Daily Disciplines (For Feeling Good + Gettin’ It Done)

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Let go of fear + take bold action
  • Stop procrastinating for good
  • Get unstuck + become more productive
  • Discover what is truly important to you
  • Reignite your “why” + follow through easily

When you feel good, taking action become easier.

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Running Time: 12:49



Product Description

When you feel good, taking action becomes easier.

So often we have the best intentions + just before we go to take action, we allow fear to stop us.

We rethink, review, + even remind ourselves of all of the reasons, it might not work.

Or we procrastinate + we put off what we know would be good for us, until another day.

From eating right, to exercising, to reaching out to someone, to diving into a creative project, often we associate more pain with actually doing a task, then the pleasure we will feel once it’s finished.

This is all rooted in small thinking from the lower mind, which is always ego-based + born out of fear or judgment.

Your ego doesn’t want you to change your lifestyle, test the waters, move outside of your comfort zone + alter anything on any level.

But the higher mind is rooted in love. The higher mind is rooted in expansion. The higher mind is limitless + sees the big picture long before you do.

Most people don’t know how to operate from the higher mind, which is always accessible to you + done easily through guided meditation.

The expanded mind, your highest self, not only knows what is possible for you, but planted the idea in the first place to call you forward, to expand you and to invite you to where you want to go.

You can get to where you want to go, but it requires daily discipline.

Not muscling your way through a list of should do’s, but allowing your highest self to lead the way through inspiration + intuition.

So this guided meditation is designed to pull you out of your small (and seemingly “logical lower- mind thinking”) and into your higher mind + limitless thinking, making the path much easier.

You’ll align with the part of you that already did the task, made the call, sent the email, did the action that is leading you closer to your dreams.

It all begins with Daily Disciplines For Feel Good + Getting It Done.

You can get to where you want to go. Begin with daily disciplines.

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