I Am Ready For A Quantum Leap

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Manifest the highest vision for your career.
  • Access your unlimited potential.
  • Invite in bigger possibilities.
  • Know exactly how to take a quantum leap.
  • Upgrade every single career goal you have set.

What if taking a quantum leap was easy?  Hint: It is

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Running Time: 16:40



Product Description

What if taking a quantum leap was easy? Hint: It is.

You just have to decide you are ready. Hint: You are.

Most people operate with the mindset that success comes one small step at a time.

Why? Because it feels easier and safer than making quantum leaps.

Our common sense may not even believe a quantum leap is possible, but it is. If we are to live an extraordinary life + use all our gifts, we must think beyond what common sense would allow, break out of our old habits + self-limitations and know we are ready to take a real quantum leap.

You may have a way of being that has already brought you great success + when that is the case, it’s our nature to continue down this path and become attached to a way that works for you.

Best selling author + quantum leap expert, Price Pritchett reminds us to “Rivet your attention on the spot where you are to land at the end of your quantum leap. Visualize your arrival. When you do that it’s like you magnetize yourself to the ways and means involved in getting there. The solutions begin to appear. Answers come to you.”

He also reveals, “You must search out + vigorously employ new behaviors. New attitudes. You must be willing to break out of your routines in order to make a quantum leap.”

This guided meditation + visualization session will take you on a journey today that will guide you out of your comfort zone, transport you to another dimension where you return knowing that your quantum leaps are not only possible, they are the new normal.

You will visualize your arrival at the amazing career quantum leap you want to create. You’ll end this session knowing in your heart, mind, body + soul that not only are you ready to take a quantum leap, you are well on your way.

If you are ready, a quantum leap is inevitable. Hint: You are ready.

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