My Expansive Year

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This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Align with your deepest desires
  • Expand into all you’re meant to become
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Understand how to manifest your desires
  • Become a beacon of light + loving energy

Expanding into all you’re meant to become, is why you’re here.

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Running Time: 12:00



Product Description

Expanding into all you’re meant to become, is why you are here.

This is your year of expansion. Of taking up space, Of being seen. Of taking risks. Of shining brighter and soaring higher than you ever have before.

If you grew up feeling that there wasn’t room for you – to have a feeling, an opinion, or shine your light brightly – if you learned to shrink so others around you would feel better, expansion can feel unnatural or uncomfortable.

Because with expansion, may also come criticism or ridicule from those who might not be okay with you becoming such a bright light.

But your light only serves to make the world a brighter + better place, so as you get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you will expand even more.

This guided meditation will help you to remind you that expansion is your birthright, abundance is your natural state + what you want is not only possible, but that a part of you is already there.

Best selling author + thought leader Eckhart Tolle reminds us that,

“Manifesting works most powerfully when you realize that what you want is already a reality on the unseen level +
when you fully realize it’s already a reality, you feel the power of it.
You get there, by realizing you already are there.”

This guided meditation + visualization will help you tap into the power that is already within you, the dreams that are already a reality + the light you’re here to shine so brightly.

You will have a daily practice for expanding into all you are meant to become.

Expanding love within you, raises the vibration of the entire Universe.

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