Refocusing Your Energy

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Quiet looping thoughts
  • Calm your reactions to others
  • Elevate your emotions
  • Reignite your confidence
  • Start expecting abundance

Harness the power of your focus.

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Running Time: 15:00



Product Description

Harness the power of your focus.

Whether we feel like we’re being held back from something we want, others are responding to us in ways we didn’t see coming, we’re looking for a mental reset from the madness in our minds, or we want to help co-create our future, all of it is an opportunity to refocus our own energy.

It’s really an invitation to dive back into our own inner knowing, reignite our confidence + release any thought or story that isn’t serving our highest good.

Best selling author, Dr. Joe Dispenza states, “When people learn to change their emotional state + open their heart, they can change their life, heal their body + create a new reality.”

So this guided meditation + visualization is designed to help you to refocus your energy from waiting for things to be different to feel different, to instead creating your life from the inside out.

Yes, our egos may fight us tooth and nail in this process, but in this session, we’ll intentionally hop off the hamster wheel of thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same way and then defining ourselves and our world from this memorized default state, but instead we’ll use this time to elevate our emotions, open our hearts and enjoy refocusing our energy.

Shift your focus. Shift how you feel. Shift what manifests.

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