want more money + more career success.

But, sometimes we are so stuck in reacting to our current reality, that we forget we have the power to create a new reality.

And that this new reality, all begins in the mind + the heart.

To change your life is a change of the inner game. To attract abundance, you must first cultivate an abundance mindset.

Yes. Attracting abundance begins within.

“Your ability to imagine will help the next logical steps come to you faster.
Use your imagination until your big dream feels so familiar that
the manifestation of it is the next logical step.”
Abraham Hicks

Sometimes we identify so much with our current story of lack, that it’s hard to tell a new story of abundance. It feels like we are lying.

But if you are reading this on a phone or a computer, you already have more abundance in your life, than most of the population on planet Earth.

Now, I know you want more. And that’s great. And this guided meditation + visualization will help you immensely.

But, you can’t focus on what you don’t have, rant about what isn’t working, tell the story about what’s missing, and attract what you want. It defies law.

You can however control where you put your focus + how it makes you feel.

So this guided meditation + visualization will not only help you to retrain your brain + focus on finding the feeling place of abundance now, but it will also help guide you to imagine your financial + career dreams so viscerally that the manifestation of them…is the next logical step.

Mastering an abundance mindset is vital to attracting abundance.

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