I Expand My Ability To Receive

This guided meditation + visualization will help you: 

  • Tune into your inherent worthiness.
  • Expand the flow of abundance in all areas of your life.
  • Align with what you want easily + effortlessly.
  • Feel worthy of success, love, money + relationships.
  • Magnetize more abundance to you now..

The abundance you seek is seeking you.
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Running Time: 17:30



Product Description

The abundance you seek is seeking you.

The abundance that you want to show up in your outer experience, will arrive after you’ve expanded the flow of abundance within you.

What might be in the way?  Feelings of lack, limitation, or any scarcity thinking you may have consciously or subconsciously picked up along the way from those around you.  Once these limits fade away you will be able to tune into your own inherent worthiness + abundance.

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” ~ Wayne Dyer

How do you do this?  You learn to expand your ability to receive.  You raise your feelings of worthiness.  You expand your self-love.

If a certain level of success, money, or a relationship that you desire is not coming into your life, it may be because you subconsciously feel unworthy of receiving.

On the flip side, if you experience success, but don’t shift your consciousness to expand your feelings of worthiness, you may actually end up pushing it away over time.

Most of us were never taught how to receive or may be picked up on feelings of unworthiness from those around us.  In both cases, we didn’t have the tools to tune out these poor examples of lack, limitation + scarcity thinking and tune into our own inherent worthiness + abundance.

Most of us were never taught how to expand our ability to receive.

Ironically, it is an innate skill we all possess.

If feeling worthy of receiving was conditioned out of you along the way — you may have a difficult time receiving graciously or without feelings of guilt.

In fact, you might feel way more comfortable giving – gifts, support or love.  The act of giving probably makes you feel good, especially when done so without expectation.

But take a closer look at your ability to receive – even small things like  – a compliment, a gift, support, or success?

Do you brush off a compliment with a self- deprecating comment?
Do you tell a gift-giver “you shouldn’t have” or “this is too much?”
Do you turn down help quickly with an “I’m fine,” when you could actually use the support?
Do you book a job + downplay it, to try to make others feel better?

Even though your intent might be politeness or selflessness, you actually deprive the other of the joy of giving + ultimately, block your own ability to receive more abundance.

When you don’t feel worthy of receiving the small things, you are actually pushing away even bigger things that are already on their way to you.  Energetically, you are not a match to the abundance you seek, and instead, you are creating resistance.

When you make an internal shift in your consciousness to an abundance mindset, the Universe will always mirror it back to you.

This audio will help you expand your ability to receive on a deep subconscious level.  It will guide you to align with deep feelings of worthiness + abundance right now, where all of your power lies.

Not only will you be guided to expand your ability to receive, but you also will also enhance your ability to relax.

This audio will help you acknowledge your own inherent worthiness, expand your self-love and help you remove what has been blocking you from experiencing more abundance in your life + career.

When you expand your ability to receive + begin feeling worthy of new success, miracles begin to appear.  

You’ll become consciously aware of when you are deflecting or closing your own heart to receiving, and be guided to open up the floodgates + recognize the abundance that is coming your way.

Learn how to allow a constant flow of joy + abundance into your life with ease.

As you increase your feelings of worthiness, you will expand your ability to receive. 

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