Feeling Worthy

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Elevate your ability to manifest.
  • Let go of overwhelm + distraction
  • Disrupt old thinking patterns
  • Gain clarity + discover next steps
  • Align with your true self

You are worthy as you are right now.

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Running Time: 14:49



Product Description

You are worthy as you are right now.

Most of us tied our worthiness to something external while growing up.

NY Times Bestselling author + mindfulness psychology expert, Dr. Shefali states, “As children, we weren’t taught to feel worthy as we are. We’ve been told our worth is based on our doing, looking, showing, acting and achieving.”

But when we awaken to our own inherent worth, we begin to see ourselves in a new light, we respond in new ways to the world around us and new people, resources + experiences begin to appear.

Then instead of judging + shaming ourselves from the perspective of the false self – which will always point out that you’re not enough in some way, we can reignite the knowing of our true self….which is rooted in pure love + worthiness.

This guided meditation + visualization will help you to tap into the limitless energy of your own worthiness, where you’ll begin to think new thoughts, operate from a new state of being and become one with your full potential.

Make this a daily practice, and you will soon realize, not only is there no race, no comparison and no need to do everything at once, but you’ll begin to acknowledge how well you’re doing right now, start savoring more moments throughout your day and simultaneously start manifest your desires.

Quite quickly you’ll notice evidence of this improved state of being all because you made it a priority to begin your day feeling worthy.

What if you deliberately practiced feeling worthy?

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