Release + Refocus

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Release emotions that weigh you down
  • Let go of attachments + judgments
  • Realign with trust, faith + possibility
  • Reignite your light + your energy
  • Feel lighter, calmer + more intuitive

Release what no longer serves you.

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Running Time: 15:00



Product Description

Release what no longer serves you.

So often we hold on, clutch and grip ever so tightly because we have convinced ourselves that if we don’t, we could lose something or our dreams will slip even further from our grasp.

But it’s in the releasing + letting go, that we realign our energy with trust, faith, and possibility for something even bigger to arise.

It is in our ability to refocus that we tap into the whole of who we really are + the unlock the limitlessness within us.

The Universe is responding not to what we say, but to how we feel, so taking the time to release any emotion, thought, story or habit that feels heavy, that weighs us down, that disempowers us and consciously choose to refocus on what feels better, what lifts us up + ignites our spirit, is the important + ongoing daily inner work.

Even when we don’t know what will come in the white space we’ve created, simply the act of releasing and letting go signals the Universe that we are ready to expand, to leap, to begin something new.

Best selling author Abraham-Hicks states,

“When people ask us how long it takes for
something to manifest, we say, “It takes as long as it takes you to release the resistance. Could be 30 years, could be 40 years, could be 50 years, could be a week. Could be tomorrow afternoon.”

So this guided meditation + visualization will guide you in releasing resistance and help you to feel lighter, more connected, more intuitive + what you want can more easily find its way to you.

The most powerful way to release resistance is through meditation + appreciation, so use this session to begin tuning into a higher vibration now, and enjoy how good it feels to release + refocus.

Release. Refocus. Reignite your light.

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