Radical Gratitude

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Melt away stress, worry + doubt
  • Let go of attachments + judgments
  • Eliminate knee-jerk reactions
  • Elevate your mind, body + spirit
  • Realign with your true power

Elevate to higher ground. Tune in to gratitude.

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Running Time: 13:33



Product Description

Elevate to higher ground. Tune in to gratitude.

Whether it’s wanting to take bold action but feeling yourself holding back, or wanting to be seen in the industry in a new way, but not fully knowing how to step into your power or even struggling with feeling behind, or overwhelmed by a to-do list, what is at the root of it all is separation + fear.

The ego is always lurking in the shadows, entangling us with attachments + agendas, and simultaneously crippling us with judgments, criticism and doubts, but when we remain in that lower mind energy, there isn’t much room for real growth or expansion into our full potential.

True growth occurs when we elevate ourselves to a new awareness + a higher vision that is always found inside the consciousness of the heart. The mind may think, but it is the heart that truly knows.

Gratitude + love is always the energy to root ourselves in before we take action, before we tend to the to-do list, before we reach out to an industry colleague or even have a conversation with a loved one or a stranger.

When we infuse the heart into our actions, our thoughts or our words, we elevate the energy within us + unlock the potential for something new to evolve.

When we can embrace all that we are now with gratitude, love + acceptance, we can open ourselves to elevate + expand into all we are capable of becoming.

This guided meditation is about reconnecting with elevated emotions daily while rebuilding + restoring the relationship you have within you. As each of us do that inner work, we will show up in the world from that new heart centered space + magnetize a life that is a match to that.

You have an internal navigation system that isn’t operated by politics, pandemics or even parental conditioning. Regardless of what is happening around you moment by moment, or how unstable or shaky the ground may feel beneath you, remember you always have access to solid ground when you tune inward + realign with radical gratitude.

How you see the world shifts when you start practicing radical gratitude

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